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Dimensional Descent Chapter 1467 Every Time. free read Here - AngerNovel
Novel Name : Dimensional Descent

Chapter 1467 Every Time.

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Chapter 1467 Every Time.

Leonel didn't know what his uncle had to tell him, but if he was aware of what it was about, he would likely conclude that it was about that odd rod the Rapax had thrown at him. Leonel had also sensed the oddity of its aura, and if it wasn't because the oddity of the Spear Domain had occurred after it appeared, it would have assumed that it was because of it that the tribulation was brought so far forward.

The Spear Domain was properly organized. There were Spear Peaks and then there were the Spears that couldn't claim Peaks for themselves. This divided the Spear Domain into a noble class of spear and a not so noble class.

Of course, to other spears, this "not so noble class", was still leads beyond anything they could match up to. But, this was still the case within the realms of the Spear Domain.

So, what would happen if another spear that insisted on claiming a Spear Peak appeared?

Well, it was either the Spear Domain would form a new Peak for it, something that Leonel didn't believe would happen. Or, it would have to knock another Spear off of its pedestal.

The truth was that Leonel had never seen a Quasi level spear below the peak. So, that meant that it was either they lost a tier during the battle or… when a Peak Spear lost its Peak, it would be destroyed.

Either way, these matters had little to do with Leonel right now because the spear was far beyond his reach. Right now, he could barely claim a Quasi Bronze Spear. And, even if that wasn't the case, well… His hand could attest to the fact he had no business using that spear.

Leonel did sometimes wonder if the Rapax race wasn't trying to harm him, but was rather trying to reward him. But, truthfully, he wasn't entirely sure. He could only lament that they had refused to just use their words, not that he would understand their language anyway.

"Are you going to tell me what you had planned?"

"Oh, right, we should probably talk about that." Leonel's eyes roamed a bit.

They had just rushed out of the Spear Faction Region, but Leonel's attention had been caught up by something else. Namely, the heavy atmosphere. It was definitely a far cry from what he had experienced the first time he stepped foot into this place. It lacked the same life and flair.

"The original plan was…"

Leonel explained his method quite simply.

The uses of his Starry Spirit Domain were far greater than just what it seemed on the surface. So long as he kept finding methods to apply it, it would begin to evolve in its use and usefulness. Right now, he felt like he had quite a genius idea.

Aina was already an expert Force Pill Crafter. But, when it came to her skill, she used it mostly for herself and Leonel. Just thinking about it, Leonel realized he quite missed Aina's cooking and he was starving. Still, he pushed that feeling down and pushed forward.

The plan was quite simple. When it came to guessing what other people would benefit best from, Aina could only get a faint idea, and she had to spend a very, very long time with that person. That was why she was so good at cooking for Leonel. Though, she never bothered to cook for anyone else regardless.

Just like she had said, she could only gain a faint inkling about Leonel, that was why her analysis of Leonel's strengths and weaknesses were so vague.

The trouble was that this problem even persisted after Aina fused her Internal Sight with Leonel's own. The only change was that that vague picture became a hint clearer, but that was nowhere near enough. It wasn't anything like Aina's ability to tell exactly how she should improve.

But… What if Aina fused with Leonel's Starry Star Domain instead?

That process would be entirely different, it would be like AIna was gaining access to Leonel's computational abilities and as though she was ushered into his Dream World.

The trouble with this, though, was that when Aina had fused with Yuri for only a few minutes, her mental strength had been exhausted. Leonel wasn't sure if his mental strength had caught up or surpassed Yuri's yet as he didn't have a frame of reference, but what he did know was that it was unlikely for Aina to be able to handle his mind with ease.

That was why he had formulated another ability which he called Dream Exchange. It would allow Aina to partake in the abilities of his mind. As she did so, he would handle the computation and ease the load off her mind.

"So you want me to use my Ability to help cure people?"

"Not just to help cure, but to also help them break through their bottlenecks. We're not only going to suffocate their market, but we're going to do it cheaper and faster."

"With just the two of us?" Aina raised a brow.

"If I deploy my Starry Spirit Domain to its full range, we can easily fit a dozen people into it if not more. Going through a lot of people will be easy. We just need a few policies to make things easier on us. Regardless, after people see the results, they won't care about anything else.

"But first, we need a plot of land near a Senate Branch. Before that, though, I need to make another visit to the Sith family."

Leonel's expression turned cold and his fingers suddenly struck out. Before the individual watched them from a distance could react, Leonel's Spear Force rotated and then exploded, shredding their arm to pieces and alarming all those around.

Even after a year, this person still had people monitoring for the two of them. But this was good, Leonel was glad that she was so persistent, that made him want to deal with her even more.

His stance was still the same, every time such an individual appeared before him, he would crush them even if that meant crippling them.

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