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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 506

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Chapter 506

Judge Rackham replied, “Permission granted.”

After both suspects were brought in and seated at the witness’ stand, Sean

immediately asked, “Mr. Jonas. What was your relationship with the defendant?”

“I’ve worked directly under the defendant in Levine Ventures’ foreign branch, in the

capacity of sales manager.”

“What about you, Mr. Stevenson?”

“I’m the head of PR for Levine Ventures’ foreign branch, working directly under the

defendant as well.”

Sean then asked, “While you were both still working in said posts, has the defendant

coerced either of you into illegal activities, such as manipulating futures and

securities, or aiding criminal organizations with money laundering efforts?”

“Objection!” Toby Yorkman, the defense counsel, sprang to his feet, sounding

agitated. “The prosecutor is leading the witness to make a questionable assertion.”

“Objection sustained. Please watch your phrasing, Mr. Cranston,” Judge Rackham

snapped sternly.

“Yes, Your Honor,” Sean replied respectfully.

While he wasn’t behaving like he was above the rest in court, he simply changed his

question’s wording. “Has either of you been involved in money laundering or market

manipulation while working for Levine Ventures’ foreign branch?”

“Yes,” both of them confessed to it consecutively, holding nothing back.

“How much was the total sum of illegal revenue obtained?”

“3 billion dollars,” both men replied, one after another.

“Thank you,” Sean told them, and turned towards Judge Rackham. “This concludes

the prosecution’s presentation of evidence.”

“Thank you, Mr. Cranston. You may return to your seat,” Judge Rackham told Sean.

“What does the defendant plead?”

Toby rose to his feet, and spoke with righteous conviction, “Your Honor, my defendant

pleads not guilty.”

The courtroom became restless at Toby’s assertion.

Someone could be heard exclaiming, “Is he crazy? Pleading not-guilty for a clear-cut

case like this?”

“There’s weirdness every year, but more so this year.”

“Is it possible that John Levine wants to repeat Cordy Sachs’ feat? That does beg the

question-is he really innocent?”

“He’d just make his sentencing worse if his defense doesn’t hold sway.”

Judge Rackham glowered at the restless crowd. “Order!”

Meanwhile, Cordy was still on the edge of her seat, unable to say a word despite

hearing the crowd’s endless discussion about the trial.

Just then, Toby declared succinctly, “My witness maintains that he hasn’t been

involved in market manipulation or money laundering. He is also making the case that

Wade Jonas and Hunter Stevenson had been using his authority to conduct said

illegal activities without his knowledge.”

“The judge panel acknowledges the defendant’s plea. You may now present the

evidence supporting your claim,” Judge Rackham said.

“First and foremost, the 3 billion dollars’ worth of illegal revenue hasn’t been found in

any of my client’s accounts,” Toby said. “He would definitely be given a cut if he was a

part of this, but following auditing and investigation efforts thus far, every cent in all my

clients’ personal accountants were legal revenue, despite the amount surpassing the

pertained 3 billion dollars. I can also provide ledgers to prove my client’s revenue for

the fiscal year of 2018 to 2021 is as stipulated.”

“In addition, I have ledgers of Wade Jonas and Hunter Stevenson’s respective

accounts. It is not difficult to uncover that they have multiple undetermined sources of

income from the fiscal year of 2018 to 2021, amounting up to 100 million dollars.”

“Last but not least, I have a voice recording that may prove vital in maintaining my

client’s innocence. If I have your permission, Your Honor, I shall play it for the record.”

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