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Novel Name : Dimensional Descent

Chapter 1103 Crystal World

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Chapter 1103 Crystal World

Whether by coincidence or just a well timed stroke of Fate, the unmutated form of the Fawkes family Lineage Factor was actually called Emperor's Might, the perfect mirror of Leonel's King's Might.

Just from a casual introduction, Emperor's Might functioned on the backs of your subjects and those who believed in you. It was an intangible sort of belief system that relied on how those around you viewed you.

Despite not being an Empress herself, Leonel's mother had great fame in the Dimensional Verse even though her own son was oblivious to it all. That said, even if she didn't, Alienor was a bit of a special case due to her World Spirit.

By virtue of the fact she was chosen by Earth's World Spirit it was accurate to say that the life of Earth's population was tied to her. As such, even in comparison to Emperor Fawkes himself, Alienor's Emperor's Might was on another level entirely.

All of this said, after several months of observation, Leonel's King's Might wasn't exactly the same, though the power itself presented very similarly.

The first difference was that Leonel felt that he had the ability to share his King's Might with his companions. Emperor's Might could not do this.

The second difference was that Leonel's King's Might partially relied on his 'subjects', however it gained no boost from how others viewed him or his legend. Instead, Leonel's King's Might seemed to feed off of Leonel's personal mental state rather than the mental state of others.

These differences aside, the application of Emperor's and King's Might were exactly the same and Leonel didn't believe that there would be a problem in applying them to these techniques. But, Leonel was more interested in hearing exactly what was so special about this Lineage Factor.

Luckily, his mother didn't disappoint him.

'So, that's how it is… I see…'

Leonel had partially guessed it, but he hadn't quite grasped the full picture.

Both Emperor's and King's Might were actually a derivative of Dream Force. In fact, they touched on a barrier that only Savants could reach, falling just short of that penultimate height.

Lionel, the Dark Cloud Prison who had assumed the place of Leonel, had the ability to use his Dream Force to manifest his thoughts into reality. Using Emperor's Might and King's Might, you wouldn't be able to go so far, but you were able to use your consciousness to effect change in your surroundings.

Reading this sort of introduction, Leonel felt enlightened.

When he had exited the Valiant Heart Zone, his hair had still been impossible to cut even with the increase in his strength. It was only by instinctively using his King's Might coercion that what once was near indestructible hair became as fragile as paper.

In fact, when Leonel brought his Metal Body to Tier 9 of the Fifth Dimension, his hair had grown out wildly again and he was forced to cut it using this same method once more.

Leonel never really thought much of it before, but this explanation made so many things click into place. It was no wonder why fusing his King's Might into his Domains made them so much stronger. He felt as though these simple words were opening up enormous doorways to him.

Learning that his King's Might was an extension of his Dream Force made Leonel feel as though he had finally grasped onto something that had always been constantly slipping through his fingers. He felt much lighter and far more confident now.

When he finally turned his attention back to , it felt like it was made for him. In fact, he felt like all of these techniques were made for him.

. It fused the piercing gaze of the Snowy Star Owl with Emperor's Might, forming a level of sensory perception that Internal Sight alone couldn't match. It was able to see through illusions, the power levels of those beyond your Dimension, and even see through usually invisible fluctuations in Force.

However, this was just the first level of the technique. Upon reaching the second level, your gaze could gain coercive effects of its own. In that case, your eyes could be used to disrupt and interrupt the flow of Force.

Reading to this point, Leonel couldn't help but remember back to the flock of birds White City had brought to attack Camelot during Terrain's invasion. That species had been able to use their eyes to disrupt the flow of Force and it rendered mages completely useless. This technique seemed to take this to an extreme.

If your were potent enough and you could see through the weak point of a technique with enough speed, just your gaze alone could force it to disperse.

It was truly a beautifully constructed technique. In fact, Leonel felt the same about them all. He almost didn't care enough to even look through the Luxnix family techniques, he was completely immersed in the world of his mother's creation.

It took a lot for Leonel to be impressed, mostly because with his mind, he was usually able to quickly deduce how people accomplished the things they did. Such an ability made it difficult for anyone to move him from his baseline. However, Leonel had nothing but praise for his mother.

The straw that broke the camel's back was most definitely when Leonel saw a version of his mother had created that was several times better and more flexible than his own. Instead, she called it .

The very same crystal balls that Leonel had received all of his gifts from were exactly an application of this technique. However, that was the easiest part to accept.

What was absolutely fascinating was that a formation of could have a 'law' attached to it. This Law would be governed by your Empire's Might. Or, in Leonel's case, his King's Might. So long as you were within the confines of and the world was not broken, this rule had to be followed.

That was when it clicked for Leonel. The Law his mother must have attached to his gifts was that the world would open so long as Leonel was the one to touch them.


Leonel was floored. The complexity of this technique was beyond his wildest imagination.

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