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Novel Name : Dimensional Descent

Chapter 1058: Fortress

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Chapter 1058: Fortress


The first line of defense crumbled, clearing the forest of trees to reveal a mighty metal fortress. With every step Leonel took forward, a silver armor slowly manifested, following the upward trajectory of his Bronze Halo and coating his body one inch at a time.

The instant the last of Leonel's hair vanished beneath the helmet of silver, a flourishing spatial Domain swept over the surroundings. Right then, it felt to all those in the surrounding several kilometer radius that every effort to move took twice the speed, twice the power, twice the will.

On the top of the enormous bronze metal fortress, several ballistae aimed for Leonel, each controlled by an individual. Though the Radix and Midas hadn't thought that anyone would attack them so blatantly, that didn't mean that they weren't ready. Even as Leonel's domain fell, they reacted quickly.

The arms of the marksmen bulged and pulsed as they swung the huge machinery toward Leonel. Their blood pumped and veins threatened to burst along their foreheads. They were strong men and women to begin with, but the abilities of Leonel's Divine Armor made it feel like they were toddlers trying to pick up something heavy.

Leonel's steps didn't slow.

The looming metal gates made him sigh inwardly. He had already expected that he wasn't the only one capable of quickly building up a fortress, so that wasn't what made him react this way.

These individuals came from their worlds to claim a piece of Earth for themselves. In doing so, the first thing they did was destroy the land.

Leonel could tell at a single glance what had happened. They had dug out the soil for more than a hundred meters, destroying nutrients that had taken thousands of years to build up. They filled that hole with all sorts of metals and stone to build the foundation of their behemoth-like fortress. They shredded the trees, chased away the animals, and completely upturned the balance of the nature.

There wasn't a single ounce of respect.


Leonel vanished. In that time, tens of ballistae sent violent beams of energy, drawing a line through the land where Leonel had just been. The massive arrow heads dug deep into the rich soil, causing an eruption of it to be thrust into the air all while uprooting several trees.

It seemed at first glance that Leonel had already been hit. The timing was simply too perfect. By the time the marksmen realized that the weight of Leonel's Domain hadn't vanished yet, it was already too late.

Two heads flew into the air, sparkling fountains of crimson following their arc.

Leonel lightly stepped onto the top of the Fortress, his armor releasing gentle clinking sounds as he touched down.


The shout rocked the fortress. The weight of such words were heavy to the greater Dimensional Verse. The rarity of such existences couldn't be understated and their impact on a battlefield was even more exaggerated than their rarity. However, due to this, how could powerful families not have certain counters?

The moment the words fell, a strong churning took hold of the fortress. It was subtle to most, but Leonel's Internal Sight had already been placed on high alert. The moment things began to change, he sensed the shift of Force and realized that it was being deployed toward a large scale Force Art.

Leonel concluded his deductions in an instant and sprung into action even faster. His twin bladed spear had already appeared in his palms, the gaze beneath his visor having touched upon a startling coldness. He no longer saw life and death, he only saw numbers and their computations.

Leonel kicked at a ballistae, sending it flying across the ramparts. Under a combination of his strength and his metal control, the heft of the projectile system alone crushed everything in its path. The harsh sound of screams and shattering bone and flesh resounded.

Leonel didn't stay to watch the end result, nor did he need to. With his Internal Sight, everything was under his control.

His spear whipped outward, slicing a door that led down into the fortress.

'Judging by the reaction of the Force, this is definitely a Spatial Type array. The formation should cover the entire Fort and disrupt Spatial Force. It will make it difficult to have controlled teleportation and will distort my Domain. There's about 37 seconds left until the Force Art is fully deployed.'

Leonel completed his calculations in the time it took him to step through the door. His spear swept forward without regard for the low ceilings and the narrow walls. The blade was so sharp that one would have thought that Leonel was out in the open.

With every head that flew and body part that was severed, another deep gash appeared on the thick metal walls. In fact, sometimes Leonel's movement was so quick that he would have taken two to three steps forward before the blade mark even appeared.

Level Two Spear Force seemed to be unstoppable. Even as warriors rushed up the stairs, thinking that the enemy may very well still be beyond the walls, they found themselves adding to the pile of flowing blood and flesh.

Within the depths of the fortress, the upper management of the Radix and Midas had already been alerted. With Libli captured, things should have fallen under Dynmo's control. But, in reality, things were being run by an elder individual of the Radix family as Libli knew well that Dynmo couldn't be trusted with such things.

In fact, Dynmo was currently being shackled and jailed. When he learned that Libli was captured, he had wanted to rush out at fast as possible to get her back. But, he ended up being held back by others who said that would be a foolish choice.

Dynmo didn't even like Libli very much, but he still became furious. Just yesterday, he lost his temper completely as he was tired of waiting, but that also just so happened to be the day the Radix and Midas had sent someone to inform them about the plans for the coming weeks.

As for who that person was, Leonel would recognize him very well. After all, just three days ago, Leonel had almost killed him within a teleportation formation.

"Sir Dycon! The fortress—!"

Dycon held up a hand, his gaze filled with bloody murder.

"I know. Hurry up and release Dynmo. He'll finally have someone to vent on."

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