Novel Name : Dimensional Descent

Chapter 1530 A Realization

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Chapter 1530 A Realization

As the blue Force flooded Leonel's veins, the development of his Spear Domain in his mind evolved. The neural connections between them and his body grew thicker and more numerous, muscle memory that Leonel had already formed becoming far more refined, perfect, and even more reflexive than before.

At the same time, Leonel's King's Might surged into his body.

A royal air bloomed from Leonel unconsciously, his bearing and presence alone exuding a pressure that blanketed the estate. It felt as though violet clouds were gathering above, a beautiful scenery that many only wanted to bow to appeared.

The silhouette of a humanoid dawned in armor and holding a bow and spear appeared to Leonel's back, only to fuse with his body.

The intangible feeling suddenly became tangible, almost as though now every one of Leonel's actions held within it an Artistic Intention.

While this was happening, the Speed and Healing Branch of Leonel's Starry Tailed Fox Lineage Factor thrummed with life and vitality.

Even without moving a single inch, Leonel knew that his speed had increased by more than tenfold, his already ridiculous Healing Factor also increasing once more. Now whereas the limit was healing from Seventh Dimensional injuries, Leonel felt he could instantly heal from Eighth Dimensional injuries. On top of this, he also felt that he could use [Instant Recovery] not just once, but three times a day!

Still, the largest changes were to the most directly body related Lineage Factor of them all, Leonel's Metal Synergy Bloodline.

His Bronze Runes reacted as though they had been stuffed with stimulants. Leonel's cells became more compact and began to give off a blueish bronze hue of their own. His body had already been strong enough to match Tier 9 Bronze treasures or even Quasi Silver treasures, but the strength it was giving off now transcended that.

Leonel felt that he had definitely crossed the Sixth Dimensional barrier despite his body still being within the Fifth.

The changes came in waves and they seemed unending. And yet, rather than becoming more complex, it felt like they were all slowly coming together, revolving around the very same path from the very beginning, as though there was only ever one real path to follow in the first place.

Every breakthrough in Tier was like another step in evolution. Rather than just the shackles of his mind being undone as was customary for the Fifth Dimension, it felt like his entire being was being unshackled.

By the end of it, Leonel had such a clear vision of what he wanted that he didn't even hesitate to forget everything he knew and form ten Stars instead of nine.

Leonel realized that the only reason his seventh and eighth Stars were made of Scarlet Star Force was because he had made it so by using his Innate Nodes to break through as he had done. However, that didn't mean that he was locked down toward a single path. In fact, if he formed his ninth and tenth Stars with Scarlet Star Force as well, it would almost be overkill.

The way Leonel saw it, the set up of his Stars were perfect currently.

He had three of Dream Force. This would work to reinforce and power his Ability Index and his strongest weapon: his mind.

He had three for Vital Star Force. He had known from the very beginning how important his body would be to him. This was why he had formed his Innate Nodes as he had, one in the brain stem, two down the spine, two in his heart, two in his lungs, two in his kidneys and one in his stomach. This configuration was perfect for fueling the strength of his body and revitalizing it.

With three such Stars, this would be supplemented well.

But why would he need four Scarlet Star Force Stars? He already had two Nodes and two Stars, four centers from which he could pull from. He definitely didn't need six and it wouldn't make him any more powerful. In fact, it might lead to a situation where he was being harmed by his own strength instead.

So, instead, Leonel helped fuel the final thing he needed, the very thing he would need to balance his Scarlet Star Force.

Leonel had been worrying about exactly how to form a source of this energy for a long while and he didn't expect for it to fall in his lap like this. And now, he happened to have just enough Dark and Water Force affinity to trigger its appearance.

In the Dimensional Verse, Leonel wouldn't dare to do this. The quantity of Force was too small and too low quality. It was difficult for him to find Vital Star Force and Scarlet Star Force to use.

However, what these last seven days had taught him was that this world was very different. It somehow had an abundance of this Force, so much that Leonel was in awe.

So he was certain. He was certain that if he tried to form his final two Stars of Void Star Force, he might be able to succeed!f

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