Novel Name : Dimensional Descent

Chapter 464: Code Black

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Chapter 464: Code Black

Royal Blue Fort. 

The atmosphere was heated. The amount of pressure placed on the Fort itself wasn't as great as one would have expected. At the very least, the colonists of Earth's two moons and the citizens of the Capital were under far greater stress.

The reason for this was obvious, but also placed the members of the Fort in a terrible situation all the same. 

Unlike the Capital which had been revitalized and truly looked like a Province once again, Royal Blue Province was still mostly in shambles. The only location of proper society was the Fort… So why would the people of Terrain bother to attack right away? 

For different situations, different tactics were required. Camelot was a small terrain and mostly inhabited. As such, White City launched a full assault from the very beginning. 

[Author's Note: From now on, whenever Camelot is mentioned, assume it's in reference to Earth's second moon unless the context says otherwise]

However, Royal Blue Province was now mostly untouched territory. Other than the Fort itself, the rest was just collapsed buildings, Invalids, beasts, and the occasional outcast gang that overestimated themselves. 

Leonel had met such an outcast gang in the moments before he entered the Joan Zone. But, he had dealt with them quite easily in his rage due to their grotesque remarks about Aina. 

These outcasts were fools who thought they would be able to avoid the hand of The Empire when things finally settled down, when in reality they would likely be among the first killed when things truly reached that point. 

But now, to the people of Terrain, these outcasts had become a hot commodity. 

Since Earth was such a new world, most of its original citizens, by default, were within the Fifth Generation and beyond. This made every Earthener the people of Terrain ran across a hotly contested item… 

Yes, item. Not person. 

This situation left the people of Earth in an odd limbo. 

The Capital was under a full blown assault and unable to lend out help, while the rest of Earth's land was being rapidly colonized.

The only way to stop this would be to send out armies from the Forts to slow them down. But, how could these nobles that had just turtled themselves up dare to make a move so easily? They continued to cower within their walls, waiting for someone else to take action. 

After all, with the death of Miles, they could just pretend that they didn't have proper direction. Then, everything would fall on the shoulders of the Governor Duke or the Secretary Marquisette. They wouldn't have to take any responsibility whatsoever. 

This was the harsh reality that peace could bring about. The sharpness The Empire that once swept through Earth had, had dulled considerably. 

While there were no pushovers amongst nobles, it was also because of this that none of them wanted to rashly make a move. 

What if their sacrifice benefited another? How could they guarantee that their credit would be their own and not that of someone else's? 

This situation led to the Fort closing its dome once again. As for the commoners on the outside… did they need to care for them?

But, it was in exactly this situation that the large oak doors to the gathering of nobles opened. 

A deathly silence fell. The number of people who dared to do such a thing were simply too few. And, since it was unlikely to be a person of The Capital, it was pretty clear to them all who this person was. 

As expected, the clicking of heels reverberated through the quiet congressional hall. 

A beauty strolled in, her hips swinging like a hypnotic pendulum. It didn't seem like she had done it on purpose, but rather that innate charm exuded from her very pores. 

Despite the fact they all knew she had been an old hag just a year prior, the men within the room couldn't help but feel their loins light on fire. 

Who else could this person be if not Secretary Marquisette Maia? After another long disappearance, she had finally come back once again. 

As though nothing had changed, she easily sat at the helm of the hall, not feeling as though there was anything wrong in the slightest. 

One of the nobles frowned. 

"Secretary Marquisette, this isn't appropriate." 

As a Chief Earl, the chief law officer of Royal Blue Province, there were few who knew the law better than Chief Earl Fiel. The position of one's seating was highly important to setting precedential hierarchy. 

But, Maia now sat in a position reserved for the Governor Duke. Even Miles hadn't been allowed to do this. In fact, Miles couldn't sit at any one of the leadership positions. 

Maia didn't respond directly. She only dug into her bosom and pulled out a noble crest. 

With a single look, any one of them could recognize it. Those rushing waters, the strong shield that blocked them from the lush grounds to its back. 

There was no doubt, this was the Leum family's crest. 

Chief Earl Fiel sat back down silently. There was already nothing more to say. 

"… In my absence, it seems that you all have had quite a bit of fun to yourselves, hm?" Maia said lightly. 

The nobles remained silent. They couldn't understand how this woman who so rarely appeared still wielded so much power. Just how did she do it?

"It seems that you all have forgotten what it means to be the nobles of the Ascension Empire. You all have felt too comfortable for too long. 

"His Majesty, Emperor Fawkes, has ordered a Code Black Martial Law state, effective immediately."

At that moment, the nobles who had managed to maintain their cool shot out from their seats, shock coloring their features. 

A Code Black state? Wasn't that too rash? Such a state could only be called upon when The Empire was in danger of falling, but they were still very far from this future. What the hell was going on?

Of course, this was only a very small part of why they were all so shocked. 

Code Black Martial Law had the fewest laws and restrictions of any state. But, it had one very important clause that shook the nobles to their core. 

In such a state, everything was earned by merits. When it concluded and everything returned to normal, even their very own noble positions would be up for grabs and exchangeable for merits…

Even the title of Grand Prime Minister or even Prince could be exchanged for!

As for those who didn't have enough merits...? They would lose the noble seats they spent so much of their time protecting. 

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