Novel Name : Dimensional Descent

Chapter 941: Status

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Chapter 941: Status

ᴘ ᴀɴ ᴅᴀ-ɴᴏ ᴠᴇʟ. ᴄᴏᴍ

Leonel took a look around and sighed. If those auras could kill, he probably would have exploded several times over by now.

He didn't believe that Anya's disappearance was a coincidence. But, he also didn't think that she was involved in this. It was likely more accurate to say that whoever was moving in on him now had been waiting for exactly this moment. It seemed that his protective charm was gone now.

'They're not moving?'

Leonel's brows raised slightly. After locking onto him, these hostile auras didn't seem intent on moving in on him just yet. It was as though…

'They don't think I can sense them?'

Leonel suddenly realized something. He described this sweeping feeling as 'auras', but the truth was that they were just strands of Internal Sight. This was clearly different from an 'aura', so why was it that he felt that this was an appropriate description? Beyond that, how could he tell they were hostile?

'King's Might.'

Leonel's gaze narrowed. He understood that this grasp of auras, artistic conception, the emotions and mental states of those around him, that he had were all related to this Lineage Factor. Whether it was his creation of new Mage Arts or a comprehension of a person's mental state all they way up to even being able to influence another's opinion of him, it all stemmed from this.

'I see. So they think I'm unable to sense them.' Leonel almost chuckled to himself.

Though as a Crafter, he definitely had strong Internal Sight, those that were targeting him right now likely believed that his control was far greater than his raw Internal Sight. They believed that even if they couldn't match him in control, the quality of their Internal Sight should be beyond his since they were stronger. As such, they didn't need to worry about being detected.

Another possibility was that these people were completely unaware of his level to begin with. After all, they seemed to be cautious about acting on the Guild's grounds and were likely waiting for him to step out. In that case, they might not be related to the Guild at all.

'Not related to the Guild? Targeting me? Waiting for an opportunity? It's either the Milky Way Guild or Shield Cross Stars. But, the Milky Way Guild wouldn't dare to be so brazen. I would dare to assume that over half of their profit is reliant on Force Crafters and Force Pill Crafters. Offending someone who just became a Tier 3 Bronze Crafter isn't something they would dare to do, at least not so openly.

'So… Shield Cross Stars finally caught up to me, huh? Well, they sure chose a nice time.'

Leonel looked around. It was a shame. If it was the Guild targeting him, he wouldn't have minded sweeping this treasure house clean. But, he had already decided not to burn down bridges unnecessarily.

Leonel concluded his deductions in a split moment, his expression never changing. Those who were currently monitoring him would never guess that in just that second, he had already guessed who they were, knew of exactly where they were, and understood their purpose. 'Well, since it's like this, maybe this could be an opportunity.'ᴘ ᴀꪁⅆa ɴꪫꪚⅇ​ʟ

Leonel slicked his hair back, rolling his neck as he stepped toward the exit of the treasure house. His face didn't seem to give anything away. His gait was casual and his expression carefree.

When Leonel stepped out of the Guild House, he was greeted by the fresh scent of this world once again. Long stretches of green grass, perfectly paved roads, little pockets of exotic flowers and fishponds… It was quite a beautiful sight to behold.

Leonel's bare feet glided across this grass, his sweatpants having been rolled up to his calves. By this point, he had even removed his shirt, revealing an exceptionally cut body that pulsed with a bronze life and vitality.

To the current Leonel, wearing clothing into battle was just asking for them to be destroyed. There was only so much the silver chain dangling from his neck could do about it.

He seemed to be meditating as he walked, his body entering an odd state. Leonel allowed his King's Might to be the lens he saw the world through. It gave him the feeling of someone riding an emotional high, completely in tune with the world surrounding him.

It was then that the alarms of the world began to sound.

High above in the skies, three war ships came into view, each about 20 meters from tip to end. They had a sleek black exterior and a platform upon which three men wearing a very familiar uniform stood—long robes split into four at the waist, allowing the metallic leg armor they wore to shimmer beneath the sunlight every time the wind blew. And, most importantly, a star fused with a cross hanging from their lapels.

Leonel smiled lightly, his eyes half closed. 'Those uniforms are still so cool…'

A pillar of light connected the hovering ships to the ground below, projecting a Force Art onto the ground. The moment the Force Art was burned into being, several squadrons of Shield Cross Star officers appeared at the Guild House Gates, taking up formation with those who had already taken position at the helm.

Leonel didn't recognize most of those who took the front position, but there was one man that made everything click for him. It was none other than Engnaril.

At that moment, Engnaril stood a respectful half step behind a man who seemed to be a few years younger than him. By now, Engnaril had already switched into Shield Cross Star's signature uniform.

Seeing such a lineup, Leonel realized that the charges that Scithe person in collusion with Heira had levied against him were not small in the slightest. These people didn't know the origin of Leonel's charges, nor did they understand that he was being framed.

All they knew was that Leonel had colluded with a Variant Invalid, evaded arrest… And, most importantly…

Was a Tier 3 Fugitive, a status that was high enough to warrant him being hunted down by the entire galaxy.

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