Novel Name : Dimensional Descent

Chapter 1474 First Time In A Long While

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Chapter 1474 First Time In A Long While

No one would casually bring out their God Runes. In fact, many would bring out their Ability Indexes long before they chose to do this. A God Rune was the core of someone's being and comprehending it required pouring all of your comprehensions into one. In a way, it was a mirror into your inner being as well as one's strongest trump card.

However, any disciple of the Void Palace, especially those that could be considered geniuses even among this gathering of geniuses like Emonie and Eliot, were decisive. They realized they were in danger in a single instant.

Leonel's palm flipped over.


For the first time in a long while, the Chain Spear made its appearance. Its sleek black body wrapped in chains vibrated like a flood dragon in its cage.

The moment it appeared, its blade trembled. One could almost hear it roaring into the skies, its excitement palpable.

All those with spears in the surroundings found their weapons becoming agitated, some even finding it difficult to contain themselves and even cracking in the process.

As for those that wielded swords, their weapons seemed to shrink beneath the pressure, hiding deeper into their sheaths and cowering into the corner of the spatial rings they resided in.

Emonie's vines surged for Leonel, but the moment they crossed the circle of wind, they were diced into pieces. It was as though dozens of blades had run through them in all sorts of directions, their bits and pieces falling to the ground without the slightest hint of life.

Eliot shot forward, his speed fast to many, but incomparably slow to Leonel.

Leonel's gaze drifted to Eliot's blue God Runes. They reminded him a lot of the gorillas he had fought in the Void Tower, quite an apropos comparison for a man like this.


Leonel spear pierced forward, a spiral of energy wrapping around the tip of its blade. It was an absolutely gorgeous sight, the shimmering gold imprinting itself on the heart of all those that saw it as though it was the masterstroke of art.

Eliot didn't even register that Leonel's spear had appeared before him until it was too late, one of his God Runes shattering on impact as he was sent flying.

He coughed up a mouthful of blood, his rib cage threatening to cave in entirely.

Leonel's spear only trembled slightly, his base remaining solid and unmoved. His power was perfectly transferred to Eliot. It was as though it would be blasphemous to his technique for any backlash to harm him.


Leonel's next step felt oddly heavy, his hair fluttering in the wind. It had gotten a hint longer in the year without maintenance, dancing into the air like shimmering filaments of pale violet.


The air collapsed.

This pierce wasn't anywhere near as fast as the first, and yet it was as though the culmination of the world had been forced into the blade.

The Chain Spear vibrated with happiness, its body growing by another foot and its weight doubling. It wasn't much since the spear had only been 50 pounds to begin with, but when matched with Forceful, Emonie's face could only drain of all of its blood.

A bloody hole tore through Emonie's stomach, the God Runes around it shattering. Hers weren't designed for defense to begin with, but rather area control. Faced with Leonel's strength, how could she last even a single exchange without Eliot's support.

Leonel caught her by her hair before she could fall to her knees, the pain of her roots holding up her body weight paling in comparison to the hold in her gut.

She couldn't believe what was happening. Even if her runes weren't meant for defense, a God Rune shouldn't be so easily shattered.

While it wouldn't be a problem for her to reform them with some meditation, that wasn't the problem. In the middle of battle, doing such a thing would be difficult. It was almost like Leonel was weakening her in real time and humiliating her for extra measure.

The wound through her stomach was lethal to most, but with her high vitality and the leaning of her God Runes, she would be just fine even for several days. However, it was this kind of horror that truly shook her to her core.

It was like Leonel had already seen through her with a single glance, enough to know this and act accordingly. What kind of monster had they provoked

However, when she heard Leonel's next words, she trembled and nearly pissed herself.

"You wanted to strip my Aina naked, right? Why don't you give everyone here a show, then?"

Leonel didn't plan on letting Emonie and Eliot off. He would thoroughly humiliate the both of them.

His spear rose into the air. However, before it could descend, a soft but forceful voice sounded.

"That's enough."

Jova stepped forward. Her expression seemed placid and her eyes were unmoved.

Just the same, though, Leone's spear didn't pause in the slightest, its tip catching the collar of Emonie's dress and slicing downward.


At that moment, a whip shot forward, forcing Leonel's spear back.

"I said, that's enough."

Leonel looked up, his cold gaze landing on Jova who calmly held a whip in her hand. It looked as though it had never been unfurled in the first place.

But, in that instant, Leonel's Absolute Domain surged, blades whirling in the air and shredding Emonie's dress and undergarments to pieces, even to the point of leaving faint marks across her fair skin.

It was clear that Leonel had enough control to not let these faint marks appear, but he had done so anyway.

The only slight saving grace for Emonie was that the hole in her gut had led to a flood of blood that obscured some of what was below. But, that didn't leave much to the imagination at all.

Emonie shrieked, trying to cover her body, but not to mention the fact her limbs felt too weak to do so, even if she could move freely, there was simply too much to cover.

Leonel's Chain Domain roared to life, wrapping around Emonie's wrists and ankles before lifting her into the skies.

"Today, I won't be letting any one of you off."

The ice cold of Leonel's voice made Jova's placid gaze tremble with fury. But, Leonel had already shot forward.

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