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Novel Name : Dimensional Descent

Chapter 1476 Castration

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Chapter 1476 Castration

None here had ever seen Spear Force react like that. All blade Forces they had ever seen were flat and sharp, but this one seemed to have blazed to life as though it had become a golden flame all on its own.

The moment it left Leonel's spear, it was like the entire world had been swallowed up, many spectators feeling their eyes redden, their hearts becoming agitated as though they were the ones experiencing Leonel's fury, as though his fury was their own.

Jova found herself flying back like a broken kite, her God Runes shattering one after another until her body was swallowed up whole.

The Spear Force was precisely like the embodiment of fury. It was uncontrolled, wild, filled with malice, and uncaring about anything.

Leonel lowered his spear, his blade radiating with a harsh red as though it had just been laid on a bed of coals. It continued to tremble and roar, its agitation piercing the veil of the Void Palace.

Leonel walked forward without the slightest bead of sweat on his forehead, unmoved and unhurried. He didn't even turn to check on Jova's situation, he simply stepped toward Eliot who lay unconscious, his God Runes having long since disappeared.

However, Eliot wouldn't get to stay unconscious for long, a scream leaving his lips as the butt of Leonel's spear pressed into his crotch. The screech shook the very souls of those who heard it, the men who had been laughing away with Eliot earlier paling.

Eliot couldn't have been more awake now, looking down in horror, he watched as Leonel continued to slowly grind his spear.

His voice came out in high-pitched whimpers, but he didn't dare to move. Even his slightest trembles made waves of pain shoot through him. He could tell that Leonel hadn't crushed his family jewels just yet, but that didn't make the pain any less horrific.

"No… No…"

Eliot couldn't even think straight, too worried about the result. But, if he could, he would remember that much like sexual assault was banned, castration was also a huge no in the Void Palace.

There were too many geniuses from powerful families here. If someone went around ending all of their family lines, couldn't they cripple a family entirely? How could something like that be allowed? So, much like killing and rape, castration was its own enormous taboo, and the punishment was just as swift.

Death sentence.

The Void Palace couldn't allow any room to maneuver. The moment such a problem started, an all out war would break out. You could cripple someone, and humiliate them, but you couldn't cut off their family line.


The butt of Leonel's spear continued to drive downward slowly. The crunch of flesh and the howls of Eliot became the stuff of nightmares.

Leonel's expression didn't change from start to finish, his control impeccable. He didn't drive too fast or too slow. By the time he was half way through, Eliot was already foaming at the mouth, the pain so great that his blood vessels of his popped as they rolled back, tears of crimson flooding out and pooling onto the ground.

Their fear of Leonel seemed to become ingrained. As Eliot convulsed on the ground, no one dared to say a single word.

Soon, a dull thump rang in everyone's ears. At that moment, even without checking, they knew that Leonel's spear butt had driven down to the solid ground. And yet, he continued for several more minutes before retracting his spear.

Leonel broke three pieces off a nearby wooden roof, ensuring not to ruin its structural integrity, before staking them into the ground.

He shredded the clothing of Jova and Eliot to pieces before hanging them up by their hands to the tops of the poles of wood. Then, just as calmly, he aimed his spear at the ground, beginning to draw an array around them.

After several minutes, he stopped and turned toward Aina.

In that moment, it was like he had become a completely different person. His Divine Armor faded, his smile brightening up the surroundings.


Aina smiled and took Leonel's hands, the crowd splitting to allow the two of them to leave.

No one dared to say anything for a long while, a full sort of silence pressing down upon all their heads. But, when the first person realized what had happened, a second person followed soon, and then a third.

The weak of them looked toward Narat's state, suddenly not daring to go and report this matter. But, there were others here. Plus, this time, this wasn't a report to Treanna, but rather to the Senate itself. Someone had broken one of the iron-clad rules!

The news took much longer to spread than it should have due to the sheer impact of Leonel's actions. How long had it been since someone had broken those rules? Wait… It hadn't been that long ago, had it? Maybe 20 or 30 years ago… And his name also happened to be Morales.

Leonel didn't seem to care about these matters. He knew the rules better than anyone, he didn't need them explained to him.

He made it to the location of his target Zone along with Aina. The region was just as deserted as the first one had been. But, Leonel had a feeling that there would be another commotion by the time they came out.

Leonel handed over the mission plaque and slipped in with Aina, leaving the overseeing disciple speechless. This mission, he was pretty certain that it was meant for 16 people to complete together. Plus… Wasn't it a Level 6 Galaxy Ranked mission, why was a Level 9 Quadrant Ranked disciple taking it on?

The youth didn't get much of a chance to think about this because just moments later, a powerful aura shot down from the skies, so overwhelming that the youth almost fell to his knees, his expression warping.

He might not be a great disciple as he was taking on such easy missions, but it also wasn't easy to claim such missions either. You needed connections, and to form connections, you needed ability. If these missions could be so casually taken, wouldn't everyone want such an easy way of earning Void Points?

This was all to say that this individual was stronger than even Jova, but right now, he wanted to do nothing more than kneel.


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