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Novel Name : Dimensional Descent

Chapter 1657 Changes

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Chapter 1657 Changes

Leonel stepped down from Void Senate Peak with a smile on his face. He didn't really know what actions the Void Palace would take, at least not for certain, but he also didn't care very much. What he was more focused on right this moment was, as he said, squeezing out all the potential the Void Palace had to offer him.

"What do you want to do?" Aina asked.

"Well, the Void Palace is good for training and for gathering up resources. I have a lot of resources at my fingertips now, but they're mostly in one box. I still need a lot of other things.

"Right now, we have the demon corpses, we have the Dream Star Gathering Beast Formation, the Focus Crystals and the Perfection Stone.

"Of those, the Perfection Stone and Focus Crystals are very important for our training, but we only have enough of those for the two of us. I can't build up our faction like that, especially since I have to catch up on a lot of lost time.

"Beyond that, most of my wealth is in Ores, even most of the wealth my mother left for me is in Urbe Ore. While it's useful, they're ironically in a state that's too liquid."

There were two major problems that those running an organization faced, and both were opposite sides of the same coin.

The one that was most obvious was having too little money, but on the other hand, having too much money was also another problem. If you let money sit without doing anything, it was as good as not having it at all. The best organization heads were able to maximize the resources they had on hand and would usually spend almost as soon as they received.

Only by money constantly exchanging hands in a cycle could an organization maximize growth properly.

Of course, Leonel didn't believe he had reached such a state. In fact, I have too little money. But even though his fortune was small, he still hadn't made the best use of it just yet.

"Still, that's a problem for another time. Right now, since my focus is to squeeze the Void Palace for all it's worth, then the main task isn't to make my funds less liquid, but actually to increase that. At the same time, we also need to maximize our strengths and knowledge.

"First, I need to return to the Void Library. But in order to do that, I'll need a lot of Void Points and Void Merits. So the first thing we need to do is do some missions to exchange for an entry token."

Aina nodded and smiled. "Okay."

Last time Leonel entered the Void Library, his mind had already been at the pinnacle of the Seventh Dimension, but he could hardly make use of it.

Firstly, he had still been in the Fifth Dimension so his mind was shackled by chains that had greatly loosened now. In addition, he had yet to form the Star Runes that he had now.

Leonel believed that his performance would be much better now in comparison to the past. In fact, he was hoping that he could assimilate all the information in the Void Library.

By Leonel's calculations, he was actually still far from being able to accomplish this. However, he had a feeling that pushing himself in the Void Library would help him gain more inklings into how to properly manipulate his Dream Force. If he could find those inklings, then his odds of success would be far greater.

If he assimilated the entire Void Library… Well, as they say, knowledge was power.

Leonel and Aina wasted no time and immediately went to a Senate Branch. Just like the past, they were all dotted all across the Void Palace. However, when Leonel and Aina attempted to trade for missions, they were stunned by the result.

"Sorry, there are no Void Star Missions, or any missions for that matter, that meet up to your requirements."

Leonel blinked when he heard this, not quite understanding. No Void Star Missions? How was that even possible?

Seemingly seeing Leonel's confusion, the Senate Branch overseer assumed that Leonel and Aina were two recently promoted Nominal Disciples who were just trying to look at Void Star Missions for fun. It would make sense why they were in the dark about these matters if this was the case.

Often, it took the most ordinary of Nominal Disciples decades to climb up from their ranks and reach the main Void Palace. So, even though it had been years since everyone had all returned, they wouldn't quite understand the situation.

It could be said that this overseer had a relatively good temperament. If anyone else had made such an assumption, they would have already tried to chase Leonel and Aina away.

"In recent years, all of the Void Star Missions have been cleared by the Constellation Stars. About a decade or so ago, they all started a competition between themselves and the result was all of the Void Star Missions, and even the Void Death Missions, all being cleared. Even the higher level Sector Ranked missions weren't safe."

The overseer sighed, shaking his head. Most of his generation felt the exact same way. That generation was simply too outstanding, and the geniuses of Earth that followed after them were just as outstanding as well.

The Void Star and Void Death Missions had withstood the test of time for so long, and yet in just a couple decades, they had all vanished, forcing the Void Palace to not only adjust their difficulty ratings, but to also add special rewards for high difficulty missions.

"Unfortunately, due to the change in the rules, pretty much all high difficulty missions are monopolized by the Constellation Stars and their Factions and Parties. They have a direct line to the Void Senate, so the missions are snatched up before they can even appear here."

The overseer shook his head.

"Anyway, I'm sorry I can satisfy your curiosity. There are still many normal missions to pick from here. They'll allow anything they aren't interested in to slip through the cracks."

The overseer smiled and began pulling out missions he felt were on Leonel and Aina's level. But before he could continue, Leonel reached out a hand to stop them.

"They monopolize missions? And what if I want one of those monopolized missions?"

The overseer blinked.

"Well… That would be a bit troublesome. Although it's not explicitly stated in the rules, due to the ambiguousness of the change, claiming missions has become a free for all and there are certain unspoken rules now.

"There are many more so-called "high difficulty" missions now because of Earth and its Zones appearing all over the Human Domain. There are even signs that Earth's world will swallow up almost half of the Human Domain with its next evolution. There's also a lot of covert activity in the shadows by the Cloud Race and other enemies of humanity to contend with.

"But despite the sheer number of high difficulty missions there are, the demand for them is even greater. So now, there are battles to decide who can claim them, but even entering to witness these battles is a very exclusive right, let alone participating in them.

"Are you interested in viewing these battles for missions? I'd have to advise you against it… The tickets are too expensive, and just buying them in the first place requires a certain degree of prestige."

Leonel frowned.

To think that there would be so many changes.

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