Novel Name : Dimensional Descent

Chapter 1218 Second Generation Wastrel

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Chapter 1218 Second Generation Wastrel

Leonel was tempted to probe Wise Star Order by just saying: 'Why would I accept that when I can just take your memories for myself?' But, he decided against it for the moment. He had no confidence in bluffing Wise Star Order, at least not with something he was so ignorant of. Trying to do so would just put him on the losing end.

"Why would I trust any advice you give me?"

"I have a technique!" Wise Star Order replied just as quickly, clearly already prepared. "In my travels, I've come across a lot. In the Race I mentioned born as souls, they have many soul related techniques. They're called the Spirituals.

"The technique is the technique. It binds the two of our souls into one and ties our fates. So long as one of us dies, the other will as well. This will ensure that I can't harm you!"

When Leonel heard this, he sneered.

"You expect me to believe that you're willing to use this technique? This is essentially you giving up your Immortality. Do you take me for an idiot?"

If it was anything else, Leonel might have been inclined to believe it initially, but this was too ridiculous. Without Leonel's influence, Wise Star Order was an Immortal. If he tied his life and death to Leonel, he was losing an infinite amount of lifespan. Leonel would never believe something so ridiculous.

Of course, the other path laid before Wise Star Order was to die right now. But, Leonel still felt that this Ancestor of his would choose hundreds of paths before he chose this one. Just looking at how scared he was to die even after living for so long spoke volumes.

On top of that, the idea of tying his life to someone else disgusted Leonel. He wasn't sure why, but it left him deeply uncomfortable, almost as though he was compromising his sense of self for a person who he didn't even trust. He couldn't explain it beyond this.

Wise Star Order furiously shook his head. "There's no such thing as true Immortality in this world. Just being in the presence of your Scarlet Star Force is shaving years off of me. At best, I would just live a hundred or so times the lifespan of a normal individual of the Eighth Dimension, I've already lived over 20% of my time through."

Leonel's expression didn't change much to this response, he had somewhat expected it. True Immortality seemed a bit exaggerated. But even then, Wise Star Order was giving up hundreds of thousands of years. Leonel wouldn't live nearly so long.

Seeing that Leonel wasn't biting even after this, Wise Star Order's expression fluttered wildly, being antsy. Every moment he spent here, he lost decades off his life. Even for him, he would soon run out. The destructive capabilities of this Force were way too potent. He was right to take precautions against it while Leonel was a baby, but who knew that things would still turn out this way?!

"Alright, sure." Leonel smiled. Unfortunately, before Wise Star Order could get excited, Leonel spoke again. "I will call my dad here and he will inspect your technique in my stead. If he says that there's nothing wrong with it, we can go ahead with your idea."

Wise Star Order's expression changed wildly and he began to cough.

"There's… There's no need to do this, right?"

"Why not? It's just a small measure. He's pretty fast, he will probably get here soon. It's not too much of a problem. He's a bit of a dick sometimes, but he's a good father."

Wise Star Order panicked. "He'll definitely kill me. He won't agree at all. Don't you want to grow on your own outside of your father's shadow?! They'll always call you his son unless you can surpass him! Do you have any idea the kind of weight the name Velasco Morales holds?!"

The agitation in Wise Star Order's voice only seemed to grow.

"No, no. I'm actually very okay with being a second generation wastrel, I've already accepted it. Today my arrogance almost got me killed, I have no intention of going through that again. I have no ambition any longer and I'll just live out the rest of my life in peace, fine a beautiful wife, have a few kids…"

"You damned brat! You're messing with me while I'm dying?!"

Leonel chuckled coldly. "It's you who is playing with your own life. I have all the time in the world. Keep trying to play me for a fool and your sand will run out."

Wise Star Order grit his teeth, his fury almost palpable. His soul wavered in and out of existence almost as though it might flicker out completely any moment now.

"What do you want?!" Wise Star Order squeezed out.

"It's simple. I'm sure that among those techniques of yours, there's an enslavement method. I don't doubt it, after all, that's the only reason you'd have so much confidence right now. You probably believe that you'll be able to take control of me one way or another.

"I want that method. You have hundreds of thousands of years left to live. As for me, even if I make it to the Eighth Dimension, I will still only have a small fraction of that. If I don't, well, you'll be set free even sooner than that.

"That's the price. Exchange my lifetime in your servitude and I will let you go. If not… Well… rot in hell, Ancestor."

Leonel's ultimatum was straight to the point and held not a single thing back. He sat in leisure, waiting for Wise Star Order's response. And, surprisingly, it came not to long later.

"I agree."

"Good. Smart men don't waste time with meaningless things. Give me the formula for the technique, I will analyze it myself."

"You… You won't call that man here, right? I may have been trying to trick you before, but he really would kill me. You…"

"My dad?" Leonel laughed. "Don't worry, I have methods outside of him to deal with this."

Leonel looked at the dictionary in his palm.

Without a word, Wise Star Order began to use the last dregs of his energy to push the technique outward.

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