Novel Name : Dimensional Descent

Chapter 948: Another Mad Ldea

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Chapter 948: Another Mad Ldea

Leonel sat within his large pool of Cleansing Waters allowing the Segmented Cube to drift in the depths of space.

After reaching the Sixth Dimension, the size of the Segmented Cube inside versus outside had shifted once again. It used to be ten meters in diameter whenever someone was inside during the first phase, then it went to five meters during the second phase, and now, having entered the fourth phase, it was the size of a palm even when Leonel was within it. This size made many things very convenient.

The current Leonel was just taking a small rest, allowing his stamina to recover before he continued on with his journey. But, it was then that something surprising happened.

Leonel's palm flipped over to reveal a particular badge. This was none other than the certification badge Leonel had been given by the guild. It was a nice and heavy metal construction and weighed about two or three kilograms despite its small size.

Earlier, Leonel had been disappointed because it lacked the spirituality a true certification badge should have. Leonel had seen a true, complete badge before when he had a Crafting battle with Jac Beinala, so he could tell the difference. He had been fully aware that his badge was nothing more than a hunk of metal… until now.

Leonel's brows arched in pleasant surprise before he suddenly understood something.

Leonel grinned. 'So that's how it is.'

ᴘᴀ nᴅᴀ - ɴ oᴠ ᴇʟ , ᴄ`ᴏ`m Leonel wasn't a fool, he immediately understood some things. It seemed that he hadn't been abandoned by the Guild. It seemed that he had underestimated just how far a positive attitude could bring him. He hadn't thought that just a few casual words and actions would help the Guild to take his side in this matter.

He was aware that his father didn't like the Force Crafting Guild very much, but this was just a branch to begin with. Was there a need to make enemies out of them when, in all likelihood, they were no part of whatever had enraged his dad?

'This is a good opportunity, indeed.'

Leonel's gaze flashed. It took him no more than a split moment to understand Elder Lumin's intentions.

'This makes a lot of things easier.'

Leonel shot up, a surge of water following him as he landed outside of the pool. Little Tolly wrapped around his wrist on instinct, seemingly sensing that excitement was afoot.

Leonel grinned. "It's about time you enter the Fifth Dimension too, little guy."


Leonel did a quick check to ensure that Little Blackstar was progressing well before shooting out. The Segmented Cube morphed into its vessel form and Leonel tore a path through space.

**pan da-nov el ,c`o`m

Disaster Worlds were the foundation for sayings like opportunity came with danger. Though they came with the highest death rates, they were also the worlds that often had the most resources.

Of course, a part of this was because there weren't humans around to constantly dig up their treasures. After all, the environment wasn't exactly conducive to such a thing. But, another part was the volatile concentration of Force leading to the birth of particular Ores, and in some rare cases, even some Force Herbs, that would be difficult to find elsewhere.

Most of the Disaster Worlds the Milky Way Guild controlled were just One Star. This rating meant that one would need to be at the Quasi Fifth Dimension to survive. Planet Vincero had a Two Star Disaster Rating, meaning a Quasi Sixth Dimensional existence would be needed to travel freely about it.

Unfortunately for the Milky Way Guild, Leonel had no interest in One Star Disaster Worlds. Of course, this wasn't because they couldn't have great resources, it was rather because he was aiming high to begin with.

He wasn't a fool. He didn't believe that the Milky Way Guild didn't have a method of protecting their assets. Whether he could get away with sneaking onto their planets was unknown. But, if he was going to get caught, wouldn't it be best to catch them off guard with a world that was more important to them?

It took a few days, but Leonel finally made it to the solar system of his target world. Even from so far away, he could feel the volatile surges. And, even though he had come prepared, even now, if it wasn't for the difference in size, he would have a hard time telling which was the planet and which was its sun.

Planet Solara. It was ranked in the top three among Two Star Disaster Worlds in the Milky Way. And, it was a title that Leonel felt it had earned without even stepping foot onto it.

Rather than having blue oceans, Plane Solara had depths of magma and lava covering its surface. Rather than stretches of green and brown land, it had relatively cooled pieces of floating obsidian that took the place of earth.

Every once in a while, long arcs of explosive molten rock surged into the world's atmosphere looking no different from solar flares. The planet was so bright that it was almost as difficult to look at as compared to any star.

One would think, then, that the greatest danger of Planet Solara was in its heat, but this wasn't the case at all.

Due to its special constitution, Planet Solara had a particularly large molten core, making its magnetic field both extraordinarily powerful and volatile.

The good news was that Planet Solara was uniquely equipped to block radiation from its own star despite being so close to it. The bad news, though, was that Planet Solara was also uniquely equipped to produce its own radiation, making staying on this Disaster World for extended periods of time a death wish even for Quasi Sixth Dimensional existences.

However, despite knowing all of this, Leonel saw this planet like a shimmering gem.

He had learned to use his King's Might to create powerful Mage Arts and he had long since thought of using this same comprehension to perfect his Four Seasons Realm.

If he traveled to the core of this world, what Natural Force Arts would he find? And how powerful would his Universal Force become if he used them as the framework to amplify his Four Seasons Realm?

This wasn't just a bid for resources. Leonel was going to flip the whole Dimensional Verse on its head.

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