Novel Name : Dimensional Descent

Chapter 1330 Senate

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Chapter 1330 Senate

"We need to move."

Aina nodded toward Leonel's words and they both shot in the opposite direction of the roar. Neither of them were fools. The pressure of that roar alone cleared the Fifth Dimension. That told them one very obvious thing, this wasn't a perfectly curated trial with their limits in mind. This was a real life and death crisis.

What Aina, Leonel and the other youths didn't know was that this sudden change had led to a furious uproar in the Void Palace.




The roar shook the mountain range, birds flew out in fear and a small avalanche of small rocks and dust tumbled downward. For such a scene to occur within a world at the pinnacle of the Seventh Dimension, it could only be said that this person was not only furious, but they also wielded power beyond the imagination of most.

The location wasn't as one might expect and was rather within a governmental body of the Void Palace a step below the elder legion that sent Cornelius on his mission to monitor Leonel. The structure of the Void Palace was impossibly complex, filled with numerous factions, each with their own grudges and histories that could stretch back hundreds to even thousands of years… It could even be said that the Void Palace itself was like its own separate ecosystem and world, diverging from reality.

The Void Legion Elders could be considered to be the pinnacle of the powers of the Void Palace. They were the backbone and their moniker was a reminder that their duty wasn't just to oversee, but was also to act as the strongest line of defense.

Beneath the Void Legion Elders there was the Void Council. This was the current location and was located on the second tallest peak of the Void Palace. The Void Council, also called the Senate, was made up of Void Senators from across disciplines and factions. The major decisions and rules that all those who came here abided by were drafted and put into law by the Void Council and their Void Senators.

Unsurprisingly, with this sort of set up, the details of the True Selection were also drafted up by the Void Council, or so it should have been. But, it was either this infuriated Void Senator was ignorant to a decision made without him, or… One of the factions had gone rogue.

The one who had spoken was a middle-aged man with strength already into the Seventh Dimension. Without at least such level of strength, he would have never been capable of causing such a commotion. But, it was also this strength that made it so impressive that the Senate managed to keep its structural integrity, only swaying side to side slightly.

This man was Uramus and was the current Party Leader of the Stalwart Polearm Party. He was a well respected man, as he had to be to earn such a position. And, right this moment, he was absolutely furious.

What was shocking, though, was that other than his Party Members, there didn't seem to be anyone else as infuriated as he was. Seeing such a scene, Uramus chest heaved, his almost crimson gaze sweeping through the enormous Senate hall as though searching for his prey.

He tried to meet the gazes of several other Party Leaders, but all he received in return was a shift of gaze and a glimpse into a guilty conscience.

At that moment, a chuckle echoed through the Void Council, a man a head taller and a large measure skinnier than Uramus walking in as though he was gliding on clouds.

"Rosen, this was your doing?!"

Uramus' voice boomed. Despite the seemingly embarrassing situation he had been in just moments before, he didn't seem to notice in the slightest. The veins across his forehead threatened to pop.

Rosen was yet another Party Leader, however, his was known as the Unfettered Blade Party. It could be said that of all the parties here, the history between these two was not only the deepest, it also held some of the deepest grudges.

"You shouldn't be frowning all the time like this, Uramus. It's not good for your skin. You already look much older than you should, don't tell me you want to look even worse?"

"I'm not here for your petty games, Rosen. Who decided to send a batch of fresh meat to the Void Battlefield? Are you insane? They've barely adapted to the lowest level Anarchic Force of the mountain base, now you want them to adjust to an environment that's tenfold worse? This isn't training, it's sending them to their deaths! If I didn't know better, I would think that you had long since left the side of the Human Domain! This is our most promising generation in countless Selections, yet you want to ruin them like this?!"

Rosen's eyes narrowed, his playful demeanor becoming dark and as sharp as a blade.

"I would advise you choose your words more carefully, Uramus. There are certain things you can't get away with saying even if you are a brute."

"Bite me, you piece of shit. If it wasn't for the rules restricting me within the Senate, I would have already blasted your head into chunks of watermelon. Why don't you step outside and see how I'll deal with you?"

"Ha…" Rosen chuckled coldly. "… It seems that you're only so brazen because you haven't realized your predicament just yet. An air headed fool like you really would take too long to notice the crux of the issue here.

"Under your shared Majority, you've led the Senate into the trash heap and it's about time that stop."

Uramus' expression changed, suddenly realizing something.

"You dare?!"

Rosen sneered. "You've been voted out. Pack your things and scram. The Stalwart Polearm Party has been demoted back to a Faction. Take those trash you call subordinates with you."

Uramus froze, feeling as though he had been struck by lightning. What the hell was going on?!

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