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Dimensional Descent Chapter 1429 Feel Lt free read Here - AngerNovel
Novel Name : Dimensional Descent

Chapter 1429 Feel Lt

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Chapter 1429 Feel Lt

Leonel shot forward and his head almost snapped back as though someone had just pressed on the gas. His speed was so fast that he almost didn't believe that it was being generated from his own legs.

What was the most shocking about it was the fact that his weight hadn't been lowered in the slightest, unlike what had happened when his Snowy Star Owl Lineage Factor's Speed Branch reached its peak. Somehow, he managed to hit this pace with his weight being just as great as it had been before.

He appeared before the castle walls almost too quickly.

Realizing that he would crash if he didn't adjust, Leonel focused, his thighs bulging as he leapt into the air.


Leonel let out a gasp. Before he realized what was happening, he was already 50 meters in the air, his eyes opened wide.

Jumping 50 meters into the air wasn't a big deal if he was in a Fifth Dimensional world. He might even be able to replicate the feat if he put his all into it in a Sixth Dimensional world.

But, just now, he thought he had already adjusted himself to his new strength so he used even less than he thought he should. And yet, the result was still like this.

Leonel suddenly understood. The speed of the Starry Tailed Fox was amazing, but somehow it was still secondary compared to its leaping, directional change, and agility abilities.

He laughed in the skies, making it to almost 60 meters before he began to fall downward.

Aina clicked her tongue, still quite far behind Leonel. She had adjusted her speed based on what output she was used to Leonel producing. This was clearly also outside her expectations.

She smiled lightly after a moment, her body becoming enveloped in a fog of crimson as she exploded forth, her palm flipping over to reveal her ax.

In the skies, Leonel's gaze flashed, his vision suddenly able to see through everything. His Internal Sight enveloped the entire mountain castle as several arrows shot toward him.

Leonel brandished his spear, its feather fluttering in the wind as he pierced forward.

Protected by his Spear Force, he met the tip of each and every arrow, his speed leaving afterimages in the air as he thought back to the style of the primitive woman.

It had been so long since he sunk into her thoughts, and yet he was back there again as though the first time he touched the spear was just yesterday.

He seemed to be able to grasp many subtleties he had completely missed back when he was just in the Third Dimension. No… he hadn't just missed them, it was like he wasn't looking for them at all.

The truth was that even now, he wasn't looking for them. It was just that his senses were so far superior to what they had been back then that he almost had no choice but to notice.

The subtle but powerful twist of her hips, the way her feet grinded into the ground as though to gain the support of the earth with her every strike, the almost insignificant flex and turn of her wrist just before her strike landed.

For a moment, Leonel was in a daze.

The process felt eerily similar to him. How different was brandishing a spear compared to throwing a football? Or, more pertinently, a javelin?

The mechanisms were slightly different, but the methods and foundation of drawing up and producing power were nearly identical.

He could draw on the same concepts, that natural motion that came as easy as breathing to him. He never had to think when he drew his bow or when he cocked his arm back to release the draconic power in his arm, but that was also because he had drilled the latter so many times that it came so naturally. When had he ever put so much effort into the spear?

And what about the former? With a bow, much of the mechanics were taken out of his hands, but now that he thought about it, there were many small tweaks he could make to his bowmanship that could take him to a different level entirely.

The bow was only more forgiving because he could make up all his mechanical flaws with his calculative abilities.

Who cared if his arm wasn't straight, if his back wasn't tight, if his shoulders weren't steady, if he could always just adjust the angle or his Bow Force so that his aim was true every time?

Leonel went through all these thoughts in just the split moment it took for him to fall onto the castle walls. In just those small split seconds, his entire demeanor had shifted and changed, his approach changing entirely.

He had the perfect ability to perfect his mechanics to an absolute extreme, and yet he had never used it.

He would change that. Starting right now.

Leonel stomped down hard, his hair fluttering and his aura becoming restrained.

He pierced forward, his Spear Force jetting forward and leaving a hole in the heads of two Sparrows and a Pixie.

Their small frames and ridiculous speed and agility was exactly the kind of challenge he needed right now. Leonel restrained his aura even further, not relying on any Force other than his Spear Force and lowering his speed even further.

These were just Fifth Dimensional enemies for now. He wouldn't be satisfied until his skill alone could overwhelm them.


His base was steady, his wrists flexed and his back tall.

He walked forward like a mountain, his every pierce becoming more refined, the wind around him shifting as a slight Auspicious Air began to form as he became more focused.

By the tenth pierce, Leonel had reflected the skill of the primitive woman perfectly. Every twitch of the muscle, every subtle movement, even the angle she grinded her feet into the ground at.

But he wasn't satisfied. There was more here. He could feel it.


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