Novel Name : Dimensional Descent

Chapter 744: Targets

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Chapter 744: Targets

Leonel's mind calculated many things in a split instant.

To be able to create a hold in this sort of marble was a feat in and of itself. It took strength beyond Tier 8 alone. However, this was just the beginning.

Creating a hole was one thing, but doing it so perfectly that no cracks were formed in its creation was a completely different matter. It showed a level of ease that made one's spine tingle.

There were two last factors that would truly make one shocked. The first was the speed. Between Leonel sensing Raylion's intention and the actual execution, there was no more than a split moment.

The second was the distance. Raylion had been able to complete that near instantaneous attack from over ten meters away and seemingly without a hint of fatigue. Everything about his actions was nonchalant and casual.

Leonel took a deep breath, using the momentum of his explosive step backward to glide along the marble back to Aina's side. It was only then that he looked up and gazed toward Raylion.

Without a word, he flipped his palm over.

Many eyes narrowed when they saw the appearance of the small disk, thinking that Leonel was going to do something with it. After all, which of them here dared to underestimate such a high level Force Crafter? Who knew what sort of gadgets he had?

However, they only got more nervous when they saw Leonel's lips move but no sound travel to them.

"What's his ability?"

[ *Ping* ]

[ Subject: Raylion ]

[ Telekinesis ]

[ Evolution Stage: Tier 7 Bronze ]

When Leonel heard this, his brows furrowed.

"What is his Ability Index?"

[ *Ping* ]

[ Replying to Seed, Two Star Amplification Stage ]

Leonel took in a breath. Now he understood.

He had already gone through the Ability Index once and memorized it all. The Telekinesis Ability Index was separated, from lowest to highest, Control, Strength, Amplification and finally, Sublimation.

For Raylion to be at the Two Star Amplification Stage, it meant that he was one sub level away from the very Peak of the Amplification Stage. It could be said that in terms of progression in his ability, he wasn't too far away from Leonel. And, the fact he reached this level while still in the Bronze Grade spoke to the potential for growth he still had.

This was extraordinarily rare, exceedingly so, for a person born within a Fifth Dimensional world.

From what Leonel understood, Control was the weakest. This was the level Aina's good friend Yuri was at with her ability, at least when it was initially awakened. This level allowed one to enforce control over things outside of one's body.

The next step, Strength, took this a level beyond. Strength represented the ability to enforce more power with your Telekinesis than your body could alone. As one might expect, the power of this level varied greatly from person to person. But, usually, this strength was not small.

Even a petite young girl who could hardly move a 20 kilogram weight on her own might be able to shatter boulders ten times her size after reaching this level.

Then there was the third level, this was Raylion's level. At this stage, the Amplification Stage, one would gain a subtle and fine control over their Telekinesis that allowed them to apply it directly to their body without risking harm.

It was this subtle and precise control that allowed Raylion to imprint such a hole into the ground without causing even a crack to spread. It was also this control that allowed him to give form to his mental strength, making Leonel feel as though a steel pillar was falling upon him from above.

Leonel lips curled into a smile. This ability was indeed worth all the hopes the Elders had pinned onto him, Leonel was even a bit jealous. It was just a shame that this Raylion had chosen to be his enemy for reasons that still made little sense to Leonel himself.

This Raylion seemed to think that Leonel cared about what little authority controlling this organization would give him when the reality was…

Leonel didn't care about Valiant Heart at all.

At that moment, Aphestus slowly pulled himself up from the ground, his pupils having mutated into slits. It was clear that now he was truly serious, his gaze practically boring holes into Leonel.

However, Leonel wasn't looking at him at all. Rather, from start to finish, Leonel's eyes were trained onto Raylion who also had his eyes locked onto him.

Putting his dictionary away, Leonel looked away from Raylion and back toward the bronze soldiers that were blocking their path forward. Then he looked toward the group of ten before him and Aina again.

Did they really have to kill two? But what if in the end there was only him and Aina left, would this damnable place ask him to kill her? How far did it want to go, exactly?

The best decision for Leonel would be to 'kill' these opponents and place them within his snowglobe. If he was lucky, then the Zone wouldn't register them being alive and allow them to pass.

However, how would he convince these people to do such a thing? The simple answer was that he couldn't. One way or another, he'd have to defeat them first.

Dealing with Raylion with how flexible his ability was right now was impossible in such a chaotic battle. That likewise meant that Aphestus was also off the board. This meant that there were eight people he could possibly eliminate right now.

The atmosphere grew heavier and heavier. The weakest among them felt cold sweat trickling down their brows, their fingers twitching. Many of them seemed to be about to make the first move out of sheer nervousness, unable to take the mental pressure that was bearing down on them.

It was in that exact instant that Raylion and Leonel suddenly moved in unison. However, their targets were far outside of everyone's expectations.


Leonel's eyes narrowed, slowly lowering a bow that had appeared so quickly people hardly registered that it had been there.

With a crash, the two bronze projections shattered into motes of light that surged toward the two.

Leonel and Raylion both reached out a hand, snatching their rewards out of the air.

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