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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 514

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Chapter 514

John’s voice was a little quiet, but he showed no weakness as he stood upright.

Sean’s gaze was in turn sharp. “I would like to question you regarding your

involvement in this case. From any instance between 2018 to 2021, did you already

notice Wade Jonas and Hunter Stevenson conspiring against you? Did you know and

allowed it to happen without any response? You had close ties with the Stuarts, after


Cordy became tense at that.

Sean was clearly leading John on to a trap, and John would be charged with

misprision if he admitted to it!

That line of questioning was simply inappropriate, but Toby did not raise an objection

against Sean’s leading.

He simply stood at his corner, appearing calm.

In reality, Toby simply trusted John-even if everyone else was worried that Sean would

lure John into incriminating himself, Toby knew John would not fall for it.

Moreover, John was able to provide him with so much concrete evidence and at a

standard that Toby thought impossible in his twenty years working as a lawyer. John’s

mind was certainly sharp enough that no one would be able to pull the wool over his


“I had no idea,” John said, before slowly sensing. “To be precise, I had sensed

something afoot a month before I returned to the country.

Obviously, they were slowing down at the time, since there were fewer people they

could con with the same tricks by then.”

“To my knowledge, you returned to the country earlier this year. Why did you not

report this crime? Were you refraining from reporting it because of your connections to

the Stuarts?” Sean was once again accosting John.

“No. I did not know at the time that the Stuarts were connected, and I would not have

any reason to hide their crimes since I would not benefit from it. In fact, I had reason

to act as my career and reputation were on the line. However, I also understand Wade

Jonas and Hunter Stevenson enough to know that they were not this bold, let alone so

influential, to keep their victims in line even after swindling them. The only reason for

that would be that they have powerful backing.”

Sean nodded, acknowledging the logic and not accusing John of trying to shirk


“That is why I launched a clandestine investigation to avoid attention. I’m sure you

understand that when it comes to people in power, they would swiftly move to cover

up any connection and evidence against them once they are alerted of potential

threats. At that point, uncovering the truth would be a pipe dream-1 therefore had to

be discreet so that I would not be made a scapegoat.”

“That would be the appropriate decision.” Sean nodded, giving his acknowledgement

yet again.

“As such, I started monitoring Wade and Hunter, observing their every move while

making a list of victims, and I found the money trail, which eventually led me to the

Stuarts. I was as skeptical as anyone, because I had a close relationship with themaside from my
engagement with Jessica Stuart, my own grandfather had been a

comrade of William

Stuart’s during the war. It almost seemed unreal that they were actually involved in

such heinous crimes, and to make things worse, they were prepared to make me their


“For a moment, I had believed that they regarded me with importance and

appreciated me as a person, not to mention that our families shared a close


John’s words could not have held more contempt toward the Stuarts’ behavior.

They dressed their dynasty with such splendor and portrayed themselves as

philanthropists, but were in secret such sinister characters.

John then continued, “After learning that the Stuarts were involved, I had to be even

more careful with my investigation, in fear that I would arouse suspicion. It took me

three months to earn their complete trust, so that they allowed me to stay at Rocktown

with them, even helping with management of Stuart Holdings. My post allowed me

better access to ledgers of income from unknown sources, as well as to install

equipment to monitor their every move. It seemed that they remained wary of me,

however, and I only had access to James and Jessica Stuart. I did not have the ability

to reach William Stuart-the lynchpin of their family.”

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