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Dimensional Descent Chapter 365: Young Heir free read Here - AngerNovel
Novel Name : Dimensional Descent

Chapter 365: Young Heir

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Chapter 365: Young Heir

The atmosphere grew silent. Syl seemed to realize that something was wrong when she saw her brother and Leonel staring down one another. But, any words she wanted to speak seemed completely caught in her throat. She felt that she couldn't form the things she wanted to say no matter how hard tried. 


The sword to the Young Heir's back continued to tremble. Some unknown force held it back from unsheathing. 

Leonel continued to silently watch, sizing up the young man in white before him. 

Leonel knew too little about the Fourth Dimension to accurately gauge strength. But, he could sense pressure easier than maybe anyone else. Even though this Young Heir was weaker than Uncle Zimo, considering his youth, Leonel had no doubt that there would come a day when Zimo was completely overshadowed. 

Suddenly, the pressure dispersed. The Young Heir looked from Leonel to his little sister and smiled lightly. Though the smile was a bit cold, it was filled with a doting air to it. 

"Syl, you're here." The young man nodded. "And who is this?"

"Uh…" Syl shook her head to recover. "Sister-in-law recommended him. He's participating as one of us. His name is Leonel Morales."


The young man frowned. He felt something stir within him as his thoughts drifted toward a certain memory. But, he didn't remain in a trance for long. The universe was too big, those sharing the same name were far too numerous. 

Of course, those who were on the same level as certain families wouldn't dare to share the same name. For example, there was no way someone on Terrain would take the Keafir family name. Such a person would be asking for death. 

However, there might very well be other Fourth Dimensional worlds where the Keafir name was used. The influence of the Keafir family wasn't large enough to instill that kind of fear. 

This was all to say that it was a matter of perspective. And, to put this matter into perspective, the fact that this Young Heir even paused at this name meant that his scope was already far beyond those usually found on the Fourth Dimensional plane. 

A higher Dimensional world wouldn't care what ants beneath them did. But, the Young Heir knew that if by some miracle this Leonel Morales really made it to such a height, he would definitely have to change his name unless he wanted to be hunted down and executed. 

This matter was definitely not as rare as it seemed and no small number of stubborn individuals had suffered. However, the Young Heir didn't bother to tell all of this to Leonel. Such a thing was far too distant in the future and the likelihood that Leonel would ever reach such a level was slim to none. 

The Young Heir nodded. "So Heira decided this…" 

The Young Heir was quite familiar with his wife so he had a good idea of what she was thinking. But, taking care of someone in the Third Dimension, no matter how talented they were, would be difficult. Even he didn't dare to enter Brave City until he had grown to a certain level of strength. 

"Is there a reason the Black City Heir is here?" Syl's elder brother asked. 

Jerach snorted. 'The only difference between me and you is that you're a bit older, is there a need to stick your nose so high into the sky?'

Still, even the usually boisterous Jerach didn't dare to say these words aloud. Though this Young Heir seemed refined, anyone who had heard of history knew that he was a madman. 

"He's with me." Leonel replied, seemingly noticing Jerach's apprehension. 


The Young Heir didn't ask anything further. 

"The situation right now is a bit delicate. The trials will begin in another month, but that doesn't mean the city is safe. In fact, this is maybe the most dangerous time. There's a good chance that a territorial war could be sparked."

Leonel scratched his nose, pretending as though he didn't plan on being responsible for starting one. 

"Be sure to stay within the limits of the Eastern Sector. And, if you are going to the Central Tower, travel in pairs. Also… be cautious of the monuments."

Leonel's eyes narrowed when he heard this, but didn't say anything more, waiting for the Young Heir to finish his spiel. 

After a while, Leonel suddenly got curious about something. 

"What benefits are there to a territorial war? There's got to be a reason for them, right?"

The Young Heir swept a glance over Leonel. Not many dared to cut him off while he was speaking like this. 

Of course, that was just the Young Heir's illusion. Leonel had waited for a slight pause in his long winded admonishment. It was clear that the Young Heir was lecturing his little sister rather than speaking for all of their benefits, so Leonel asked a question instead. 

"… There are eight Sectors to the city. Each has their own residential area and monuments. The only way to access the other Sectors is through the Central Tower, however due to this, it also makes it very obvious when someone is crossing over to a Sector they shouldn't be in. 

"When you enter another Sector, it becomes easier to upgrade your rank, meditating before the monuments becomes easier, and the benefits for stealing abodes is also greater."

"Benefits of abodes?" Leonel's gaze sparkled. 

"Yes, every abode makes it easier to cultivate a specific Special Force. The short of it is that all benefits are greater when stealing them from another Sector. But, for this reason, people are also very territorial. Considering your strength, acting on this would only lead to your death."

The Young Heir's words were quite pointed, but Leonel didn't really care to respond directly to them. 

Leonel found this Young Heir to be quite odd. At first glance, he seemed stoic, cold and quiet, but he was actually quite… long winded. 

"I have one more question." Leonel pressed. "Are there really this many Emperors?"

Leonel looked around at all the lit lampposts. It couldn't be that Emperors were so cheap, right?

"Who said an Emperor could only claim one house?"

Leonel's eyes widened. So this was how it was… 

"Thanks for the help." Leonel said with a smile. "I'll help out the Keafir family if I can. I'll be going now."

After finishing his duties, Leonel bid his farewells. His thoughts were filled with how to make his imprint as big as possible. 

If he wanted to be known, there was no better option than attacking other territories. However, Syl's brother wasn't wrong, he was too weak to do so now. He needed a few back up plans first. 

The Young Heir's gaze narrowed as he watched Leonel's back retreat, his sword trembling once again. 

Jerach followed along quickly, not knowing anything about the crazy thoughts going on in Leonel's head.

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