Novel Name : Dimensional Descent

Chapter 1481 Scolded

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Chapter 1481 Scolded

"—Right, as I was saying, fighting between disciples is usually not policed and competition is encouraged, but such a thing is also only allowed within certain limitations. If a Domain Ranked senior came down to thrust their sword at me, how would I even manage to survive?

"Thus, fights between disciples with large Rank divisions between them must be sanctioned or occur during certain exceptions.

"For example, if I enter a Faction's territory, they can deal with me with students and the entire full Rank above me without breaking the rules. Or, if I attack a higher Rank disciple first, then it doesn't matter what Rank they are.

"However, in this situation, that did not happen. I'm only in the Level 9 Quadrant Rank, but this Micrath individual attacked me. Not only did he attack me, but he attacked to kill.

"This is a violation of a Taboo Law. The exact Law states that Killing or Killing Intent toward a fellow disciple is prohibited. It's usually impossible to prove Killing Intent so it's rarely enforced, but he spoke quite clearly that he had intentions to kill me, I'm sure many heard it.

"But, this was just one of the Taboo Laws that he broke. Another is that a disciple of the Void Palace is the arbiter of peace for the Human Domain, they must not lay hands on or have the intent to harm the commoners.

"I might be ignorant of many things, but I know my father well enough to know that it's an impossibility that his name wouldn't be on at least one leaderboard. And yet, I don't see his name. The only explanation is that his name has been wiped from the record, meaning that he isn't a person of the Void Palace and should be able to receive its protection.

"And yet, this Micarth individual said that he would take his head in the future? Is that not intent to harm the commoners?

"I could list many other violations he's crossed, especially since he's on duty as the representative of a Majority Leader.

"Since it doesn't look like you believe me, I can still list at least one. When he came here, he said "I sentence you to death". Even if I committed the crime of breaking a Taboo Law, that would still be grounds for punishment.

"Vigilante justice is not allowed and represents the breaking of another rule. If anyone could dole out punishment, then what would we need the Void Senate for?

"If that's not enough, I can list another one too—"

"That's enough!" Cornelius finally couldn't take it anymore.

The moment Leonel started talking about Velasco and even called him a commoner, he almost couldn't stop himself from laughing anymore. There had to be a limit to shamelessness. That rule was in place to protect the weak, not to protect the man whom even the Void Elders were apprehensive of!

Aina bit her lips hard trying to hold back her laughter. Much of the crowd, even those dissatisfied with Leonel, couldn't help but look away, trying to hide the amusement in their eyes. Even Cornelius himself was forced to stop Leonel before he got any closer to losing his composure.

The only person who seemed truly infuriated was Micarth himself. Why was he being treated like some sort of jumping clown? He had been able to remain calm previously because he could already see the sign of Leonel's death. But, after being blown back twice and then forced to stop just before he could unleash his full strength, he felt stifled beyond compare.

Now he was forced to just stand here and listen to Leonel's nonsense. It was absolutely infuriating.

"Leonel, this is a serious matter. Since you're so familiar with the laws, you should also know that what you've done is intolerable. This cannot be allowed."

"I broke a Taboo Law?" Leonel blinked, feigning confusion. "I've read the laws of the Void Palace front to back, but even if I hadn't, there are only a few Taboo Laws and everyone knows them. I wouldn't be stupid enough to accidentally break one."

Cornelius' brow furrowed. This was much less funny, Leonel wasn't taking this matter seriously at all.

Setting aside the fact no one would believe a Fifth Dimensional existence had read all of their laws front to back, just the fact Leonel dared to say this made Cornelius' favorable impression plummet. Did Leonel think that he would just help him sweep this matter under the rug?

Even if Cornelius knew that killing Leonel would cause trouble, he was a man who followed the letter of the law to the end. Even if he had to allow the Void Palace to sacrifice him to sate Velasco's rage, he would do it. But, he wouldn't let Leonel prance atop his head like this.


Cornelius' voice was much more forceful, the momentum of a Seventh Dimensional existence blooming forth in waves. Many couldn't help but take a step back.

Leonel frowned, his joking attitude vanishing.

"This is so annoying," Leonel said, cutting Cornelius off. "No one bothers to do their research anymore. Someone said I castrated a person now it's suddenly fact? Did either of you two who came to mete out punishment even go and check?

"The Taboo states that the crime of castration is punishable by death, but I didn't castrate him. I crushed his penis and one of his balls, the other one is just fine. He can have children in the future. I have things to do, go and double check what the truth is before wasting my time.

"And I also hope this supposed Suiard family member is also punished to the standards of the law."

Leonel took Aina's hand and walked away, heading right toward his next mission sight.

Cornelius' lip twitched. He was trying to help Leonel previously, how had he suddenly ended up being scolded?

Only crushed one penis and one ball? Was he supposed to go and verify that now?

Cornelius' expression changed suddenly thinking of something. He stepped through the air, vanishing in the blink of an eye.

Micarth was left behind, seething.

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