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Dimensional Descent Chapter 967: Familiar free read Here - AngerNovel
Novel Name : Dimensional Descent

Chapter 967: Familiar

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Chapter 967: Familiar

Myghell stared at these words for a very long time, his eyes eventually closing as he fell into a state of deep meditation.

The Twelve Pointed Star was the most important symbol of the Luxnix family. Despite the fact they called their Lineage Factor the Snowy Star Owl, for some odd reason, within their Ethereal Glabella's, their Light Elemental Embryos manifested exactly as a Twelve Pointed Star would.

Of course, this was a secret no one would know about unless a member of the Luxnix family went out of their way to speak of it. However, even aside from this alone, there were still their Feather Sword warriors who used this star as a symbol of their prestige.

There was no doubting that the Twelve Pointed Star was of immense importance to the Luxnix family and their strength. However, almost no one understood its significance and even less understood just what the origins of it was.

Myghell, though, understood that everything originated with this tablet. If it didn't exist, maybe there would be no Luxnix family today. And now, after all these years, he had finally come to grasp a clue about just what all of this could mean.

Despite the calm look on Myghell's face currently, he was doing his best to stop his seething blood.

Since his youth, Myghell had always been extraordinarily talented. However, he was limited by two major factors.

The first was that he was born in a world capped at Sixth Dimensional potential. Though Planet Luxnix was at a Peak amongst Sixth Dimensional worlds, it was ultimately still that. Compared to Seventh Dimensional worlds, it was still too lacking. And, compared to Seventh Dimensional worlds nearing the Eighth Dimension like the Morales family world, it might as well have been an ant by the roadside.

Regardless of his talent, this would always be a limiter.

The second factor that would always limit him was his Sixth Dimensional Lineage Factor. If he truly wanted to progress, there would come a time where his Snowy Star Owl Lineage Factor became not only useless to him, but even a hindrance.

Luckily, he was born with another talent that could mitigate this somewhat, but these would always be two anchors on his talent, anchors he could never get rid of…

Unless he could learn these words.

Myghell wasn't a fool. Prophecies often had so many potential interpretations that taking anything at face value could end in his death. For all he knew, 'union' meant Ailsa devouring his blood whole like she had done during their battle. In such a case, this prophecy would have little to do with himself as he would be dead.

With how fast he had seen Aina's progress to be, though he felt that she too would be limited by her birth and upbringing like he was, it wasn't impossible to see this as a probable conclusion.

When things are framed in this manner, there were all sorts of things that these words could mean. The worst part was that even if Myghell placed these words in the most favorable light, he might still lose out.

For example, what if union referred to a child between himself and this mysterious woman? Though he wouldn't be opposed to it considering the small part of her beauty he had seen, how would the talent of a child help him?

He wasn't an old man. He had yet to reach a point where the only way to progress would be passing on his Lineage to another. He had no interest in having a child who could surpass him. What he wanted was power he could grasp on his own.

After cycling through these thoughts, Myghell managed to calm himself. Now, the beating of his heart and the slow circulation of his blood matched the indifference on his face.

With so many potential interpretations, Myghell decided on patience. He would observe the situation for a while longer.

If it was a prophecy, then that meant it was destined to happen. By definition, he shouldn't have to do anything overt to cause it to happen.

Of course, there was always the chance that this wasn't a prophecy and was rather a helpful clue. After all, if this tablet was what bestowed the Twelve Pointed Star upon them, then it was more of a guider than a prophesier of the future, right?

This was also a possibility that Myghell had thought of. But, he still decided on patience.

He would calmly observe things for now. If he was right, then things should organically fall into place. On the other hand, if it was a clue, he would act accordingly to the circumstances.

For now, he only had one real goal: to ensure that Aina did not die. It was that simple. This was why he hadn't alerted his family elders about the appearance of Miel and gave no resistance.

In addition to this, he chose not to tell anyone about his findings. If this was a prophecy, it was best that the maximum number of individuals acted as naturally as possible. Only if it turned out not to be one would he mobilize his family members should something beyond his control occur.

After organizing his thoughts, Myghell sank into a true meditation, motes of light slowly accumulating around him.

In the presence of this tablet, it felt like all bottlenecks would be loosened and the speed of his practice would accelerate many times over. Since he was already here, he might as well take advantage and also grasp the chance to replenish his stamina.

Myghell could feel his lane toward the Sixth Dimension spreading open and wide. If he wanted to, he could step through it at any time, but for some reason he had always held back from doing so, continuously consolidating himself within the Fifth.

Maybe only a select few number of individuals would know exactly why…

Myghell gazed longingly at the path ahead before suppressing it and focusing on rejuvenating himself.

As his senses swept through his body, checking for any weaknesses and focusing on improving, he swept over a particular location above his right hip flickering with the lights of a familiar Innate Node.

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