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Dimensional Descent Chapter 1402 All Time free read Here - AngerNovel
Novel Name : Dimensional Descent

Chapter 1402 All Time

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Leonel's sharp eyes seemed to pierce through everything. Every time he threw, three would die, his Bow Force leaving blazing trailed through the black and foggy skies.

He soared through the skies, his javelin containers following in his wake.

The Chasm Fire Lions opened their mouths, sending beams of black fire shooting for Leonel. However, as though he couldn't see them at all.

His right foot stepped forward, his left arm shooting forward once again.

The needles whizzed by, bypassing the arc of flames that seemed to appear before Leonel in the blink of an eye.

Leonel didn't elevate too high off the ground. The moment he tried to, he felt a strong pressure. It was clear that the Void Trials wouldn't allow him to just easily cheat his way to victory by plucking them off from above.

In real life, just flying into the skies wouldn't be convenient. The air often had even more savage and primal enemies waiting.

Due to this, it wasn't difficult in the slightest for him to be attacked. In fact, since he could only fly three meters up, his javelin containers seeming to be an exception as they could go much higher, it was still quite easy for even physical attacks to be launched at him.


The beams of fire seemed to completely envelop Leonel.

But, when the air cleared, the fire had suddenly shot into a single palm, forming a concentrated ball of fire in Leonel's hand.

To try and play around with fire before him? It seemed that these lions overestimated themselves a bit too much.

What Leonel didn't know was that his actions had shocked those on the outside. No matter how high your affinity, you shouldn't be able to so easily snatch Force in the control of another being. And yet, Leonel had done it as though it was as simple as breathing.

This was a hidden power of the Mage Core that Leonel hadn't realized was so abnormal. But very soon, the entire world would know that those with Fire Affinity should steer clear of the Morales family's Littlest Nova.

His palm flared, the ball of fire splintering into a dozen controlled and concentrated javelins. Leonel's Spear Force and Bow Force surged.

With a wave of his hands, the javelins shot forward, all 12 piercing into the body of the largest Chasm Fire Lion.

A roar of pain and horror resounded as the lion was suddenly enveloped by its own fire, its body incinerating from the inside out.

In its final moments, it thrashed about, slapping some of the smaller lions to death.

Leonel didn't even pay attention to the death of the lion. He was systematic and cold. He attacked once. His confidence was such that he didn't need to double check.

He crashed into the first line of charging beast, tilting the tower shield he was riding upward and slamming down hard.


The head of the lion imploded, but Leonel had already brought out a dagger from his thigh, whipping it to the side.

A lion whose mouth had opened wide to bite Leonel's head off found its throat greeted by a flying dagger laced with Bow Force.

The daggers shot through the back of its skull as though it was butter, spiraling through the air and curving through the head of a second lion.

At some unknown time, a needle had appeared between Leonel's teeth. His chest expanded, his eyes flashing as a belly full of air jetted out. A line of crimson flames and Bow Force followed, tearing a line through the lions that had tried to bear down on him from the front.

Three lions found themselves imploding one after another, their flesh as fragile as wet paper.

Leonel palm opened, his thrown dagger snapping back into place, only for another flick of his wrist to send it flying through another skull.

Leonel's wrist throws weren't as powerful as his full body throw, but what was undeniable was the fact they still had their own powerful strength, and how could they not? A spearman without powerful wrists was a weak spearman.

Barely several minutes had passed, but Leonel wiped the entirety of the first floor, standing unmoving.

There were several leaderboards that lined the outside of the Void Palace.

New records were divided into whether it was a first or later attempt. In addition, because of the randomness of the Void Tower, they were also divided into floor types.

There were clear records for single floors and tiers. Tiers referred to groups of ten floors, where Leonel was currently within the first.

The Beast Horde Leaderboard shifted. It was a list dominated by those who controlled large area of effect attacks and archers for obvious reasons. And yet, there was no clear on a first attempt faster than Leonel's own.

<1. Leonel Morales – 00:02:31>

<2. Sewell Tarius – 00:02:58>

<3. Alphon Pyius – 00:03:03>

<4. Milazor Ram – 00:03:09>

However, this leaderboard only contained those who were currently disciples of the Void Palace. There was always a duplicate leaderboard for all-time measurements. However, it was very rare for this leaderboard to move. And, even if there were movements, it would be deep into the hundreds upon a leaderboard that only displayed a thousand to begin with.

Today, though, that changed.

<1. Reginalde Taurius – 00:01:42>

<2. Nozig Suaird – 00:01:48>

<3. Asce Morales – 00:01:49>

<58. Leonel Morales – 00:02:31>

Top 100. No one here could remember the last time there had been a change that high. The surroundings had fallen silent for quite a while now, but it seemed even more all encompassing than before.

However, this shock only lasted for a moment before it was overwhelmed by another.

The leaderboards moved again, but this time, it wasn't for the sake of Leonel.

And then, it shifted again, once again… not for the sake of Leonel.

Under the shocked gazes of those watching, the leader board for Forest Goblins and Stone Maze began to shift as well. Both Amery and Aina had set their own records.

However Aina's, being the only one of them without a single injury, set an eye popping number none were quite ready for.

Forest Goblins – First Attempt – All Time

<1. Treanna Viror 00:04:29>

<2. Aina Brazinger 00:04:32>

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