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Dimensional Descent Chapter 943: Pumping Blood free read Here - AngerNovel
Novel Name : Dimensional Descent

Chapter 943: Pumping Blood

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Chapter 943: Pumping Blood

Rio and Xander slid along the grass, gripping at their armless shoulders with the only hand they had left. Pain was etched across their faces, a mixture of surprise and horror hiding within.

Leonel might have needed a few exchanges to defeat a usual Tier 4 existence since he wasn't using his sniper rifle. But, who asked Rio and Xander to use the exact weapon that was completely useless against him?

Leonel swept a gaze over the three remaining members before checking the surroundings once again. It seemed that the Guild House was quiet, almost too quiet. A part of that was because they hadn't allowed many people in to accommodate Anya to begin with. But, another part was likely that Shield Cross Stars had already warned them all to stay out of the way.

'I should get out of here as quickly as possible. I don't have the luxury of using this for training. Who knows if they have more reinforcements coming or not?'

Leonel didn't want to fall into a trap of overestimating himself. As confident as he felt right now, it was exactly at such a point that he was the most vulnerable.

His gaze turned cold, a dull fog of violet hanging around him as though to curtail the world.

Leonel's steps shifted, a road of Star Force appearing in his path as he appeared amidst the three remaining warriors.

'[Harmonic Spear].'

Leonel's sweeping spear left several afterimages in the air, making it difficult to tell just which trajectory was real and what was fake. The three warriors were immediately overwhelmed, blocking what they thought was real only to end up pushing their weapons through fake images.

Before they could react, they found their bodies being torn into, Leonel's Spear Force slicing their flesh like a hot knife through butter.

ᴘ ᴀɴ ᴅᴀ-ɴᴏ ᴠᴇʟ. ᴄᴏᴍ As expected of a tactical unit, they were so focused on being a part of a team that none of them got the chance to use their abilities before it was too late. Without a chance, they could only watch as their blood sprinkled upon the greenery, dyeing it crimson.

Leonel's head suddenly tilted to the side, a whistling projectile streaking just by his head.

In the distance, an archer's pupils constricted. He had been certain that Leonel wouldn't react in time. He had even shot the moment Leonel was most confident in his victory. And yet, Leonel seemed to swerve out of the way in a motion that was almost too natural.

Leonel swept his spear toward his right hand, his left palm flipping over to reveal a sniper rifle. Before anyone could react, he fired.


A look of horror froze on the archer's visage. Despite standing on a building over a kilometer away, there was no room for dodging. In the split second he hesitated, shocked that Leonel had actually dodged, he had already sealed his own fate.

A line of gold tore through the skies, shooting through several disks of Reflective Gold before landing on its target. Though the range was too far for anyone to get a feel of just how bloody the end result was, a sinking feeling still sunk into the pits of their stomachs.

Leonel put his sniper rifle away in a motion just as smooth as the one he had used to bring it out. He had figured that there were likely snipers casting a net around him, but they clearly had their own methods of concealing themselves even from Leonel's Internal Sight. In that case, he could only wait for them to expose themselves. The moment they did, they could consider their lives forfeit.

Leonel rose his now free palm, spreading out his fingers and arching them toward the ground. In that moment, the metallic leg sleeves of the five warriors groaning splintered into their numerous pieces, rising up into the air and circling around him.

Leonel had realized that this piece of their uniform was actually extremely valuable. Not only did they use Fifth Dimensional Urbe Ore as a foundation, but each was constructed of an extra unique Fifth Dimensional Ore that he guessed must match the affinity of the officer that wore them.

It was clear that the wealth of Shield Cross Stars was beyond Leonel's imagining to be capable of doing this. So, he had no qualms about taking advantage.

Engnaril stood a half step behind Captain Snyder with a solemn expression on his face. Was this the combat prowess someone at Tier 1 should have? Or was this the fearsomeness of Crafters?

As though to answer his question, Little Tolly appeared like a river of silver, floating around Leonel as though it had become some sort of enigmatic shawl. In the blink of an eye, all the metals were swallowed up by the Metal Spirit, causing its size to expand.

"All Units, forward!" Captain Snyder roared.

The Guild House grounds were suddenly flooded. Leonel counted that there were almost a hundred of these ground units. And, unlike the group he had met in the Milky Way Guild, they were trained to work together and most definitely wouldn't get in each other's way.

However, Leonel didn't seem to have eyes for them. Instead, his Internal Sight was still locked onto those three floating ships whose pressure had still not let up. Namely, his senses were locked onto the three men, one for each, that stood at the helm. Their hands were clasped down to their backs, their expressions not giving anything away as they observed the battlefield.

Leonel's lip suddenly curled, his heart rate increasing as he continued to observe these three men.

His smile became a grin, his gaze tinging with a bit of red as his aura blazed, the temperature in the surroundings skyrocketing to the point despite there being no flame, the grass in the surroundings still turned to ash.

Leonel's blood pumped, his pale violet eyes gaining a brighter hue with every passing moment.

A pillar of flames suddenly erupted as Leonel shot forward. He appeared before the first of the warriors in less than a single breath, his spear piercing forward.

'[Meteoric Impact].'

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