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Novel Name : Dimensional Descent

Chapter 1642 Settled

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Chapter 1642 Settled

Leonel restarted from the very beginning, using Urbe Ore to build up his foundation just like he had from the very beginning. However, the Urbe Ore he used this time couldn't be compared to the last in the slightest, and that was because he tempered this Urbe Ore with Cleansing Waters first.

Much like with Force Crystals, the Essence of Urbe Ore, or Ores in general for that matter, could be segregated into pure and impure. Leonel hadn't been aware of this the first time he began his journey in cultivating Metal Body, but after seeing the effects the Cleansing Waters had on his new Innate Node, he easily extrapolated these matters toward other potential applications.

He found that after using Cleansing Waters, the amount of Essence one needed for an Ore to be considered "whole" dropped by as much as half. This meant that an Ore tempered by Cleansing Waters could produce the same effects with less volume used.

? This was a huge discovery. If Leonel had known this ahead of time, of the billions he had spent purely on resources in the exchange, he could have put much of it toward other resources.

It was already too late to change this, but all was not hopeless. After all, if Leonel looked at things from a glass half full perspective, then this meant that about half the resources he had were suddenly freed up. He could still use these to exchange for more wealth, or better yet, put them toward more Crafts.

Now that Leonel had returned to the Human Domain, he was extremely wealthy. It had to be remembered that his mother had left billions worth of Urbe Ore for him. His wealth was comparable to most Seventh Dimensional individuals, and even dwarfed a good majority of them if he really thought about it.

But when building a faction, one couldn't have too much money. There was simply no such thing.

As Leonel absorbed the cleansed Urbe Ore, his body was filled with a unique feeling. It felt almost as though energies were softly massaging every inch of him, gently caressing the contours of his figure. It was an elevating sort of experience.

The energies flowed smoother and Leonel's pores seemed to sing.

He already would face no bottlenecks up to the Sixth Dimension, but he suddenly realized that he would hardly face them in general if he always used cleansed Ores like this.

It wasn't long before Leonel's body reached absolute perfection in the Third Dimension.

Despite the fact he had used Pure Urbe Ore, Leonel actually absorbed much more now than he had in the past. In fact, the gap wasn't just a few kilograms. The amount he needed was truly astronomical.

In the past, due to his Metal Body barely breaking into the Fourth Dimension, Leonel had been able to battle well above his Dimension. Of course, his enemies back then had also been mediocre talents, but the sentiment was still true.

Now, his current Metal Body's foundation was even more exaggerated and there was a difference of at least a hundred times. With such a gap, even if he was facing the premiere talents of the Human Domain back then, his battle prowess would be just as impressive.

Leonel smoothly entered the Fourth Dimension, the smooth edges of his body becoming rougher and more defined. However, even with this being the case, he maintained his flexibility and he didn't feel that his body had gotten heavier.

Metal Synergy was considered to be the best defensive Lineage of the Human Domain being it lacked the usual weaknesses. That said, it was more accurate to say that these weaknesses were instead less prevalent rather than being eliminated entirely.

Leonel had still experienced his body becoming exceptionally heavy in the past and he had to practice flexibility techniques to ensure that he didn't become too stiff in his movements.

But now, these problems seem like a thing of the past. The pliability of his body didn't change in the slightest. In fact, because he had just reconstructed his body after being eaten alive, he had the range of movements and flexibility of a newborn, there was no tension in his body whatsoever.

As for his weight, he felt like his Gravity Domain had become so much more refined. Rather than applying it to his surroundings, he could apply it to individual portions of his body, making his punches as heavy as a moon if he so wished it.

The Gravity Domain of his Lineage Factor was one that Leonel used rarely, honestly because he had too many abilities to choose from. It wasn't often powerful enough that the use was worthwhile, especially since Leonel spent so much of his time fighting individuals so much more powerful than himself.

Now, however, he felt that it had the potential to become far more of a staple to his battle prowess. His control had reached the point where he could even apply it individually, making his spear as heavy as a mountain or his arrows more piercing than an enemy could contend with.

After Leonel was finished calmly analyzing the changes to himself, he waved a hand and caused the next stage of tempered ores to rise out from the river.

The Ores formed into two even piles and would be the foundation of his Fourth Dimensional Metal Body. As expected, they fell into two piles, one for Water Force and the other for Life Force.

There were two kinds of Water Force Ores that Leonel had chosen. One emphasized the defenses of Water Force and the other emphasized the heaviness of Water Force.

Void Star Force was a Water Force known for its defenses, but the method by which it did so was also important.

There was a reason it was named Void Star Force, and that was because when manifested, the Force was akin to a blackhole. Not only did it have a huge amount of density, nothing could make it past it, swallowing everything in its vicinity whole.

Thus, Leonel wanted high affinities for Water Forces with high absorption capabilities and density, thus he settled on these two categories.

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