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Dimensional Descent Chapter 1032: Crars free read Here - AngerNovel
Novel Name : Dimensional Descent

Chapter 1032: Crars

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Chapter 1032: Crars

If Leonel had been there to hear the name Crars he would have immediately realized that everything the middle-aged man said was true.

During the war with Terrain, a few citizens of Crars had ended up getting caught in the conflict. These individuals had all been arrogant and lofty despite the fact they came from worlds like CrarsX10 and even Y's in some cases. It was no surprise they were so arrogant, though, considering the strength of their world.

Now, it seemed that Crars had no choice but to target Earth.

When one Fold of Reality swallowed another, or more accurately, when a higher Dimensional Fold of Reality swallowed a lower Dimensional one, the original would be erased and its World Spirit would be swallowed. This meant Crars world would no longer be Crars at all but would rather become a world of Earth. This would effectively cripple an entire generation of Crars citizens.

The only way to escape this fate was by claiming territory within Earth's domain and rooting the World Spirit to it. In this way, Crars people would have a route to survive and maintain their sovereignty without being swallowed up by another.

It could even be said that there were many worlds that had exactly this same thought process. As much as this was about greed for Earth's resources, it was also a matter of survival.

"Does it seem like their entire focus is on this world?" Libli asked.


Before the middle-aged man could answer, an enormous anchor fell onto the second Lake Crossing. A pillar of water shot up into the skies, covering up what it was that had landed.

At first, Libli immediately went on high alert, as did the individuals hidden in the surroundings. If this was some sort of bomb, they had to be prepared to protect themselves. But, what actually happened next left them stunned.

The pillar of water crashed down, sending a rain into the surroundings. Considering EarthX1 was almost always precipitating anyway, even if there seemed to be no clouds up above, it hardly changed anything. What was a point of caution, though, was what the descending waters allowed to be revealed.

A spider beast sat at the center of the second Lake Crossing. Even without using Force, its eight limbs held it above the waters, its beady, crimson eyes looking like a set of shimmering rubies.

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It was at least 20 meters long, wore blinding silver armor, and it released a nauseating clicking sound every so often that made one's stomach turn over. It was almost like one could hear its inner organs digesting whatever it was that it had just eaten.

Atop this spider beast stood a group of a dozen. Compared to the youths sent by the Radix, Rain, Umbra and Florer families, it was clear that these individuals were a tick older. But, this could only be expected.

All four of those families were of the Sixth Dimension but could send such experts in currently. As such, they could only send the younger generation.

The Crars family, though, was just a Fifth Dimensional family, held back by the weak talent of the Milky Way Galaxy overall. As such, most talents they did have were already older, having been stuck at the pinnacle of the Fifth Dimension for decades already…

Except for two. And these two happened to be a pair of twins that stood at the helm of the spider beast, both radiating the aura of a Tier 9 Fifth Dimensional existence. Yet, they were both exceptionally young. If not for knowing better, most would think that they were still in their late teens.

"I think this hiding isn't doing us any good, right?" One of the twins spoke. "If none of you will come out, we will simply take this base for ourselves.


The moment the twin spoke these words, the spider beneath them opened up its jaw and raised its large abdomen into the air. Before anyone could react, a spiraling pillar of webs that sparkled like a cross between silk and diamonds shot upward.

In just a few seconds, the entirety of Lake Crossing had been covered in a thick platform of web. Just a slight moment of hesitation had allowed the Crars twins to take the initiative. There were truly very few who dared to take a step onto that web.

Just at a glance, it wasn't difficult to tell that this web was incredibly sticky. From Libli's calculations, she felt that just walking along it would take about three to four times the amount of Force they would use on water normally just to keep themselves from getting stuck.

On top of this, there was a high likelihood that the web was also poisonous and may very well already be spreading a silent killer into the air.

"Ousen, poison detection." Libli commanded.

"Yes." The middle aged man released the moth for just a moment before his expression changed. "Nerve numbing. Airborne."

"I see."

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Libli took out her Radix Cube and fused Force into it. With a click, what looked like a spider jumped out with its legs and clamped onto her face. Very soon, the lower half of her face including her nose were covered by a bronze mask.

"Who has come?"

"Young Miss, it seems that the Rain and Florer family have attacked Earth's base. As for the rest, the Evergreen Clergymen don't seem to have made a move while the Umbra family… Is very, very difficult to find.

"That said, there is an uptick of about 0.1% of atmospheric Dark Elemental Force in the general surroundings. According to our information, there's a 97% chance that the Umbra family is already here."

As Ousen spoke, he too used his Radix Cube to cover his face.

"Gather the vanguard, it's time to move. We can't let them do as they please."

Libli's words had hardly fallen when several scythes of darkness cut at the large platform of spiders webs from all sides. The speed was so fast that the twins could only narrow their gazes as a large chunk of their foundation was ripped apart.

When it came to a stop, the whispering fog of several shadows drifted into the air, disappearing one after another. However, just one stayed behind, a cheeky grin on his face.

This young man was exceptionally pale and was lanky to almost an extreme. And if Leonel had been there to see him, he would have been shocked…

Because this young man was none other than Radlis, the first friend Leonel had ever made on Valiant Heart Mountain.

He twirled twin short swords in his hands as his body seemed to drift into the wind. His legs disappeared into fog and his torso quickly followed suit. Eventually, there was just his head and his cheeky grin remaining.

"I've been suppressing myself for too long. Since you'd like to play, let's play. That's what my Umbra family does best."

The instant Radlis vanished, the clinking of armor resounded as the Radix family charged forth. A three way battle erupted with hardly any warning, sending the calm water of the lake into a frenzy. Bronze Force, Dark Elemental Force, and a spider's web all spiraled out of control.

Chaos descended upon the second Lake Crossing.

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