Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 508

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Chapter 508

The courtroom was once again restless, while Cordy was clenching her knuckles.

She knew Sean didn’t take this case as a run-of-the mill prosecutor.

He came without caring if he would arouse suspicion, and there was no doubt that the

Stuarts put him up to it.

“Calm down,” Quinn whispered into Cordy’s ear, sensing her nervousness.” The

evidence John provided so far isn’t enough to maintain his innocence, anyway. Sean

was just telling it as he is, and if I were in his shoes, I’d make the same rebuttals as

well. He’s not being biased yet.”

Cordy bit her lip in restraint while Quinn continued, “Moreover, if John is really

innocent, the best solution is to clear himself of all charges, to avoid any unnecessary

issues in the future.”

Cordy nodded in silence.

She understood that Quinn was right, but she was losing her cool because John was

really at a disadvantage at the moment.

She had no idea if she could accept an unfavorable verdict either, as the dam she

kept over her emotions was slowly crumbling.

To be precise, her wariness against John had been fading since she learned that he

was arrested. Any resolve, calmness and composure since were all feigned.

She wanted him to be freed, so, so much… They could begin again when he returned,

and she would make up for everything she owed him.

For everytime she pushed him away for her own sake, ignoring everything that had

been so obvious from the start…

At the same time, the courtroom was turning silent as Judge Rackham looked ready

to speak, but Toby beat him to it.

He was certainly left stumped by Sean’s rebuttal, and more or less made a fool of


But at that very moment, he seemed to be reinvigorated as he spoke again.

“While my client’s personal accounts are certainly not evidence enough that the illegal

revenue has not been siphoned into accounts affiliated to him, I have a ledger giving a

detailed picture of where that money went.”

Everyone looked on in shock as Toby whipped out a stack of papers.

Did that mean the defendant’s side had solid evidence, that there definitely were

people trying to incriminate John Levine, and they even knew who it was?!

“Aside from the revenue wired to Wade Jonas and Hunter Stevenson’s personal

accounts, the rest of the capital had been divided and wired into twenty separate

accounts. Said accounts belong to different individuals and companies, as listed in

this ledger. Your Honor, you may verify it yourself.”

As Toby respectfully handed it to Judge Rackham, the latter said sternly,” Evidence

not submitted before the trial can be declined.”

It was obvious that what Toby was holding was the real bombshell that would shed

light on this case. However, it was also only appropriate to submit it ahead of the trial

if it was decisive enough to reverse the course of the trial itself.

According to legal procedure, the presiding judge holds the right to decline any

evidence submitted during the trial. If the defendant did not manage to submit the

evidence in time for the trial, the judge may choose to adjourn the trial and reconvene


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