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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 516

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Chapter 516

There was a threatening edge in Toby’s words, but the prosecution did not object.

And with that, Toby asked Wade and Hunter solemnly, ‘”Have you been involved in

impersonating my client while carrying out illegal activities including market

manipulation and aiding criminal organizations in laundering money?”

“Yes,” both men admitted.

“Was everything that you have done exactly as our evidence has proven?”


“Was James Stuart your co-conspirator and the mastermind behind all your actions?”


Neither would dare to hide anything now.

“Thank you,’ Tobias said and turned toward Judge Rackham. “With the evidence that

my side has provided and the confession of the suspects, I maintain that my client is

innocent of any charges placed against him on this trial and thus request that he be

released without charge. I have nothing more to add.”

“Thank you. Please return to your table, defense counsel.”

As Tobias returned to his seat, Judge Rackham announced, “The court will be in

recess for half an hour. The rest of my panel and myself will confer to make a final


With a bang of the gavel, Judge Rackham and his panel of fellow judges left, while the

courtroom erupted raucously.

At the same time, Cordy’s heart was relieved considerably.

Even if John had violated the law in the midst of his investigation, those were minor

crimes and the sentences would not be serious.

From her perspective, she could accept it as long as it was not a life sentence or

anything worse.

“I knew it! Johnny wouldn’t commit a crime… Sh*t, I almost had a heart attack there!

Still, it’s quite the exciting show he put up for us… I mean, I know my boy’s good, but

not that good! I really have to reevaluate my opinion of him!”

Sam finally exclaimed right then, and he was not stingy with his praise at all.

That incredible reversal and dramatic uncovering of the truth was simply heartstopping!

“He is good,” Bob agreed, while adding self-deprecatingly, “My parents would be

bragging about me all the time if I had a third of his ability.”

“Now, now, that might not be the case,” Sam joked. “Would the man have so much

trouble plaguing him if not for his ability? That’s why people want him so badly,

y’know? That’s why it’s no good if you’re too outstandingpeople like us who have

already reached our peak at birth just have to keep calm and carry on. That’s life.”

“Well said. 100 points.” Bob flashed a thumb-up at him.

Cora giggled as she listened, appearing adorable just then.

“So, just be open-minded and down-to-earth. Don’t try to ask for too much and learn

to let go,” Sam said nonchalantly. ’That’s how you find happiness in life!’

“Yeah. I should learn to let go,” Bob agreed a little quietly.

“Anyway, it’s time for some beer and karaoke once Johnny’s released. Let’s properly

celebrate tonight,” Sam said, serious for less than a second.

Before Bob could say yes, Cordy spoke. “No. He’s in bad shape-he should stay home

and recover. No alcohol.”

Both men turned toward Cordy at once then, leaving her blushing.

She did not say anything wrong!

“Oh, we get it. Absence makes the heart fonder… We’re not going to bother you two!”

Both Sam and Bob were grinning slyly then.

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