Novel Name : Dimensional Descent

Chapter 440: HAI!

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Chapter 440: HAI!

City Lord White sat in an office, a map spread out across her desk. She had long since memorized its contents, but due to a sudden change that happened a while ago, she wanted to ensure that she had it all imprinted into her mind. 

The City Lord was quite unique in comparison to other women of Terrain. It was very rare to find technologically advanced places like Earth and thus even rarer to find equality amongst men and women – at least in low level worlds. 

Technology acted as an equating factor between men and women. The strength of a man meant less if a woman could simply pull out a gun and deal with a threat just as easily as he could. 

In low level worlds like Terrain, the awakening of abilities didn't have much time to create a balance between the sexes like technology could. 

This was all to say that in Terrain and worlds like it, having women in positions of power was a rarity. And, finding women like City Lord White was even a level more rare. 

City Lord White had exceptionally short-cut white hair. Her demeanor was quite valiant and she chose to wear black robes accented by white flexible armor. Everything from the way she sat and spoke seemed to exude a masculine air. Even her handwriting was boisterous, purposeful and bold. 

She was quite tall, especially for a woman. She stood at over six feet, but this didn't dampen her figure in the slightest. Her hips were wide and her bosom was bountiful. 

At that very moment, seemingly without reason, City Lord White froze. 

She stood, a sadistic grin on her face. Her face even became somewhat flushed as though she was excited. 

She touched a spatial bracer on her right arm. Her gaze only grew more excited after pulling out a talisman glowing with a blinding light. 

It was finally time. 


She smashed a fist against her large desk, splitting it in half and kicking its pieces out of her way. 

Her hand swept forward and snatched out the map before it could fall to the ground, carelessly tossing it into her spatial bracer. 

"Someone get me my Clara! Now!"

Her booming voice shot over White City. An impossibly vast aura shot out from the City Lord's body. The result was a city that fell into immediate silence. 

It didn't matter if it was a noble or a humble street vendor, they all felt their knees buckle. 

The City Lord's mansion began to glow. 

City Lord White kicked down the door of her office. 

To the side of the now broken opening, a patient secretary with her hands respectfully clasped before her sent a glance toward the flying door and didn't seem to react very much at all. 

City Lord White turned toward the secretary, a bloodthirsty light in her eye. It was difficult to tell if she was excited, enraged, or in heat. 

"Niya, give me my Clara, we're moving out!"

"Yes, City Lord." The secretary bowed politely. 

With a small clap of her hands, a light appeared in the secretary's hands and slowly expanded. 

Eventually, when that light dimmed, all that was left was a monstrosity of a weapon. 

It had a polearm of two and a half meters long alone. But, the true shock was its head. It was a hammer, but even calling it so seemed to not do it justice. 

The head had two massive blunt ends that shimmered like the surface of a mirror. Each head just under a meter in diameter each, easily matching more than half the size of most bodies. 

City Lord White snatched this massive weapon from Niya's hands. 

"Ah, Clara, Clara, Clara. We're going to taste blood again!"

'Clara' seemed to react to these words too, a shimmering light racing across its polished surface. 

City Lord White strolled down the hallways of her mansion, wantonly swinging 'Clara' around and not giving a damn about the damage. Niya could only follow quickly behind, calmly taking note of all the newly created holes and sending out orders for repair. 

The two quickly made their way out of the mansion, every one of City Lord White's steps causing the ground to sway and tremble. 

The head of City Lord White's mansion was completely unlike what one would expect. While others would pave the way for vehicles or decorate with elaborate gardens, the front of the White Mansion was a military field. 

On this military field, tens of thousands of warriors had already gotten into formation. They all stood ramrod straight, their chests sticking out with pride. 


The instant City Lord White appeared, a collective breath was taken as the army roared as one. 

The crisp sound of shifting clothing pierced through the soul as they saluted in unison, crossing their hands over their hearts. 

City Lord White stood atop the stairs of her mansion, her smothering aura towering into the skies. 


The butt of her massive weapon smashed against the ground, causing waves of trembling earth to spread in every direction. To her back, Niya continued to stand, her hands clasped together respectfully. 

The importance of this battle wasn't lost on any of them. This was a turning point. 

For a long time already, Terrain had been teetering at the very edge, standing at the start of a diverging path. 

To one side, there was the abandonment of everything their Ancestors had ever built, everything they had ever strived for. 

To the other, there was a slim hope. But it required their sweat, their tears, their blood. And, even then, they could very well fail. 

Their future would be decided by this battle, this war. Whether they could hold their heads high or be buried in the cemetery of their hopes and dreams, it would all be decided now. 

"Today, we go to battle."


"Today, we'll brandish our blades toward the necks of our enemies."


"Today, we'll either shed blood or shed the blood of others."


"Follow me to those crimson fields! Give me the beating hearts from your chests! Lay down your lives for me!"


The glow of White City grew to a fever pitch. Then, inexplicably, the entire city disappeared. 

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