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Dimensional Descent Chapter 102: Competition Across Generations free read Here - AngerNovel
Novel Name : Dimensional Descent

Chapter 102: Competition Across Generations

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Chapter 102: Competition Across Generations

[One of you guys mentioned that you might like to vote on the little guy's (Metal Spirit's) name, so I thought sure, why not? Feel free to comment your suggestions, I'll pick the one with the most likes :) don't be dirty, think of the children :'< ]

After this slip up, Leonel realized that he was most definitely not in the best state to continue pushing himself. He didn't know what he was thinking. He still hadn't slept a wink since the matters with the weremen and his body was collapsing on him. It was best that he set this aside and come back when his mind was fresh.

Luckily, after this, Leonel learned some useful things about the lab.

Firstly, the state of the lab was dependent on the amount of Force it had access to. Since this was only a Pseudo Fourth Dimensional World still in the process of completing its Metamorphosis, the lab could only enter what the dictionary called: Phase One.

Secondly, each Phase had two settings. One was the Lab Setting and the other was the Abode Setting. The Lab Setting was self explanatory, but the Abode Setting was geared toward resting and recovery.

Leonel was so happy he almost shed real tears. After entering the Abode Setting, the Metal Spirit was left in the Lab Setting, allowing him to breathe a sigh of relief.

The Abode Setting of Phase One had one main attraction. It was a pool that was eerily similar to the one Montez allowed Leonel to bathe in. According to the dictionary, it was filled with Black Grade Soothing Waters. Leonel assumed that it could be improved by entering Phase Two.

The Black Grade Soothing Waters weren't very beneficial to increasing his strength any longer. But, it was perfect for speeding up his recovery.

That said, what Leonel loved the most about the Abode Setting wasn't the pool, but, rather, the bed. He wasn't sure if it was simply because of how tired he was, but he swore it was softer than a cloud. Without a doubt the best bed he had ever slept on.

Like this, Leonel did nothing in the next three days but sleep, eat octopus meat, and recover in the Soothing Water pool.


On the fourth day, Leonel dressed head to toe in the tactical gear he had stolen from the Fort and cautiously entered the Lab Setting to find the Metal Spirit still snoring away on top of the Force Skin Gloves.

Though Leonel inwardly cursed, he still resolved himself. He was already about 80% recovered by this point, so he felt his mind was much clearer.

Maybe the smartest thing to do would be to use the cube that had imprisoned it before to move it away, but Leonel took his father's words to heart. This little guy was meant to be his friend, his companion. Clearly, he didn't like being imprisoned. In that case, Leonel didn't want to antagonize him.

The rest of the process went surprisingly smoothly. The Metal Spirit, maybe due to having absorbed so much Force, was quite languid and just slipped right off the black gloves. If it wasn't for the little bubble it formed and popped on its surface to greet Leonel, the latter would have thought it hadn't noticed at all.

Breathing a sigh of relief, Leonel slipped the gloves on and left the little guy alone. For now, he still didn't know enough to interact with it. Then, he began his studies in earnest.

[ *Ping* ]

[ Book One: The Basics ]

[ Lesson One: Hazards ]

[ 4. Finger Strain ]

[ To a Force Crafter, your most important treasure isn't your partner, but, rather, your fingers. It is important not to execute complex movements before you're ready or else you can cause irreparable, hidden and lingering injuries to your hands. These injuries can often build artificial bottlenecks to your progress. Refer to Book One: The Basics - Lesson Two: Stretches and Strengthening… ]

[ 9. Force Art Reactions ]

[ Force Arts are an incredibly complex subject matter, even the most accomplished Force Artists would never dare to say they know everything. This is why it's important to blueprint your ideas and test their feasibility. If two Force Arts clash and react violently, you may die before you know what happened. Refer to Book One: The Basics - Lesson Five: Force Art ]

[ 17. Reactive Metals ]

[ 23. Third Dimensional Electrical Engineering ]

[ 24. Fourth Dimensional Electrical Engineering ]

[ 37. Overfeeding and Metal Spirit Potential ]

Someone else might have been overwhelmed, but Leonel soaked in everything he saw as though he was a sponge. He didn't seem to get bored or tired. In fact, a very familiar aura began to spread from him the moment he began learning in earnest.

To Leonel, it had never mattered whether he loved to do something or not, he always took it with the utmost seriousness. In fact, compared to other things, since his father loved Force Crafting so much, he had a better opinion of it as well. So, of course he would try his best.

Before he knew it, he had already cleared the first Lesson of Book One and moved on to Lesson Two.

[ *Ping* ]

[ Book One: The Basics ]

[ Lesson Two: Stretches and Strengthening ]

Unlike Lesson One which listed a seemingly endless barrage of hazards, Lesson Two focused entirely on what Leonel's father claimed was his most important tool. Instead of learning Force Crafting skills, Lesson Two was all about exercises… for his fingers?

[ 1. Flexibility]

[ … ]

[ 2. Speed ]

[ … ]

[ 3. Strength ]

[ … ]

[ 4. Dexterity ]

[ 4.1 Precision ]

[ … ]

[ 4.2 Acceleration ]

[ … ]

[ 4.3 Deceleration ]

[ … ]

[ 5. Force and Your Hands ]

[ … ]

[ 6. Recovery ]

[ 6.1 Stretches ]

[ … ]

[ 6.2 Herbs ]

[ … ]

[ 6.3 Natural Treasures ]

[ … ]

[ 6.4 Force Circulation ]

[ … ]

[ *Ping* ]

[ Lesson Two: Completed. ]

[ Lesson Three: You and Your Metal Spirit - Locked ]

[ Unlock Condition: Seed's hands must reach a Grade One designation. ]

Leonel blinked awake from his focused state.

'Grade One designation… If I recall correctly, a pair of Grade One hands can complete all Grade One exercises to a Tier 7 Black level, or the S-grade…'

Leonel smiled bitterly. His dad was really asking for too much.

Usually, one could begin the first applications of Force Crafting as long as you reached the Tier 1 Black level in all Grade One exercises. But, Leonel's dad was asking him to reach a level of hand and finger strength only those on the verge of becoming Bronze Grade Force Crafters would have.

To put this matter in perspective, not all Force Crafters would even reach Grade One designation before beginning to work on Bronze Grade crafts. Most would only complete all Grade One exercises to a Tier 6 Black level before moving on.

However, thinking of his father's smug face, Leonel grinned. That old man was so proud of his Force Crafting. What kind of face would he have if Leonel surpassed his requirements?

Above the Grade One designation there was the Advanced Grade One designation and the Superior Grade One designation, each for the SS-grade and SSS-grade level respectively.

Usually, only those who had Force Nodes in their hands could reach the Superior Grade One designation. But, Leonel already knew where his next Force Nodes would go and knew his hands weren't appropriate locations for them.

'In that case, Advanced Grade One designation it is. First, the flexibility exercises…'

Leonel's eyes shone brightly as he began to move his fingers according to the exercises his father left behind. If there was one thing he loved to do, it was win. And now, he was competing against the phantom of his father.

A competition across generations.

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