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Dimensional Descent Chapter 1046: Radix Shield free read Here - AngerNovel
Novel Name : Dimensional Descent

Chapter 1046: Radix Shield

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Chapter 1046: Radix Shield

As though he hadn't mutilated the corpse enough, Leonel's finger twitched, sending Little Tolly barreling into Rotsan's now empty eye socket.

At that moment, Rotsan's body began to deflate, his skeleton losing its shape and his flesh slumping to the ground. By the end of it, the normal bone that was left was nearly none at all, leaving a grotesque flesh suit behind.

Little Tolly shot out of Rotsan's eye socket. But, this time, the little guy was followed by a long snaking chain of bronzed metals. It was clear that these precious metals represented all of the hidden components within Rotsan's body. Obviously, Rotsan hadn't undergone just a small bit of modification.

Unfortunately, when facing Leonel, he hadn't been able to bring out even a fraction of this strength. He had been forced to use his raw Quasi Sixth Dimensional Force, but this was clearly something that he was very much not used to doing. The end result was him being hounded to death.

'There are some Sixth Dimensional metals in here…'

Though the chains of metals looked homogenous due to the fact they all shared the same color, Leonel realized immediately that this wasn't the case. It only seemed like that because of the odd Bronze Force that the Radix Family used. But, the properties of these metals were clearly very much different.

If Rotsan had been able to deploy the mechanisms constructed of these Sixth Dimensional metals…

Leonel shook his head. His caution had bore fruit this time and it alerted him to just how much he couldn't underestimate these higher Dimensional worlds. Maybe in some ways, they deserved their arrogance. But, Leonel would make them pay for it nonetheless.

'I'll put you to good use.'

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This was the first time Leonel had set eyes on a Sixth Dimensional metal, which was funny considering he had seen a Seventh Dimensional one with his Memory Ore. However, he was still very much in tune with how valuable this could be.

Leonel put the Sixth Dimensional metals away and let Little Tolly devour all the Fifth Dimensional ones. Then, he turned his focus to the rolling eyeball in his hand.

This eyeball had been set to self destruct upon Rotsan's death. But, due to Little Tolly, the chain reaction mechanism linked to Rotsan's heart had been destroyed before it could be deployed. As a result, the eyeball managed to survive. This alone made Leonel realize that there should probably be something valuable about this eyeball.

Just as Leonel was about to look into it more deeply, his gaze narrowed.

*Bloop* Blurp* BLURP*

Little Tolly began to make noises different from its usual before it expelled a fog of Bronze Force. In fact, to describe it as such did a disservice to just how large the quantity of it was. The Force shot out like a cyclone from the little guy, quickly forming a huge cloud formation in the skies that blanketed hundreds of meters of sky.

Leonel's gaze narrowed before his finger tapped the necklace hanging from his neck.

The gold scaled koi fish, no longer daring to disobey Leonel, reacted quickly. A large suction force manifested from within it, sucking in the entire Bronze cloud in the blink of an eye.

Leonel still didn't know much about this Bronze Force as Libli had refused to tell him much of anything. However, he could find out on his own and even ask the dictionary to analyze it for him. So, he wouldn't miss this chance.

Clearly, this Bronze Force wasn't exactly a Metal Force, or else Little Tolly would have been able to absorb it. There had to be something different about it.

After reaching this conclusion, Leonel actually chose to forego checking the eyeball for now. He had been working under the assumption that whatever was inside was a secret of the Radix family so it wouldn't particularly matter if he opened it up under their watch or not. But, what if it wasn't? What if it was something Rotsan wanted to hide from his family as well?

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If that was the case, then opening it here would just be Leonel exposing something he could have otherwise kept a secret. So, he chose to head back first.

Looking at the disfigured corpse beneath his feet, Leonel waved a palm and sent out a ball of Radiant Fire Force. The corpse was instantly engulfed and quickly burnt to ash.

Without looking back, Leonel took a step into the teleportation platform and vanished.

Up above a silence reigned. In fact, the only sound that could be heard was the gasping breath of a familiar young man who kneeled on all fours, his gaze flickering between fear and rage.

Just before the teleportation platform was shattered by Leonel, the young man was forcefully pulled out by Avarone, saving his life. Now, a deep seeded humiliation was beginning to grow within his heart. He wanted nothing more than to tear Leonel limb from limb.

Avarone's expression had become placid. Watching Leonel mutilate his brothers corpse despite knowing full well that they were all watching had brought him over a peak. He was more infuriated now than any Florer family member had ever made him.

To make matters worse, Leonel had gotten his hands on his brother's eye. This wasn't just a small loss for the Radix family, it was possible that all their secrets would be exposed.

The structure of the Radix family's Head system was split into two. There was the Patriarch and then there was his right-hand man. The right-hand man, known as the Radix Shield, controlled the family in the shadows while the Patriarch controlled it in the light. The duty of the Radix Shield was to maintain order, protect the family, and most importantly, protect the family secrets.

As for how a Sixth Dimensional family could give such an important task to a Quasi Sixth Dimensional existence, the truth was that even Avarone wasn't confident in defeating his younger brother despite the gap in their strength! The reason for this was because of all of Rotsan's powerful hidden mechanisms.

Rotsan was effectively their trump card. He wasn't in the Sixth Dimension, so he could freely enter their Fold of Reality and his combat prowess was on the level of them as Heads.

But now… Not only was he gone, but so were the secrets he protected…

"… I want all the people of Earth dead by the end of this month."

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