Novel Name : Dimensional Descent

Chapter 424: Negotiate.

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Chapter 424: Negotiate.

Leonel's words caused an eerie silence to overwhelm the war room. 

Much like Mordred before, these Demon Lords had never been aware that there could be power outside one's own bodily strength. Even mages who might as well be known as the nukes of the battlefield in their world couldn't even compare. 

But, to hear that this was not only possible, but had been possible over 300 years ago by the very same society aiming for their lands now caused many of them to pale. 

At this moment they were no longer the demons that terrorized the lands of Camelot. They looked toward one another, not missing the trepidation in each one of their eyes. 

"Then… What should we do? How do we beat such an existence?" The #1 Demon Lord Crakos finally spoke, his deep rumbling voice filling the once silence environment. 

Leonel raised his palm from the table, causing the Earth Elemental Force to disperse. 

After a moment of silence, he shook his head causing their hearts to sink. 

"The Empire is more powerful than you could imagine. If it wasn't for the restrictions the Metamorphosis placed on them, even destroying your entire world wouldn't be an issue."

Leonel's words weren't exaggerated in the slightest. Even back during the start of the 20th century, Earth already had technology capable of wiping out cities. By the end of the 21st, they were able to wipe out whole mountain ranges. Now, as they neared the end of the 25th century, destroying a moon wasn't a matter of if they could, but only if they were willing to pay the price and deal with the aftermath. 

"I don't want to sell you all a false dream. Though I have a strong dislike for The Empire, I also know that I must be realistic. As much as I would like to paint you a pretty picture, the odds of you winning aren't close to zero, they are zero. In fact, though it might be hard to hear, I wouldn't be surprised if The Empire was using your world as a training field for their youth."

The atmosphere only grew colder the more Leonel spoke. 

"If you want my suggestions, in my humble opinion you only have a few option. 

"The first is to fight back. Inevitably, you will lose. Once that happens, everyone in this room will be sent to Dark Cloud Prison to live out the rest of your lives. Your citizens will be assimilated into The Empire and become people of Earth. 

"Your second option is to form an alliance with Camelot. Should you do that, you might repel a first wave. But, inevitably, you will lose. Once that happens, everyone in this room will be sent to Dark Cloud Prison to live out the rest of your lives while your citizens are assimilated. 

"Your third option is to display your usefulness. If you manage to do this, it's very possible that you can gain a hereditary title in exchange for your knowledge. If you use proper hard and soft tactics, you may allow your world to recognized as the tenth Province of Earth."

The room fell into silence. 

Leonel didn't mince his words in the slightest. He needed them to understand that this was an impossible war to win. 

Aina sent a glance toward Leonel's side profile, lost in her thoughts. She wondered just how much of Leonel's words were his own objective analysis and how much of it was the indoctrination he had received since his youth. 

Where had all of Leonel's knowledge of the strength of The Empire come from? Wasn't it all from his education? Hadn't that education all been provided for, catered, and censored appropriately at the behest of The Empire?

Maybe even Leonel wasn't sure about this. All he knew was that he was speaking the truth from his own vantage point and that he didn't feel like he was lying. 

But, when it came down to it, did those that had been manipulated always realize when they had been?

The Demon Lords looked toward one another. At the same time, Mordred fell into her own thoughts as well. 

What was the reason she built the Demon Empire? Other than the fact she had become a tool for the machinations of Shield Cross Stars, it was because she hated the fact that she was ostracized by even her own parents simply due to her affinity. 

Since they hated her Dark Element so much, she would become the spearhead for people like her and point her blade toward Camelot. 

However, from what Mordred understood about Leonel's world, the same stigma against the Dark Element didn't exist. It wasn't an overly religious society, it didn't have a Church to worry about, and the most important case was Leonel who stood right before her. 

Leonel didn't care about the Light or Dark Element one way or another. To him, it was simply something reserved for fairy tales. 

If she thought about things this way, then what reason did she have to continue protecting this Empire? If a society that accepted her appeared, then maybe she could finally rest her head and place down this burden… 

"Leonel, do you… believe that demons would be accepted?" Mordred spoke, her voice slightly weary. 

Leonel looked back toward the Demon Empress, his expression somewhat surprised. He hadn't expected for them to accept this change so quickly. Truthfully, as long as Mordred spoke, the deed was practically half complete. 

"… I can't be certain of this either. But, what I do know is that there are people all over Earth awakening abilities that make them look no different from you all, all the time. 

"The Empire, if it was ever good at anything but conquering and control, has always been diligent in assimilating those of all races without discrimination. But, at the same time, this is a new world. It's somewhat easier to accept others of the same species as opposed to a completely new people like the demons. 

"Still… I ultimately think it's worth a try."

Mordred fell into her thoughts for a long time before she finally spoke again. 

"Will you lead these negotiations, Leonel?"

Leonel raised his brows in surprise. But, in the end, he slowly nodded. 

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