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Novel Name : Dimensional Descent

Chapter 1171 Cloud

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Chapter 1171 Cloud

Leonel could think of a few plans, but judging by the fact that Aina's father was definitely well into the Sixth Dimension, he would have to be choosy with which one he approached things with.

'I also have to consider the possibility that her father is also aware of my own Silver Tablet.'

When Leonel was in a relationship with Aina, he didn't hide anything from her, that included the existence of the Silver Tablet. Not only did Aina know of it, but she was also well aware of all its abilities and even the details on how Leonel ended up with it.

'Savahn also mentioned that it was a Bronze Tablet? Is there a difference in strength with the color? It's possible, but there aren't enough data points. It could also be related to the type of power it has instead rather than anything else… But if they both have the ability to wipe personalities, maybe not…'

The easiest method was maybe to force Miel to exchange the tablet for saving Aina.

'This may work. I wouldn't even have to save her, I would only need to stall the wedding.

'Judging by how things are going, the Viola are likely invested in Aina's talent. That means that regardless of who her husband ends up being, their main goal is to ensure that she remains within their family.

'Because of how close the event days are, if I sneak into the Viola family compound and kill Rychard, the Viola would have no choice but to postpone the wedding. The optics of forcing a woman to marry someone else right after their fiancé died would be terrible.

'Of course, there's also the chance the Viola wouldn't care. But, even then, they would still need to wait a day or two. By then, the second day of the Selection would begin.

'Aina would have to participate, so there would be opportunity for her father to snatch her away and bring her to safety.'

This was the first plan Leonel thought of, but there were a few issues. For one, if it was so easy to get to Rychard and kill him, Miel would have probably done so personally already. However, the reason Leonel thought it was still possible was because the Viola family was well aware that they had offended Miel, they would always be on guard against him.

The other problem was how Leonel would sneak in to begin with. Yuri and Savahn were probably having their movements monitored by now. In fact, if the Viola were smart, they would already know everything about their movements to begin with.

'They definitely know that Yuri and Savahn contacted Joel and the others. That would put them even more on guard and makes things even more difficult.

'Hm… Seems like it's not worth it.'

The risk to reward ratio wasn't there. Leonel refused to put his grandmother's life in danger, which meant he would have to do it himself. And though he was confident, he wasn't foolish.

Not only was there a high likelihood he would die while the Viola were on alert, but the reward in return was likely not to be worth it. If the Bronze Tablet was just a weaker replica of his Silver Tablet, he would gain nothing from this.

'In that case, we need to minimize the risk more. Aina's father should be present during the second and third days of the Selection. I think I can modify a Force Art technique of the Luxnix into a perfect tracker. By then, I can just deal with him and take the tablet away when I'm strong enough, it probably won't take long…'

Leonel's Force surged, forming delicate tendrils. Soon, a spider the size of a fingernail appeared on his palm.

It scurried around under his control before touching Leonel's spatial ring and vanishing within it.

Leonel closed his eyes and made some quick calculations.

'Several problems need to be fixed. First, I'll modify the shell of the spider. It needs to be more transparent to the point where any light that touches it goes right through… Alright, I'll adjust this point here. Though it won't be perfectly invisible, it won't be a problem under my control.

'The second issue is that crossing the spatial barrier of a treasure weakens it considerably. That cuts down the effective range significantly and it would deteriorate to nothingness in just a few days. I'll have to change the base element of the creation into the Spatial Element and have it fuse with the spatial Force of the ring, creating a sort of symbiotic relationship. That way, so long as the ring lives, the spider will live.

'The solution to the second problem should also fix the third. So long as the spider and ring become one, the ring itself will become a beacon and signal only I can see and hear. Perfect.'

Leonel sat in silence for several moments, his calculations finishing in rapid succession.

His eyes opened and his Dream Force surged once more. This time, it almost looked as though nothing at all appeared on Leonel's palm. But, even if you looked closely, it almost looked like a droplet of fresh water. It was only after Leonel activated the Second Awakening of his Wisdom Branch and his eyes sharpened that he could see the beautiful crystalline body of the little spider.

'Excellent. I should be able to pick out Aina's father based on the energy signature of the Brazinger family when the time comes. I've seen and met enough of them…'

Leonel nodded to himself and didn't mind this matter anymore. So long as he and Miel were on the same planet, he would be able to find him with this method. As for the matters with Aina, he no longer needed to worry about them.

Whether she got married or not had nothing to do with him.


The minutes turned to hours and then days. Soon, it was the surprise event many had been waiting for and the marriage union of Aina Brazinger and Rychard Viola was here.

Those who had gotten themselves a place in the arena soon began to appear in the Viola Estate one after another. If it wasn't for the fact that many other Sectors were also having their Selections now, they would have likely sent representatives of their own as well.

The grand event was beginning.

Leonel, however, was in his penthouse suite, having finally begun to take his rest seriously. He snored lightly and peacefully, his head resting on a cloud of pillows.

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