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Dimensional Descent Chapter 476: Queen free read Here - AngerNovel
Novel Name : Dimensional Descent

Chapter 476: Queen

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Chapter 476: Queen

City Lord White held a combat prowess those of Earth had simply never seen before. If it wasn't for Arthur, the Knights of the Round Table, Noah and Jessica all surrounding her at once, it felt like she could solo the entire battlefield on her own. 

Yet, even with so many working together, she didn't seem to be even slightly disadvantaged. In fact, she even held the upper hand, her strength causing the skies to tremble and the earth to quake. 

City Lord White swung 'Clara' with a single hand, sending King Arthur flying backward. 

Arthur's feet dug a deep pit in the ground, his body sinking down into a strong horse stance as he held Excalibur across his body. 

City Lord White's irises glittered somewhat. She was inwardly shocked, not because of the strength of the enemies she faced, but rather because of the quality of their weapons. 

Logically speaking, it was impossible for such a fledgling world to have such powerful weapons. Their weakness should also come with an appropriate lack of resources. Yet, this wasn't the case at all. In fact, if it wasn't for White City being severely outclassed in weaponry, this war might have come to an end long ago. 

Just as an example, there was the sword in Arthur's hands. It shouldn't have been able to survive even a single strike from her before shattering. Yet, not only did it not show any signs of collapsing, it was even faintly putting pressure on her double-headed weapon. 

As though that wasn't bad enough, there was Arthur's white armor. Though City Lord White wasn't a weapon's expert, she could still tell that Arthur's armor reinforced his Force and deflected almost 10% of her attacks. If it wasn't for her sturdy build, City Lord White would have suffered a great deal. 

If it was just Arthur, things might have been fine. But, there was still Noah's saber and Jessica's whip, in fact, even the Knights of the Round Table all had weapons and armor superior to her own. This was especially the case for Lancelot and his golden lance. It felt that if she was even a little careless, she would be pierced all the way through. 

On Terrain… such weapons simply didn't exist. Though worlds could have heirlooms they passed down at this quality, and, being in her position, City Lord White would definitely be in position to have one such weapon, it had to be remembered that Terrain was deemed as a world without talent. 

As a result of this, Terrain never received the support of higher Dimensional worlds and as such never received rewards for their Zones. The only 'benefit' of clearing Zones for Terrain was helping their world to survive another day and maybe the training they could receive by putting their lives on the line. 

This was the reality of the world. There was no such thing as fairness. 

Terrain didn't receive the support of higher Dimensional worlds because they weren't talented. By the same token, these higher Dimensional worlds had no obligation to help Earth either. 

Like this City Lord White faced enemies with Tier 9 Black and Quasi Bronze treasures all around while she herself only wielded a Tier 7 Black treasure she treated like her own child. 

Yet, despite the situation, a maddening grin hung across her attractive face. Her slender arms bulged with strength it shouldn't have, blasting another two Knights of the Round Table away. 

"Come! Show me more! I haven't bled in a long time, can you let me see the color of my blood?!"

City Lord White's laughter rang throughout the battlefield. Her voice was like a beacon in the darkness for her men, constantly fueling their momentum. 

How could their blood not boil? Even when so many faced their Commander at once, they were simply no match for her. 

Noah brandished his blue bladed saber. If those who weren't aware of his abilities saw him now, they would be stunned. 

Normally, Noah was just around two meters tall. But now, he stood at over five, his body exuding the valiant air of a god descended from the skies. 

His blade increased in size with him, swinging down at City Lord White with a might that made the wind tremble. 

"Good!" City Lord White flicked her wrist upward, easily deflecting Noah's saber as though it was no heavier than a feather. 

She reset herself, looking to swing at and shatter Noah's knee, but Jessica reacted quickly, causing several demonic beasts to pounce at the City Lord. 

However, City Lord White's sinister grin only grew wider. As though it put no pressure on her wrists at all, she easily shifted her aim with a thought, shattering the skulls of three beasts with a single flicker. 

Noah felt as though his arm was about to shatter beneath the she-devil's counter attack. 

His ability wasn't as simple as gigantification. He could increase the size of his body and any object he so chose, but he could also control density along with this ability.

Everyone knew that volume increased by a cubic while surface area increased by a square. This meant that there was a limit to how large the human body could become before it collapsed in on itself. 

However, Noah could bypass this by increasing the density of his bones several fold at will. Even making his bones as strong as diamond wasn't impossible with his current ability. In the future, making himself as durable as a Fourth Dimensional or higher metals would just be a thought away. 

This was all to say that Noah could make his own weight increase to an inconceivable degree and he would also be able to proportionally increase his muscle density to have the strength to back it up. 

Yet… City Lord White deflected it all with a flick of her wrist. 

At that moment, King Arthur dug himself out of the trench he had slid back in, charging back toward City Lord White with the same valiant air. 

Golden lights surged around his body, dancing along with his blade as he cleaved forward. 

City Lord White's laughter sounded as she sent him flying once more. 

In the blink of an eye, she appeared amidst the Knights of the Round table, forcing them to quickly defend themselves. 

But the result was only to be expected. Blood flew from their lips as they were sent flying. 

City Lord White shot forward, appearing before King Arthur, her double headed hammer already swinging downward, a manic laughter hanging in the air. 

King Arthur's visage remained stoic, slamming a palm into the ground and flipping out of the way. 

However, City Lord White's nimbleness was beyond his comprehension. With a twist of her wrist, her target changed like flowing water, aimed right for King Arthur's head. 

Arthur's gaze sharpened, the scent of death hanging over him. He could almost feel the grim reaper whispering into his ears. 

With the quickest movements he could muster, he rose Excalibur to his face, trying to block it. 

City Lord White's laughter didn't pause for even a moment. She could almost smell the blood spraying into the air. 

It was at that moment that a strong surge of magic shook the battlefield. 

A shield of ice quickly formed in the path of City Lord White's hammer, causing it to slow and pause just for a moment before being shattered. 

By then, King Arthur had already taken advantage of the opportunity to dodge out of the way, City Lord White's hammer just scraping a hair's breadth from his head. 

In the distance, the blue eyes of Queen Guinevere shone like two sparkling sapphire gems. 

The Queen of Camelot had stepped onto the battlefield for the first time in decades. 

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