Novel Name : Dimensional Descent

Chapter 1554 Human Class Sector

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Chapter 1554 Human Class Sector

"Do you really have a way out?" Aina asked.

"Of course, aren't I amazing?" Leonel grinned.

The two shot through the portal, appearing in an all new city Sector that was clearly even larger than the High Class Sect. But what was special about this location was the fact that there didn't seem to be any demons present to attack them automatically. In fact, even after a quick sweep with his senses, Leonel found that he couldn't find any in a kilometer range either, at least not with a surface level sweep.

Leonel's gaze narrowed at this prospect. This was the Human Class and it was considered a huge dividing line between the Low, Middle and High Classes. Demons of this caliber were truly dangerous.

If Stophiar's strength was anything to go by, this Sector would definitely not be easy to manage. The level of power Stophiar had was the equivalent of top level Sector Ranked disciples of the Void Palace, yet his elders had still sent him down to the High Class Sector.

This meant one thing for sure: that they only felt that Stophiar could guarantee them a victory there. That meant that, without a doubt, there were people equally as if not more powerful than that here, and not all of them would have affinities that Leonel could easily just crush, so they had to be exceptionally cautious.

It was very likely that many of these people would have power, maybe rivaling or even surpassing that of his mother, and to Leonel, he still couldn't see the peak his mother stood at.

The higher up in Dimensions you went, the larger the dividing lines between individual Tiers was. It would be difficult. Very difficult. The other Sectors had been almost too easy, but this time Leonel would have to prepare a bit.

His greatest evolution wasn't in the strength of his body, but rather the strength of his mind.

Even if he couldn't leave this place with a Gold Tablet of his own, he had no intention of leaving behind the Silver Tablet. He had to have at least that.

"Are you sure?" Aina raised an eyebrow.

"Are you doubting me?" Leonel's serious expression vanished into a teasing one. "I'm hurt."

Aina rolled her eyes. Was there even anyone in the world who trusted him more at this point?

When it came to matters of strength, Aina didn't even think twice. She didn't even blink when he said he could promote his Bow Force whenever he wanted.

But right now, they were stuck in a Zone. When she had met Leonel again, she had shed a tear because seeing him at least meant that if they were going to die here, they could do so together. She realized then that even if she could never get revenge for her mother, she would be able to calm her heart so long as Leonel was by her side.

Ultimately, she had already resigned to a life of being stuck in this place. Though it was quite harsh and demons were a constant, looming threat, it wasn't much different from their own world, the threats were just different.

Plus, this place didn't seem to have Invalids obsessed with stealing her away to force her to birth their children. So, in her books, this was an enormous plus. She couldn't even put into words just how revolting and sick just the thought of it was to her.

But now Leonel was saying that he could bring them out.

It had to be known that in the history of the Dimensional Verse, no one had ever succeeded in such a thing. Powerful experts had been lost inside, never to return. Even the children of powerful experts had been stuck, but even their parents couldn't get them out.

It was impossible. Completely impossible.

"You aren't lying to me to make me feel better, right?"

Aina didn't look angry at the prospect. In fact, her eyes looked quite vulnerable right this moment. Regardless of the answer, she wouldn't get angry.

Leonel probably knew how important revenge was to her. Even if she could force her heart to settle down and forget, that didn't mean that she would be truly at ease if she couldn't make the Brazinger family pay.

But she wanted him to know that it was alright. He didn't have to go so far and push himself so much if it was truly impossible.

Leonel's smile faded and his expression turned serious. His hand reached forward and he smoothed out a piece of loose hair, his actions impossibly gentle for a man who had just crippled another with that very same palm just moments ago.

"I can do the impossible."

They were simple words and wildly boastful, but Aina still felt her heart bloom. For some reason, she was certain that he wasn't lying.

"Okay," Aina grabbed onto Leonel's arm with a happy smile. "If you really succeed, I can clear my baby making time slots for you."

Leonel's serious and cool demeanor shattered as he choked on air. "Clear? Time slots? What's that supposed to mean?"

Aina looked away as though he hadn't heard him at all.

"Look, a demon!"

Leonel's head snapped in the direction Aina had pointed in, but there was nothing there. Realizing he had been duped, his head snapped back only to realize that Aina had vanished into a puff of crimson, her speed impossibly fast.

Leonel was speechless. How had he fallen for the oldest trick in the book? Especially when his senses were the strongest ability he had?

After recovering, Leonel laughed, a whirl of Light Force appearing around him as he shot forward. Compared to the speed he had displayed before, this was easily dozens of times faster.

A streak of crimson and one of gold tore a path through the city, toeing a line between two accumulating armies.

The Human Class Sector was, indeed, a lot different. The demons knew how to use their brains, how to strategize and bide their time.

This was why, the moment Leonel and Aina appeared, they immediately became number one and two on the leaderboards.

Once the battle truly began, it would be a bloodbath.

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