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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 519

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Chapter 519

There were many journalists waiting outside the courthouse when Quinn left, probably

waiting for Cordy and John.

She took no notice, and strode past them calmly since she never drew much

attention. Any attempts to interview her were met with a scowl and sharp retorts that

left them dumbstruck.

As time went by, the reporters no longer cared about her.

But today, just as she was about to leave, one of the journalists stopped her. “Ms.


With that, other journalists began to flock toward them-they must have been waiting

for a while, but got restless since the key figures of the trial were not leaving. As such,

they had to make do and ask her about the trial

Quinn appeared solemn and gave the journalists a cool stare.

One of them asked, “Ms. Summer, were you watching the entire trial? As a legal

advisor, could you give us a simple breakdown of the trial?”

Quinn shot him a look and said forthrightly, ‘The judges’ verdict is the final answer of

the trial. That’s the verdict, and there is nothing that needs to be broken down.”

“There were alleged to be multiple dramatic reversals in that trial. What do you think

about those, as a legal advisor?”

“No comment.” i

“Could you give us some legal insight as to what charges possibly await the Stuarts?”

“I’m unable to do so,” Quinn replied, aloof as ever. “I am in no position to offer any

comment about what the Stuarts may face because the verdict is up to the judges.”

Her retorts quickly killed the journalists’ interest.

While Quinn would answer any questions, she simply refused to give the answers

they would want.

But just as the journalists had no intention of wasting time on Quinn, one of the

journalists suddenly asked, “We just saw Sam Saunders leave with Bob Davis. Why

aren’t you with him?”

Like most other journalists, he was tactless about the questions he should ask, even if

it appeared vulgar and disreputable-as long as it would draw the public’s attention.

To make things worse, Quinn was more or less affected when she heard Sam’s name,

and it registered on her face.

The journalist obviously noticed it too and quickly pressed, ‘Ms. Summer, rumor has it

that Sam Saunders is frequently photographed showing up at red-light districts and

messing around with women. Is that acceptable to you?”

Quinn pursed her lips but replied, “Everyone should lead their life the way they like. If

that’s how Sam likes it, he should be allowed to do as he pleases.”

“Do you really not care? You’re married to him. Don’t you find that behavior


“That’s a matter concerning us as husband and wife, and I have no obligation to

answer,’ Quinn replied, but her expression was clearly darker.

“Areyou avoiding the issue, Ms. Summer? It’s obvious from your reaction that you’re

unhappy with Mr. Saunders’ behavior. Are you allowing him to indulge himself

because you can’t keep him in line? Have you not thought about divorce? Perhaps it’s

because you covet the Saunders’ family fortune?”

“Please understand that what you’re doing is slander, and it’s within my legal rights to

defend my honor,” Quinn retorted.

“Are you feeling angry, Ms. Summer? I’m just trying to help you with the truth, and you

should get off your high horse here. Why don’t you be honest that you’re deferring to

Mr. Saunders because you want the Saunders’

family fortune, even cheapening yourself since he never cared about you-”


Sam suddenly appeared out of nowhere, punching the journalist who kept pressuring

Quinn and knocking him off his feet!

The scene immediately erupted into chaos as everyone including Quinn was stunned

by Sam’s sudden attack, and she watched as he bellowed furiously, “How dare you

mess with my wife?!”

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