Novel Name : Dimensional Descent

Chapter 1519 Six Star Demon

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Chapter 1519 Six Star Demon

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Leonel stepped over another corpse, his gaze incomparably focused. There was a large population of Five Star Demons in this region, he seemed to run into another one every few dozen meters.

Every time he took one down, he tried to see if there was anything special about them, or maybe something that connected them, but the answer seemed to be no. What he didn't know was that the shadows that were following him all had weird expressions.

They had never seen someone so casually ignore Demon corpses like that. Did he not know the value of them? Or did he really not care?

Five Star Demon corpses were very useful even into the Sixth Star, only Seven Star individuals wouldn't bother to give them a second glance. Well, either that, or the true geniuses of the Sixth Star.

Of course, they had no idea that Leonel truly didn't know.

Leonel knew that he was being watched, so he was trying to find a method of stealthily finding out what he needed. If he couldn't, that much would be fine too. After he gained access to the Oliidark family's library, he would find out one way or another. It wasn't that difficult for him to kill these demons to begin with.

It was at times like this that the range of his Starry Spirit Domain being so short was truly a problem. If he just had a meter or two, then he could envelop the demon corpse entirely. Then, he could enter it perfectly into his Dream Simulation then use a Dream Clone to check several methods of making use of these corpses. So long as the process wasn't too involved or require anything too complicated, it would only take him a few seconds to figure out why these Demons were so valuable.

Unfortunately, he couldn't do this, and there wasn't anything that seemed to tie these demons together. They all were of varying sizes and strengths, they used different methods to attack. They didn't even look the same. After the first werewolf demon, the ran into a spider demon, a snake demon, and he had even run into a weird looking whale demon that quite legitimately looked like a whale with two powerful legs.

How could he find any patterns like this?

Leonel's steps paused, his heartbeat becoming more solid and sustained.

Up ahead, there were two Demons. No, more accurately, there was one Demon and the other was nothing more than a ravaged corpse.

Leonel had never laid his eyes on something so eerie in his life.

It was a beautiful creature. Or, rather, it should have been. It was a unicorn with a beautiful white mane and silver hooves. From the back, it looked like it had come right out of a fairy tale.

However, when Leonel got closer, he noticed that it was nothing short of a nightmare.

Its neck and part of its torso was split in two. Grotesque vines wiggled out from the oval-shaped bloody hole, dripping with a sticky, viscous and clear liquid.

The mouth of the unicorn demon was filled with three rows of sharp teeth. Every time it bent down, it ripped out another chunk of the demon beneath it, chewing with a sickening look of satisfaction in its eyes.

It seemed that Leonel had found his first Six Star Demon.

The shadows watched this scene with their own gazes focused. Would he run?

That was their first thought. Leonel didn't understand anything about demons, but they knew "beautiful" demons like this were among the most dangerous. The less demon-like they were, the more powerful they were. As for why this was, no one was entirely sure. Or, at least those of their level had no idea.

Even if this was just a Tier 1 Six Star Demon, it was more dangerous than even most mid-level demons. In their opinion, Leonel's luck was terrible. Even if he chose to run, it was probably already too late. Even though the demon didn't seem to have noticed Leonel yet, it had likely already sensed him long ago.

However, much to their shock…


Leonel didn't bother to even try and hide his presence, a dense frosty aura radiating from him.

With every step he took, another patch of ice appeared on the ground. It looked like he was paving a road of glowing blue, a color that made his pale violet hair and eyes look all the more pleasing to the eye.

"You're pretty powerful, huh?" Leonel spoke to seemingly no one but himself, his smile cold. It wasn't a guarantee that the demon could even understand what he was saying as it finally looked up from its meal, curious about why this small human wasn't running. "How about you play with me a bit, then?"

Leonel stretched out his spear with a hand, the point beginning to glow with a furious golden light.

The unicorn demon bared its teeth, all three rows glistening with blood, saliva and chunks of flesh.

Leonel didn't seem to care about its answer. With another step, he vanished. But, the reaction of the unicorn demon wasn't slow in the slightest, the tentacles wiggling in the gaping hole shooting forward to intercept him.


Leonel's spear pierced outward with an unconscious speed, leaving after images in the air. It almost looked like he too had dozens of tentacles attacking at once.

To his astonishment, the tentacles of the unicorn were both flexible and as sturdy as blades. Every collision felt heavy and nothing like flesh at all.

Leonel's gaze flashed.



A curtain of gold seemed to cascade from Leonel, his speed reaching the point that the unicorn demon suddenly found all of its tentacles slapped into various directions. Before it could react, Leonel had appeared before it, his spear aiming right for its brows.

At that moment, the unicorn demon released a low growl, its singular horn and its silver hooves beginning to glow a beautiful bright crystalline color.

Its head lowered, its horn intercepting Leonel's blade.


A strong force ripped Leonel from his feet, sending him flying backward like a speed bullet.

At the same time, the wave of tentacles recovered, chasing after him with an aura of bloodlust multiplying around them.

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