Novel Name : Dimensional Descent

Chapter 842: Four Eyes

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Chapter 842: Four Eyes

Allan's eyes glowed beneath his glasses as he stared at Leonel with a little too much passion. One would have thought that he had every intention of jumping over the table like Gil almost did previously. Except this time, there didn't seem to be anyone prepared to stop him.

"Do you have something, Cap? Everyone is so stingy. I can't find information I want at any time like we could back on Earth. Even if we couldn't take it back home, at least we had everything at school."

Allan's excitement turned down into a frown. Leonel's brothers had no idea what kind of background he had, especially since Leonel hardly understood as well. Leonel didn't see the Morales or Luxnix families as backers, he rather saw them as connections he would have to take control of in the future. With how this Dimensional Verse worked, he was under no illusion that these families would just accept him with open arms.

Since even Leonel was in a limbo, his teammates were even more so. Though Leonel was more powerful than they were and clearly more talented, there was nothing certain about his accumulation of resources.

Back on Earth, as students of the third ranked Academy, they had more information at their finger tips than they could consume in an entire lifetime. Though there were restrictions about taking this information off campus, that could be fixed with a single late night stay at the library. The only reason Leonel hadn't done this and was thus ranked third in his class behind both Aina and, ironically, Allan, was because he had a schedule to keep in order to return to his Paradise Island.

The Dimensional Verse was the exact opposite. Anyone with information always hoarded it, and even organizations placed them behind gates that required 'merits' or 'contributions' to access. There was even some information that no number of merits could ever get you without an equivalent amount of status.

It was clear, then, why Allan would feel so stifled. The fields that could relate to programming or coding in the Dimensional Verse were amongst the most gate keeped. Things like Force Crafting or Force Pill Crafting, or any number of branching fields, were especially protected by their owners. It was because of this that Kaela had been taken advantage of by Jac Beinala for so long.

Leonel smiled at Allan's question. Rather than answering directly, he asked a question of his own.

"What is your ability?"

"I have a magnetic ability. I can apply magnetic fields to any surface. It works best on inorganic materials, but I can do it on organic materials as well like skin. But, it functions best on my own skin. If I wanted to apply a field to someone else, it would require touch because usually my ability could be repelled by Force Skin if I tried to apply it from a distance."

Leonel's smile widened into a grin.

"You were first in our class but you can't see how useful such an ability would be?"

Allan pushed up his glasses. "You want me to use it for something other than just making battle more convenient?"

Allan's use of his ability was actually quite skilled and clever. He applied his magnetic fields to surfaces to increase his speed and attack power. He could also apply them in reverse to act as a defensive barrier that could slow and sometimes even stop attacks entirely. And, in addition to that, he was working on an absolute death domain of sorts that could make use of his ability in a longer ranged sense.

It could be said that while Raj's ability had the potential to become the most powerful, Allan's intelligence and ingenuity in using his ability would likely put his above the former. Raj's thinking was simply too simple and that couldn't be changed just because of a few tips. Want to see more chapters?

As far as Leonel was concerned, though, with his guidance, they'd all become that powerful.

"You're practically a living, breathing battery. Magnetic fields can be used to form anything from electricity all the way up to nuclear fusion."

Allan raised an eyebrow. "I know this, but Earth's technology is useless in the Dimensional Verse. What would be the point in using it that way?"

"Well, it's only as useless as you allow it to be. If you didn't have such an ability, I would probably tell you to give up. But, the fact you do makes it a different story entirely.

"You know what I noticed on my trip here?" Leonel smiled mysteriously. "Even Fifth Dimensional stars undergo nuclear fusion. The energies they produce are different and the process might have a few differences here and there, but the core of the process doesn't change."

Allan's eyes suddenly lit up. "You mean…"

"As your ability grows, I have a feeling that the magnetism will continue to have similar affects to what it once had on Third Dimensional Earth. You just might have a shortcut to bringing Earth's technology to the higher Dimensions."


"Don't get too excited." Leonel laughed. "I have a feeling that you won't really be the first. I doubt that there's a complete absence of technology at the very top, and if there is, that only means that it would be even more difficult than we think to accomplish it.

"But, we have an advantage. There should be very few if any worlds that reached our level of technology before entering the Fourth Dimension. Our Third Dimension technology was even capable of harming Fourth Dimensional existences.

"Second, we come from a very talented world, the most talented if the information I have is correct. That means if there's anyone who can do it, it would be us.

"And finally… Even if we fail to form the technology itself, if you can become what essentially amounts to a sentient star reactor…"

Leonel didn't finish his words but Gil already began to complain.

"Damn, who gave four eyes such an OP ability?"

Leonel laughed and pointed a finger to Allan's forehead before he focused his attention on Gil. He might as well do him next.

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