Novel Name : Dimensional Descent

Chapter 992: Flexibility

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Chapter 992: Flexibility

Horned water serpents wrapped around Leonel as though they were flood dragons. Every time he swept his spear forward, one would blast through the air with no less strength than the water beam of the crocodile.

Carnivorous fish and swaths of swordfish were shattered on impact, erupting into blood mist that was instantly swallowed up by the dark waters.

Leonel stepped onto the surface of the ocean, whirlpools surrounding his feet and making it almost impossible for anything to attack him from below. His spear spun in his hands, the roar of the flood dragons fusing the booming thunder above.

Beneath the surface of the water, schools of carnivorous fish tore a path toward Leonel's feet. However, they were shredded to pieces the instant they entered the range of the whirlpools. Even in the darkness, the blood around where Leonel stood grew so concentrated that the blackness of the sea became a deep magenta.

A violet fog hung around Leonel, fusing into his Domain and making its strength and range increase by several fold.

At that moment, the blue whale dwarfing crocodile had prepared another projectile, sending it beaming across the ocean's surface and toward Leonel.

Right then, it was like the waters had been split in two. The surface curved and bent away from the thick pillar of sonic booming water. Just the trench alone was as much as a hundred meters deep, making one feel especially small beneath the vastness of the ocean.

However, Leonel didn't even look in that direction. Three ancient pillars that had been revolving around him suddenly sprung into action on their own, splitting two away from the group.


A sheet of spatial Force seemed to separate Leonel from the world of the crocodile. No matter how the beam bashed and banged against the two connected pillars, they did nothing more than tremble slightly.

Just when it seemed that things were finished, the third pillar suddenly acted, forming the triangular formation once again. But, this time, the beam suddenly found itself passing through the initial barrier and becoming trapped.

Under the shocked horror of the crocodile, the pillars rotated and space distorted. At that instant, the beam of water that had been as straight as an arrow warped, curving back toward the mountainous crocodile.

A roar pierced the skies, but the crocodile couldn't react in time. It was pierced right through the eye, its scaled erupting into a rain of hard carapace, flesh and blood.

The crocodile was rocked out of the ocean and sent shooting backward, even crashing into the beaver.

Leonel vanished, appearing above the two rolling beasts. His silver armor shimmered beneath the dark hues, the frequent streaks of lightning that rumbled the skies above causing the lighting and shadows to dance across its peaks and crevices, making Leonel look quite menacing despite the fact his face was hidden from view.

Seemingly sensing that something bad was about to happen, the island sized piranha stopped commanding its carnivorous fish after Leonel and took action itself, quickly trying to close the distance. But, by then, Leonel had already raised his spear high into the skies.

The countless flood dragons surrounding him began to revolve, quickly fusing into a singular snaking dragon whose roar tore a hole in the dense black clouds above, revealing a singular ray of sunlight that shone down upon Leonel.

Leonel's blade descended, the water dragon fusing into one with his downward momentum.


Leonel ripped a gaping wound right through the crocodile's injured eye, turning its brain into minced meat. But, as though that wasn't enough, the water dragon didn't pause for even a moment, shooting out of the crocodile's body and ripping right through the mountain sized beaver it had collided with.

Leonel shot back into the skies, a tornado of crimson blood following his wake.

He roared beside himself, shaking the rainbow piranha to its core. However, it was already too late by the time the piranha realized it had fallen into a trap.

Its head separated from its body, leaving a trail of fishy organs as it continued to swim forward several dozen meters before it realized what had happened. Only the moment before its gaze dimmed did it realize that it had swam between two of Leonel's pillars.

Leonel took a deep breath, his heart still simmering. The power and flexibility of his [Valiant Seal] technique couldn't be underestimated. It was most definitely the core reason he won this battle, even beyond his Quasi Silver Water Domain Spear. And, the best part was that after they had been summoned, the stamina it took to sustain them was far less.

However, Leonel didn't have the mind to care right now. He shook his head, not quite understanding why his emotions were so agitated. He had been in quite good control of his own mind recently. This was definitely odd.

Shaking his head again and forcing the crimson from his eyes to recede, Leonel didn't bother to unsummon his Divine Armor. He had a feeling that he would be needing it again quite soon.

Instead, he began to allow the massive corpses littered around him into the Segmented Cube. Quite soon, he had three enormous Beast Crystals before him, one from the beaver, another from the crocodile and the last from the rainbow piranha.

'This beaver has very powerful physical abilities. It'll be good for Franco to absorb this. I had thought that this crocodile had a water based ability, but it seems that it's actually a swallow ability, it just has a clever way of using it… The piranha has a beast control ability… I guess these last two can be sold then…'

Leonel distracted himself with these thoughts. But, he was very soon distracted once again by something less superficial.

'These swordfish…'

Leonel had long since realized that these swordfish all seemed to have the same bladelike ability. He had planned to see if there were any powerful ones among them that could help Joel strengthen his own but what he actually found left him surprised.

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