Novel Name : Dimensional Descent

Chapter 1049: The Princess

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Chapter 1049: The Princess

Hearing his daughter's words, Emperor Fawkes became silent for a moment.

He wasn't surprised at the sudden voice. As the owner of the World Spirit, the Princess had all sorts of abilities that only grew as Earth became more powerful. Something like this was easy to accept. Emperor Fawkes' silence had nothing to do with this.

"You're still so stubborn."

"The Luxnix family should have been destroyed a long time ago." Emperor Fawkes said lightly.

"You know mom would never allow that."

"She lacks backbone and determination. Why else would she have been stuck at her current strength for so long? She allows emotion to interfere with what should be done. Such a family should have been wiped from existence for daring to touch my grandson."

"Those who are responsible have already paid."

Though the Princess said this, her voice seemed to have lost some of its cheeriness. In fact, her tone had become even colder than her father's, but it was clear that this rage wasn't aimed toward the Emperor.

"Even she doesn't believe that." Emperor Fawkes' tone likewise became colder. "Do you think the events of back then could have happened with just the nod of one or two people? Even now they're reaping the benefits and relying on the foolish kindness of that woman and her hold on you."

"Alright, that's enough. That's still mother you're talking about."

"I would have less to complain about if my daughter returned home instead of going to that cesspool."

The Princess sighed. "I still can't move freely. I've only been allowed to return to the Luxnix because it's that time in the cycle again, they're beginning to recruit. In fact, I had to apply to be here. They almost didn't let me, but Val came and wreaked some havoc."

Emperor Fawkes smiled and shook his head. Of course this 'Val' his daughter was so casually affectionately calling out the name of was his son-in-law Velasco Morales. For him to go and wreak havoc over there, it could only be said that his balls were big enough.

"I'm sure they're very excited about that." Emperor Fawkes replied.

"Dad, Myghell is just a child, he can't be blamed for this."

"No one is innocent. He is now benefitting from the sins of others and will likely continue to benefit. But, he is still the least of my issues. The entire council of elders should have been slaughtered."


Emperor Fawkes shook his head. "Your usual temper has been watered down in this situation due to your mother's involvement. However, my grandson has grown into a very particular type of young man in your absence and his temper is worse than that of his parents and even his grandparents.

"If you really want him to go over to the Luxnix family right now, I can't promise that the peace your mother sacrificed so much to keep won't be destroyed within the year. He's been very unpredictable ever since that girl left him."

The Princess remained silent for a very long time until she suddenly registered her father's last sentence. This chapter is updated by

"Girl? Left my little lion? What wench is this?!"

Emperor Fawkes closed an eye, the sudden outburst of his daughter hurting his ears. She had immediately gone from docile mediator to enraged lioness. If it wasn't for actions Emperor Fawkes took, the whole of Earth's Fold of Reality would be trembling right this very moment.

Emperor Fawkes coughed lightly. Even with his temper he wouldn't get involved in the matters of children. However, his daughter clearly didn't care about this one bit. It even felt like she might truly ignore the rules of that place and go hunt that poor girl down right this very moment.

It was obvious that she had no intention of asking what Leonel might have done or if he had done anything wrong at all. All she cared about was the final result. As far as she was concerned, any little girl who dared to choose a path opposing her son deserved to be punished.

"About this…" Emperor Fawkes suddenly regretted bringing this matter up at all. "… Shouldn't you be more concerned about what will happen if he goes there? If his relationship with his grandmother is severed because of this, there will be nothing any of us can do."

Emperor Fawkes was more clever this time and chose not to admit that Leonel also seemed to hate him as well. It had been too long since he spoke to his little girl and he had no intention of making her infuriated toward him too.

At this point, his reasoning wouldn't matter. When a mother wanted to protect her son, she would turn even against her own father. This, Emperor Fawkes was absolutely certain of.

Either way, he had been observing Leonel for a long time. There was a point where Leonel didn't even care about the life and death of his own mother because he had no memories of her. Of course, he wouldn't tell his daughter this either, or else who knew how she would react? At that point, because of what happened back then, it might be both Leonel and she who fell out with the Luxnix family completely.

If not for that event, Leonel wouldn't have been forced to come to Earth and wouldn't have had to leave his mother's side before he was old enough to remember her.

Trouble is that the same indifference Leonel had for his mother previously was likely the same indifference he currently had for his grandmother. If he was also to find out that it was her efforts that protected the perpetrators of something Emperor Fawkes was sure Leonel was furious about…

Well… That young man truly loved to cause trouble, so the outcome was obvious. If Myghell didn't react appropriately to the situation, the efforts they made in saving him from Velasco as a child would all come to nothing if he just died at Leonel's hand anyway.

As for Leonel suffering at the hands of the Luxnix…? Emperor Fawkes didn't even consider it. If Leonel really ended up like that, he would just disown him as a grandson.

Unfortunately, Emperor Fawkes' diversion tactic didn't work.

"Who. Is. This. Girl?"

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