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Dimensional Descent Chapter 704: Repair free read Here - AngerNovel
Novel Name : Dimensional Descent

Chapter 704: Repair

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Chapter 704: Repair

The realization shocked everyone to their core. How could a person be so extravagant? 

They finally understood why it was that this place had no doors and not even a single window. How could anyone hope to deal with this fortress? Let alone claiming this plot of land back, one might not even be able to find the shop plaque to snatch back in the first place. 

One of the only quirks of shops was that their plaques couldn't leave the immediate vicinity of their territory. This rule was implemented to stop shop owners from simply running away with the plaque so that their stores couldn't be claimed by others. 

Of course, all the rules meant to promote competition were eventually rendered useless by the existence of things like Unions and the like. But, obviously, Leonel didn't have any intention of letting such things control him in the slightest. 

And the result? It was yet another uproar. 

News of Tier 5, 6 and even 7 weapons being sold spread like wildfire. In the face of such things, the vague descriptions of Leonel that Raylion had made were akin to trying to envelop a fire within a thin sheet of paper. 

This was the second mistake Raylion committed. 

If Leonel was a mere Tier 3 or 4 Crafter like his grenades and Mending Armor seemed to show, then his words then would have been more than enough. But, an attempt to suppress a Crafter who could forge Quasi Bronze Crafts with nothing more than unsubstantiated words… 

Well, how well would that work out for you?

This was simply what happened when a youth from a mere Fifth Dimensional world tried to apply the common sense of his limited scope toward something far beyond his means of understanding. 

On the second floor of BLACKSTAR, Leonel lay on a luxurious cushion. His hands were behind his head and his legs were crossed one over the other. Every so often, he would lightly snore, making a somewhat adorable expression. At the moment, he most definitely didn't have the face of the man who had flipped Valiant Heart on its head once again. 

The members of Polished Glass, even after having already been here for a few hours, couldn't help but look toward him from time to time, still unable to wrap their heads around exactly what they were experiencing. 

When Leonel called them here, their first reaction was to panic. They had never thought that the one who had claimed this shop and caused all the commotion was actually Leonel himself. But, whatever panic they were feeling was immediately drowned out by even more of the same. 

How had Leonel gotten his hands on so much Twice Refined Diamond? They knew well that this Ore was among Valiant Heart's most valuable exports. For him to gain so much, Kaela couldn't help but think back to the moment Leonel dug through the rubble to take King of Ores' map…

As much as they were panicking though, their minds were completely overwhelmed by other thoughts not long after. They knew what level of skill it took to work with such a high quality Ore. Yet, Leonel had not only worked with it, he had formed an entire building of it. 

Not only did his Craft come out almost perfect, but it also looked like a glistening work of art. Even now, they felt like they were floating amidst the stars, making it difficult for them to continue on with their work. 


At that moment, the group was snapped out of their thoughts. That sound meant that someone had chosen to teleport to the second floor. 

After they made this choice, they would appear within a small waiting lobby where they would send in the specifications of their order to be accepted by one of them. 

Up until now, there had yet to be a single order placed despite the fact they had heard this sound several times already. It was obvious that in the beginning stages, everyone was just curious about everything, so it wasn't a surprise for many to teleport to the second floor just to check things out. 

The group thought that it would be more of the same again, but surprisingly, this time, an order actually went through. But, when they saw what it was for, their expressions changed. 

There was a slight pause. But, not long later, a figure manifested within the Crafting room. It was none other than Arte, the member of Bear Rose Leonel had defeated just a day ago. To think that he would truly come to repair his weapons. 

In truth, Arte hadn't planned to. But, after all the commotion began, his team members mentioned Leonel's words from that day. 

Even then, Arte decided against it… Until he realized just how expensive it would be to repair his hammers normally. He had come here hoping that since this was Leonel's first day of business, there would be some discounts. But, what he didn't expect was for the price to actually be so low!

A single merit point was worth 10 kilograms of Urbe Ore. It had cost Arte almost 100 000 merit points just to buy his hammers, the equivalent of nearly a million kilograms of Fourth Dimensional Urbe Ore! This was how expensive such a weapon was. 

Even for a repair, many Crafters had ask Arte for at least half of the price of his weapon, making his insides turn green. 

Yet, even after a supposed multiplier for being a blue belt, Leonel's price was still a fraction of the cost. It almost made him sway side to side with happiness. 

But, in the end, he managed to control himself. He had heard all about the weapons on the first floor, but he had also fought Leonel personally. In his estimation, Leonel was a rich tycoon from a prominent family from the way he pulled out so many high level spears to battle with. For all Arte knew, Leonel was just pulling out some of his wealth to show off. 

There were no small number of rumors about this young man from a family so powerful even the elders of Valiant Heart didn't dare to do anything to him. 

This was all to say that displaying weapons was one thing… But actually repairing them? This was a completely different matter entirely. 

Steeling himself for disappointment, Arte stepped forward and cleared his throat, his gaze landing on the sleeping Leonel. 

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