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Novel Name : Dimensional Descent

Chapter 133: Chasing Wind

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Chapter 133: Chasing Wind

The crowd went wild, basking Thunderous Clap with praise. At this point, even most of the Promising Youths who usually would be blazing with battle intent right now felt proud. This was simply human nature. When one shares an enemy, previous petty disputes can be ignored. 

However, the subject of public outrage wasn't paying attention to these matters at all. He sat on the ground cross legged, leaning on his thigh and supporting his head up from his chin with a hand. He stared blankly at the ground. 

From an outsider's perspective, he seemed quite listless. But the tangible light that had been bouncing in his eyes only grew fiercer and fiercer as though he was slowly comprehending something new. 

Numerous gazes descended onto Leonel once more. But, no one could see the odd phenomena with his head lowered. As for Thunderous Clap, after speaking those words to Leonel, he hadn't even bothered to cast another glance toward him.

The first round continued, numerous youths going up one after another. The atmosphere was much better than it had been initially as many felt their anger having been vented, so a casual enjoyment of the gathering ensued. 

One after another, the youths went up to show off their abilities. 

It turned out that defeating the Invalids wasn't the true requirement. According to the rule Leonel missed out on, one was only meant to survive the confrontation for ten minutes. Anything at and beyond this would be considered a pass. 

Though Leonel casually killed the five Invalids, it could be said that he went above and beyond despite breaking the rules. Of course, this also meant that Thunderous Clap had also accomplished more than what was expected of him. 

"… Violet Rain, no matter what, you're a Commander. Is there a need to look so happy?"

One of the male Commanders by Violet Rain's side, a man who went by the code name of Mellow Trees, rebuked playfully. He could see that with each performance that surpassed Leonel's, this companion of his would smile wider and wider. 

"I never knew that Violet Rain would hate a teenage boy so much."

Violet Rain snorted and didn't say anything. Of course, this was because Old Hutch was still a small distance away and could most definitely hear their conversation. It was fine for them to tease her, but if she really said anything in affirmation, it was impossible to tell whether she'd have a good ending or not. 

Her happy expression became gloomy again upon hearing their words. But there was nothing much she could do. Luckily for her, the next youth was enough to make her smile again. 

"Next, Chasing Wind."

The crowd seethed with excitement once more as a young lady wearing a tight, green tracksuit made her way onto the stage. Her every movement was graceful and carried an air of charm, but it was very obvious that it wasn't her trying to be seductive. It was a natural feeling ingrained within her bones. It could be imagined that even in battle, she would still maintain the same graceful bearing. 

Chasing Wind casually looked through the weapon rack, testing out a few swords. Obviously, it seemed she had no intention of going barehanded like Thunderous Clap had. She felt no need to get involved in the dick measuring contest between men. Though, that wasn't to say she wasn't dissatisfied with Leonel as well, she just chose to remain quiet about it. 

At least, these were her original thoughts. But, she began to look upon Leonel quite curiously when she saw him remained unmoved through all of this. Others might have written it down as cowardice, but she thought there was something weird going on that she couldn't quite put her finger on. 

Still, she threw it to the back of her mind…. Wouldn't she find out during the second round?

The young lady picked a well balanced short sword and made her way to the stage, standing calmly as though unblemished by the outside world. When the Invalids appeared, her picturesque figure suddenly moved, flashing forward in a light gust of fragrant wind. 

Like Thunderous Clap's suitably thunderous performance, she, moving as light as a feather, painted the perfect picture of Chasing Wind. Whenever one watched her movements, they couldn't help but take in every bit of her actions. The beautiful twinkling of her eyes, the rhythmic swaying of her hips, the delicate grunts that left her lips…

She fluttered between the Invalids like a butterfly, her speed too quick for them to attack properly. Her sword left lines of silver in the air, drawing graceful arcs that passed by five necks as though going through air. 

The tips of her toes lightly landed on the ground, a small circle of wind and dust being pushed out as though clearing a place for her to land. How could such a beautiful woman be allow to fall onto a dirty stage? Even nature itself wouldn't allow it. 

Without suspense, the cheers of the crowd erupted once more. 

"Marry me Chasing Wind!"

"Marry you? On what basis exactly? Take a look at yourself in a mirror once in a while."

"I don't care! If I can't marry Chasing Wind, I'll stay single the rest of my life!"

"Don't you think you guys are a bit too fanatical? You've never even seen her face before. For all you know, her eyes are slanted and her face is covered in pockmarks."

The crowd within the vicinity of the middle-aged man who spoke these words looked at each other in a speechless moment before pouncing toward the man in unison as though they had agreed to it before hand. That day, there would no doubt be a man who left the arena beaten black and blue.

Violet Rain watched Chasing Wind leave the stage with a gratified smile on her face. It was as though she was looking at a youthful version of herself. She didn't doubt that there'd be a day when Chasing Wind was a Commander just like her. In fact, she would likely be promoted beyond that. 

"This concludes the first round, those who have qualified can now move on to the second and final round, of which… there are eight of you.

"These include: Thunderous Clap, Chasing Wind, Roaring Black Lion, Seer, Falling Leaf, Erupting Volcano, Precious Moment, and… Indomitable."

A wave of boos rang. 

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