Novel Name : Dimensional Descent

Chapter 1524 Faded

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Chapter 1524 Faded

The ease was too great. Leonel had a half foot radius around his body in which his Starry Spirit Domain could function without activating his bloodline. All he needed to do was touch something, and so long as it was compact enough, it would functionally, for all intents and purposes, be within his Dream World. And once that happened, everything was fair game.

Leonel no longer had to consciously use Dream Sculpt to transfer something into his Dream World now. This saved him time, effort and stamina. On top of this, he was also able to copy things that would have usually been far beyond his means in the past as well.

All that was left now was to organize them, and that was where Dream Unify came into being.

Sleeping was the ultimate organization effort. Leonel realized that rather than wasting time doing it all himself, he could allow the natural functions of his body to take hold of its own processes. With the middleman cut out, not only would he be able to rest, but the process would also be far faster.

Like this, the first Dream ability where Leonel would truly be asleep was born. And just like that, his mind began to whir at seemingly inhuman speeds, rapidly categorizing everything into memories as though he had personally read it all.

When it was done, Leonel opened his eyes.

He entered the shower, washed him of the demon blood that had covered him, and then sat cross legged on his bed. His expression was frighteningly cold, the picture of concentration, even the temperature of the room seemed to plummet. But, that all vanished when he closed his eyes.

The knowledge assimilated into Leonel and he exhaled a long breath.

The first thing he looked toward was the information about demons.

According to this, demons came in different ranks. The one he had just fought was known as a Middle Demon. Lower, Middle and Higher Demons were all collectively known as Low Class Demons.

Beyond Low Class Demon were, unsurprisingly, Middle Class Demons. They were separated into Uncommon Demon, Rare Demons and Elite Demons. These Demons usually had real names and species to go with them and were less reliant on sudden mutation. They also tended to be more "beautiful".

One would think that this was all, but beyond this there were still High Class Demons, Humanoid Demons, Fiend Demons and Chaos Demons. Each of which had divisions of their own, enough for 18 sub-classes, with each one having a large gap between them.

Leonel found this especially hard to wrap his head around. If a Low Class Demon was actually so powerful, then what about a Middle Class Demon? What about a Humanoid Demon? A Chaos Demon?

Leonel might have defeated the unicorn demon in just a single strike, but he had used at least 30% of his strength. While this might shock the Oliidark family, to him this meant that he was far too lacking.

There were definitely people in this world capable of fighting these demons, or else the human race would have already long since been overrun!

Just by Leonel's initial calculations, if he needed 30% of his strength already, that meant that at best, right now he could fight a Tier 1 Sixth Star Uncommon Demon. He didn't have a chance against a Rare Demon, let alone a High Class Demon or beyond. And that was if he could go all out.

Of course, Leonel was still in the Fifth Dimension. Or, rather, the Fifth Star. But he felt that even if he had a perfect breakthrough, the best he'd be able to do was face the best of the High Class Demons. At the same level… He really didn't think he'd be a match for a Humanoid Demon of the lowest level, and there were still eight more sub-classes to go!

Just what was this world?!

This wasn't a matter of raw strength, this was a matter of talent. Pure talent.

The reason Leonel couldn't fight these demons wasn't because they were more powerful, it was because they were far more talented than him. And, by proxy, this meant that there were also humans here far more talented than him.

Leonel suddenly felt a tingling sensation. Even though his eyes were still closed, his lips couldn't help but spread into a grin. It was a wild, unrestrained grin that only seemed to grow wilder by the second.

How interesting.

When Wise Star Order told him that there were plenty of people out there that were more talented than him, he had believed it. But when he entered the Void Palace, he was fairly disappointed. His excitement came, but then it fizzled out just as quickly. Things just became uninteresting to him. If it wasn't for the Green Thread Faction antagonizing him, he probably wouldn't have bothered with much other than preparing himself for the Heir War.

After all, Leonel had yet to revive his friends and he still had a lot of work to do toward building a Faction in the future. He didn't have time to play petty games. Though, defeating the Green Thread Faction would have actually netted him quite a bit and thus made it worth it.

Still, Leonel had resigned himself to that boredom.

Of course, Leonel had also yet to meet the true geniuses of the Void Palace. He hadn't met the previous Amethyst Token wielders, nor had he fought Amery at his full strength, and he also hadn't faced off against the members of his generation after they broke through to the Sixth Dimension.

But he still could only deal with what was right in front of him. And nothing that had been in front of him excited him aside from his grandfather's way of the spear. Ironically, though, his mastering a portion of that only made things more boring.

Now, though, Leonel couldn't help but realize that if he hadn't mastered calligraphy, what would have become of him? Let alone a Middle Class Demon? Would he have even been capable of defeating a Low Class Demon?

The appearance of this Zone had been so abrupt and sudden, there was no time to prepare. He was simply thrust into this situation without cause or warning. What if his uncle had let him run away that day? Or what if this Zone appeared a year earlier?

Leonel's grin faded. The problem with his mindset seemed to become more glaring to him every day.

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