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Dimensional Descent Chapter 31: Help Cleaning (2) free read Here - AngerNovel
Novel Name : Dimensional Descent

Chapter 31: Help Cleaning (2)

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Chapter 31: Help Cleaning (2)

Aina woke up long before Leonel did.

Seeing her present state, she frowned deeply, a whirl of complex emotions spinning in her mind.

She blushed when she realized how scantily clad she was. Had Leonel seen her like this?

No… She faintly felt the presence of two women before, moving her around and cleaning her… It seems he was too honest, just like he always was…

Aina winced slightly as she stood.

Her figure was the pinnacle of perfection. The bandages were too weak to perfectly support her ample bosom, so they rippled slightly under her movement, causing a nose bleed worthy scene. Her lower half was hardly covered at all. If it wasn't for the blanket she still held onto, a heavenly sight would be there for absolutely no one to behold.

Aina touched her face, sighing in relief when she saw that her coverings were still there. It wasn't strictly necessary for her to keep using them, but there was a blockage in her heart that stopped her. Maybe somewhere deep inside, she felt that if Leonel never saw her true face, she would hurt him less.

But what had happened today…? She had ended up hurting him anyway…

Aina finally registered Leonel's light snoring. She turned around to find him passed out in a wooden tub, much of his skin pruning by now.

She inadvertently giggled. There was something about him now that seemed so innocent. She never quite understood how a man who radiated such imposing aura over something as small as a pop quiz or a football game, could simultaneously be so green and pure.

Aina gingerly put on her clothes. It seemed the two women had also done her the service of cleaning them as well. She even found her undergarments taken care of.

Hiding away her gorgeous curves, she walked to the side of Leonel in the tub. A deep red shade covered her cheeks down to her neck. She couldn't quite see Leonel's lower half since the dirt and grime that had covered his body had melded into the water, but the idea that he was naked made her heart beat wildly. It wasn't excitement, but a sheer nervousness at the unknown.

Aina grit her teeth, hooking her shoulder under Leonel's armpit and lifting him.

He didn't even react to her actions, not even the slightest flinch. One could only imagine how tired he must have been to allow such a thing to happen to him in a Zone.

Aina's gaze colored with guilt, biting down on her lower lip.

Eventually, she steadied her heart.

First, she set Leonel down averting her gaze. Then, she poured out the dirty liquid, rushing away to find a few barrels worth of clean water. Though her body was in tatters, she ignored the soreness entirely. For a person with her strength, she didn't even need 10% of her power to do things like lifting up Leonel and bringing in these barrels.

Finally, she got down to doing exactly what she dreaded. Taking a deep breath, she began to clean Leonel, the bite on her lip increasing in pressure the more wounds she exposed beneath the thick patches of dirt and mud.

By the time Leonel's body was mostly clean, her guilt was overwhelmed by cheeks so red steam practically came off of them. She felt that maybe she should have asked the comfort women to come by again to help, but she had conveniently forgotten this possibility.

It was suffice to say that she had never seen a man like this, nor had she ever touched one.

Remembering how long she must have spent sleeping in Leonel's arms, the burning of Aina's cheeks only grew.

But that was right… He had suffered so much, if she couldn't pay him back even this small bit, she couldn't live with herself. But why did his body have to be so toned and hard? Her fingers were trembling with every gentle wipe.

Finally, there was only one part of Leonel's body left. Aina was truly tempted to leave it as is, he would handle it himself when he woke up, but when she thought of the era they were in, she hesitated.

What if it got infected? She knew that that area was a man's pride even if she had never seen one before. She had been around enough high school boys to know that it was all they ever talked about aside from the women they had been with.

Leonel was different from them… But that didn't mean he didn't inwardly place importance on it.

Aina may have never seen one, but she had had a robust education. She knew the kind of impact an infection on such a sensitive area could have, especially in the medieval ages.

The pressure of her teeth on her lips grew again.

Aina slowly took the towel she had used to cover Leonel's area off, barely holding back her girlish squeal when her eyes lay on it. If the Englishmen she had struck fear in saw her now, who knew how they would react?

Aina's breathing turned ragged and choppy. She began to slowly clean the grime away from the edges, pulling her courage together to inch closer.

'… Those are… very sensitive… I should use a lighter touch…' Aina tried to remember what she had learned in all those Class A biology classes. Her Five-Star Profession was actually related to the medical field, so it wasn't very difficult for her.

Aina whimpered slightly when her towel touched those two sensitive things, using her opposite hand to lift up the limp member that covered them slightly. But she was already inwardly panicking even more. Because of her soft touches around such a sensitive area, she had already noticed it growing stiffer. By this point, she didn't even need to actively move it out of the way.

'… Just ignore it… Just ignore it… It's a natural reaction… It just means he's healthy… It'll go down on its own…'

Aina clamped her legs shut tightly, the bite to her lower lips finally beginning to draw blood.

Aina rejoiced inwardly when she felt that she had cleaned Leonel's family jewels adequately enough. There was just one task left.

She cleaned her towel with a new bucket of water and started toward the towering member that filled her with a bit of dread. It pulsed as though it had an eye of its own, piercing into her soul.

'… Maybe a little bit too healthy…'

Aina knew what average was, such a thing was part of her studies. And she knew that this most definitely was not average.

Gathering up the last bits of her courage that remained, Aina used the damp towel on it, wiping away the dried sweat and dirt that had somehow made its way down there.

'… The top is the most sensitive part, I should be careful again…' She thought to herself.

Finally, she got to the top, dabbing away gently and making sure nothing that could infest Leonel got into places it shouldn't.

Just as she felt she was finished and could finally step away, Leonel had a sudden sharp intake of breath.

Aina panicked, thinking that he might wake up. Her neck spun toward his face with such speed that she almost suffered a case of whiplash.

Luckily, it seemed that he was still asleep, completely oblivious to what was happening.

Aina sighed a breath of relief, turning back to her task in time to see a gusher of thick white liquid launching itself into the air with astonishing force. She only had time to block with both her palms before it could land on her face.

Completely stunned, Aina felt the liquid slowly drip down her hands. She could even faintly see the satisfied relief on Leonel's sleeping face between her fingers.

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