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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 518

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Chapter 518

It was an earnest blessing and the satisfaction of getting a cathartic outcome.

Cordy heaved a heavy sigh of relief.

It turned out that she was not actually as indifferent toward John as she had thoughtshe was already
deeply in love with him, and she was just trying to avoid confronting

her feelings.

But now, she would not push him away again, ever.

“The trial is here concluded!”

With that, the judges left before everyone else filed out of the courtroom.

Cordy and the others stepped out from another exit.

There were many journalists outside, but they were kept outside the courthouse and

unable to enter.

Cordy waited at an entrance, but soon enough wondered why John was not coming


Reasonably speaking, he should be out already…

Right now, even a second was grilling.

As she kept peeking into the courtroom, Sam could not help teasing her,” You’re really

craning your neck there.”

Cordy felt slightly embarrassed but did not look away.

She wanted to see him sooner.

More people stepped out after a while, and Cordy tensed up.

She was despondent when she saw that it was Sean who strode past Cordy and the


He seemed to slide a peek at Cordy as he left, but no one seemed to notice it.

Moreover, Cordy was not thinking about anyone other than John.

After Sean left, John finally arrived outside.

Cordy would probably have rushed inside if he did not step out, as she began to

wonder if John was too sick and fainted inside.

Fortunately, he came out with Toby.

“Johnny,” Sam called out to him eagerly. “Over here.”

John remained composed, as opposed to Sam’s excitement.

He walked up to them, and after greeting Sam and Bob, he turned towards Cordy.

She had her eyes fixed on him, and when they really met, she was unable to say a


“Your eyes are going to pop out if you stare any longer,” Sam joked. “Fine, we’re not

going to bother you two getting clingy. Let’s go, Bob.”

Bob was tactful too. “Let’s meet up next time, Johnny.”

“Okay,” John replied.

“John.” Cora greeted him tentatively then. “Grandfather is already abroad, so it’s only

me and my mom in the mansion. She misses you and she’s worried, so bring Cordy

along to visit when you’re free. She couldn’t make it today because she has to

oversee the sales of some of Levine Ventures’ assets.’

“Yeah.” John nodded, clearly distant toward Cora too.

Even if he seemed neutral toward Zoe, Cordy actually had the feeling that he cared

about her.

Cora, on the other hand, seemed inconsequential to him.

Naturally, Cora did not linger and left with Bob.

Quinn gave a simple nod in farewell before leaving, and Toby naturally was sharp

enough to excuse himself as well.

With that, John and Cordy were left alone.

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