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Novel Name : Dimensional Descent

Chapter 1115 Tour Guide

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Chapter 1115 Tour Guide

Fluttering Star Order waited patiently as the large Golden Gates opened. Despite their size, the maintenance performed on them was impeccable. They swung open without the slightest noise. Even the wind itself seemed to still as they moved.

The instant the Gates opened, the three Feather Sword warriors dropped to a single knee.

"We greet—!"

Fluttering Star Order waved a hand and the Feather Sword warriors shot to their feet before they could realize what was happening.

"There's no need for so much formality. I'll have to thank you three for bringing over these children to me, I appreciate it."

The Feather Sword warriors opened their mouths to say something, but in the end they closed them once more and sighed. The fact that Fluttering Star Order didn't allow them to pay respects to her seemed like an act of humility on the surface, but in practice in was her drawing a clean line between the two of them.

On the one hand, this would protect them from the rage of the other Star Order elders. However, it would also mean that whatever relationship they had had with Fluttering Star Order would end from this day forth.

The Feather Sword warriors couldn't help but feel complicated at this point. Fluttering Star Order had always been kind to them, but now that she was in need, they had essentially turned their back on her. However, what else could they do? They were just small rowing boats amidst a storm of black waters. Even if they braced themselves for the storm and helped Fluttering Star Order out to the best of their abilities, they would only sink along with her.

It was better to have no backing at all than backing that would guarantee your death.

Bowing apologetically once more, the three rushed into the estate, quickly vanishing. All the while, Fluttering Star Order hadn't spared them another glance. With a kind smile, her focus had been turned to the branch family youths.

Leonel's gaze narrowed somewhat. He could sense the tension and could feel that this interaction entailed more than their simple words and actions would make it seem.

'It's clear that their actions made this elder somewhat unhappy. For them to dare to do such a thing, it seems that the situation of the elder isn't very good. That doesn't bode well for the rest of us, it seems.'

"Hello, I am Fluttering Star Order, you may call me Elder Fluttering for short. I've heard that the branch families have produced quite some talents in these recent years, it seems that this wasn't incorrect."

Fluttering Star Order swept a gaze over them all, but her words felt a bit empty. It was unlikely that an elder of her status would know much about them. Usually, the branch families would be lucky if even a Feather Sword warrior came to visit their families, let alone a Star Order Elder.

When the Feather Sword warriors had come to pick them up, it had already been greatly surprising to a few. But, the sharpest among them could tell that this wasn't exactly something they could be happy about right now. In all likelihood, they had just unwittingly become chess pieces in a game of political struggle.

And, to make matters worse, since this Elder Fluttering had to stoop so low as to use them of all people, it was clear that her back was against the wall and she didn't have many other options.

Unfortunately, they had even less options than the Feather Sword warriors did. Even if some of them knew, they could only allow themselves to be used.

Leonel suddenly felt the distinct lack of Riah. He wondered if she knew that this storm was coming and chose not to participate on purpose. But, this was fine too. Unlike the others, he and Noah weren't very afraid of what might happen. In that case, they might as well go with the flow.

Fluttering Star Orders expression didn't change from her cheery smile.

"Good, good. Come with me."

Fluttering Star Order turned and walked into the estate. Without a choice, the youths could only follow to her back, many of them wearing heavy expressions. However, Leonel's smile had returned as he strolled forward.

'This will be interesting…'

"The Luxnix family Estate is quite large and covers about a hundred thousand kilometers squared. You can find everything you could ever want or need here without much issue, but there are also many restricted areas you have to be mindful of. Rather than listing them out, though, it will be much easier if I point out to you all the areas you can enter…"

Like this, a mighty Star Order elder suddenly became the tour guide of 20 odd youths, walking through the family estate while attracting the weird glances and looks of several passersby. Luckily, none of them dared to question the actions of a Star Order Elder. As such, the group travelled deeper and deeper into the Luxnix family estate, eventually reaching a particular section of guest rooms Elder Fluttering had likely prepped for them.

However… There was only so long a cover of paper could hide a smoldering fire.

"Fluttering Star Order! You've grown bold!"

The voice was a cross of shrill, crass and hoarse. If Leonel didn't know better, he would have thought that this old woman's vocal cords was forged of a fork and a steel plate. If it wasn't for Leonel's mental fortitude, his spine would have shivered beside itself.

The old woman wore a white robe not much unlike Fluttering Star Order and she had the lingering marks of a beauty in her old age as well, something both shared. However, this woman's face was far more twisted and there was the mark of a flickering flame on her forehead.

Had Leonel been there the day the Void Palace envoys arrived, he would have recognized this woman as Sparking Star Order. It seemed that the Star Order Elders were still at a head.

Even now, the matter only seemed to have grown worse.

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