Novel Name : Dimensional Descent

Chapter 1020: EarthX1

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Chapter 1020: EarthX1

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If EarthX1 were to be described in a single word, it would be: Wet.

It felt like a light drizzle was perpetually falling from the skies and the thick canopy of rain forests were so wide ranging that it felt that every piece of land was covered in lush greenery. During the rare times of the day where this rain would stop, the sky would be filled with a beautiful bluish light violet color that radiated life and vitality.

EarthX1 didn't have any oceans, but what it did have were large networks of rivers that crisscrossed about its surface in raging torrents. It had three main river channels that were easily 50 kilometers wide and had lengths in the thousands of kilometers. All of the river networks found life from these three, filling the planet with a rich vitality.

Due to this ecosystem of rivers, EarthX1 only had freshwater systems. In addition, all of its soil was perfectly irrigated leading to the richness of its vegetation and greenery.

EarthX1 didn't have any polar icecaps because all of its water was quickly flowing from one place to another. As such, even its snowy caps had lush vegetation, albeit covered in thick layers of snow they had adapted to living in.

The planet itself was about 5% larger than Earth and despite lacking oceans, due to the large number of rivers, it was still covered by waters to a mark of about 70%.

These things made EarthX1 a very hotly sought after commodity. Such an environment practically made the entire planet a perfect garden. And, with it entering Earth's Fold of Reality so quickly, it would have many centuries and millennia to take advantage of Earth's talent and birth Force Herbs maybe never before seen in the Dimensional Verse.

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It was this world that Leonel found himself and his brothers teleporting to. However, he didn't like what he saw almost immediately.

EarthX1 was such a beautiful world, but the instant they stepped foot onto it they were already destroying it. The teleportation formation alone had cleared out a large ten square meter space and it clearly looked like it was done in a rush or else there would be more destruction.

In fact, the moment Leonel appeared, he caught sight of numerous individuals preparing to clear the forests around them.


Leonel's voice thundered, catching the workers off guard.

Let alone the workers themselves, even Leonel's teammates were confused. This was basically a necessity. If they didn't clear the forests, how would they build their base? If they weren't quick about building their base, they would go from having some advantage to having no advantage at all in the face of these invaders.

Leonel, however, couldn't bear to see this happen. He wasn't some save the forest activists, but he felt like if it wasn't absolutely necessary, why would they destroy something so beautiful? Plus, just from a cursory sweep of his Internal Sight, he had vastly better ideas than whatever these people were doing.

"Bring whoever is directing you all here for me quickly."

It didn't take long for the workers to recognize Leonel as a Prince and immediately follow his orders. They had all seen Leonel's face in the skies that day and they had all heard Emperor Fawkes act to protect his grandson. If anything, it was almost impossible to find someone who didn't know Leonel on Earth.

After giving these orders, Leonel immediately began to work on improving the teleportation formation. Rather than destroying the ecosystem like the others had, Leonel decided to work upward. Since they had already destroyed this patch of land, there was already no going back. So, Leonel used the materials he had been given to improve the formation and began to communicate with Little Tolly to build upward.

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By now, Little Tolly had firmly stepped in the Fifth Dimension which had been the root cause of Leonel's skyrocketing skill. Without Little Tolly holding him back, the Crafts he could make were simply on another level.

In just a few minutes, Leonel had already completed three floors of a simple tower structure. His engineering principles were so sound that his speed didn't seem to impact the structural integrity of the tower in the slightest.

'If I build things this way it'll be slightly inconvenient for large amounts of soldiers to trek outward… Okay, I'll modify it. Every new batch of soldiers will immediately be teleported to the top of the tower then subsequently teleported down one floor at a time… They might get a bit dizzy, but this is the best I can do for now before a real base is built…'

By the time the temporary leader of the operation made it to Leonel, Leonel had already completed a tower with ten floors, increasing the number of individuals who could be teleported over by tenfold.

The temp leader, a middle-aged man sent from the Imperial Capital, stood in shock. He was a quite high ranking government official and was just sent to maintain order here and ensure that Leonel didn't do anything crazy. But, he suddenly realized that he would be nothing more than a figure head here.

He smiled bitterly. '… I'm in over my head…'

Hamon was a man who had held his position before the Metamorphosis but he didn't hold any exceptional talent all to his own. He was basically as normal as they came. Any pride he had in his position immediately deflated when he saw Leonel build a ten-story tower in not even that many minutes.

"Minister Hamon, right?"

Leonel hopped down form the top of the tower, softly landing in the soil as he used his Earth Force to disperse the impact.

Minister Hamon bowed deeply. "Your Highness, that is indeed my name and title."

Leonel nodded with a smile. "No need to be so overly polite. I only called you here so that we could get on the same page. I think it's a bit of a shame to destroy the makeup of this world. I have a few options I think would be better and could help us in the long run."

Minister Hamon looked up with a slightly relieved and partially curious light in his eyes. What did Leonel want to do exactly?

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