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Dimensional Descent Chapter 1202 A Chance free read Here - AngerNovel
Novel Name : Dimensional Descent

Chapter 1202 A Chance

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Chapter 1202 A Chance

Leonel had never seen such a vast store of wealth in his life. However, he didn't begin rushing about, snatching everything he could catch a glimpse of. He had been serious when he spoke to Elody. As far as he was concerned, the Luxnix family was one of his starting assets. While it might seem great for him to plunder them now, the reality was that this would only harm him in the long run.

Though no one had told him, he was certain that the other Heirs were far ahead of himself. And, even if the Luxnix family was willing to fully back him, that wouldn't go a very long way in changing his current state either.

While it was true that the Luxnix had been hiding their true abilities and that they were actually beyond the Montex and Viola, by how much was that the case? At best, Leonel could figure that they were at or a step below the weakest Seventh Dimensional families. Though that was a whole lot better than being just at the pinnacle of the Sixth, it still wasn't nearly enough.

One only need to look at the gap in Void Palace entries to see that Leonel was correct. The Luxnix only had a single entry above the Nominal disciple ranks in their history. Granted, this was because they made the generation of Leonel's grandmother lay low, but even if they were taken into consideration, they would have at most had two more such entries, one for Roesia and the other for Snow Star Order.

However, if the conversation between Orinik and Ganor was anything to go by, even the decent talents of the Morales could get a slot so long as the right person gave the okay. The gap was simply far too enormous.

After reaching a state of calm with this train of thought in mind, Leonel began to look around once more.

'I only need a set of two things. I'm not sure if what I need for my second Divine Armor would be here, but if it is, that's excellent. As for the second matter… I will have 10 extra Essences worth of Fifth Dimensional Evolution Ore after I finish. But, I've yet to decide what to spend it on…'

During the last few days, the progress Leonel had made was enormous. He had already decided on the design and makeup of his second Divine Armor and he had truly gone all out.

The truth was that thanks to Evolution Ore, Leonel could continue to use his current Divine Armor all the way up until the Quasi Sixth Dimension without it holding him back too much. While using it for so long would multiply his power like it did in the past, it at least wouldn't' be a hindrance.

But, due to the wealth his mother had left for him, Leonel realized that he didn't have to hope and pray to stumble upon the right Ores any longer. He could just outright buy them.

That said, why buy them if they were already here? He was just hoping that the Luxnix would have what he needed.

Leonel was very much looking forward to the synergistic effects of two Divine Armors. It had to be remembered that Leonel's Divine Armors became a part of him, he couldn't just casually discard them. That was why building up an affinity through their use was possible.

His Spatial affinity had managed to keep up with him through the Fifth Dimension because he used Evolution Ores, but it had already greatly weakened on a Sixth Dimensional world. He wanted to see how it would evolve further with the stack of two Armors.

Still, the result of that was fairly predictable. The idea of what to use his other Evolution Ores on though… That was a different matter entirely.

'Should I use it on a transportation treasure? The Void Palace is probably in a Seventh Dimension environment, right? If I don't have Sixth Dimensional transportation to use at the very elast, moving might be difficult… I probably can't bring out or use the Segmented Cube so casually anymore over there…

'I could make something for Little Blackstar instead. The little guy is my strongest partner and he was probably right to ask for me to make something for him. I've never forged for a beast before, but it shouldn't' be too much different even if the shape composition is a bit odd…

'Or maybe something for Vice and Candle…?'

Leonel had stuck true to his word and allowed Vice and Candle to live their lives. Unsurprisingly, they had even more trouble ingratiating themselves than Elthor and they ultimately still ended up spending most of their time in the Segmented Cube.

Candle had a great amount of social anxiety and Vice was still mirroring everything Candle did, taking her as a template to hide his real thoughts. Toward this, Leonel could only be helpless.

He wasn't a psychologist, so he had no idea how to take steps forward.

'The Void Palace definitely has Savants of its own, or maybe there's even a whole department of them. It would be greatly helpful to Candle and Vice to take part like that. But… I also have a feeling that the Void Palace keeps a very tight leash on such powerful existences… Is it right to trust them?'

Leonel was conflicted. On one hand he didn't trust the Void Palace at all. If there was anything the Dimensional Verse had taught him, it was that strength talked. If the Void Palace wanted to use Savants, they had to make sure they didn't grow too powerful, a lot like Leonel had tried to do.

On the other hand, though, Leonel knew that he was ill equipped to even try.

'Maybe that's just a chance I'll have to take if I want them to live a normal life…'

Leonel's thoughts and footsteps suddenly came to a grinding halt. After a moment, his gaze brightened and a grin spread across his lips.

'They really do have it here. Excellent. It seems the core of my second Divine Armor is decided.'

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