Novel Name : Dimensional Descent

Chapter 1654 Proven Right

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Chapter 1654 Proven Right

Leonel knew that he would likely be the subject of a plot very soon. In fact, he didn't know if this was a scheme or not, although he felt that the potential that it was was just about 10%, likely less.

Rosen carried too important a position in the Suiard family, and though the Morales and Suiards were always at each other's throats, Leonel didn't believe that they were incompetent enough to have a traitor at such a high ranking, nor did he believe that the Suiard family itself was a traitor to the Human Domain.

In all likelihood, this was really just a coincidence. But that didn't mean that the scheme wasn't coming.

In order to deal with that inevitable end, Leonel had to position himself properly while also squeezing out as many benefits as he could from the Void Palace in the meantime. Even though this would piss a lot of people off, and there might even be some people on the side of humanity who thought his actions to be too selfish and abhorrent, all he cared about was the end result.

For now, they would treat him as public enemy number one, but when the time came that he wiped the Three Finger Cult from existence, they would come to understand the actions he would take this time around.

Rosen slowly nodded to Leonel's words as though he was confirming what he was hearing for himself, and ensuring that this was, indeed, reality.

This was likely the first time in the history of the Void Palace that a student of the Sixth Dimension dared to act in this way. Although Leonel hadn't said it in so many words, this was no doubt a threat. This singular young man suddenly held what was likely the fate of humanity by the balls and he had such a sickening smile on his face.

Anyone seeing such a scene would have a hard time telling just who was the hero and who was the villain.

It felt like the moment Leonel had chosen Aina over humanity, he stopped caring about those details as they simply didn't matter to him. He had already resigned himself to the fact that many people would die due to his decisions, but he still felt that this was the only path forward.

In his time in the Dimensional Verse, he had taken the life of almost 1000 people. In fact, he knew the exact number 932. This was a number that accounted for the Human Domain and Zones.

If he accounted for the number of lives that he had "taken" via second hand means, meaning through his commands, or his schemes, the number was easily tenfold that. If he chose not to be hypocrite and accounted for the number of demons and beasts he had killed as well, the number was at least twofold of that.

He had come a long way from the teenage boy who almost allowed his life to be taken by a young woman because he couldn't bear the sins on his shoulders any longer. A very long way.

The clarity he felt now was unlike anything he had ever experienced. Those few days of quiet harmony he had spent with Aina had taught him a lot and it made him understand a large measure more about himself, and namely, the weight he had accepted on his shoulders.

That day in the Rapax Nest, he had allowed his father to take that burden away from him for a time. But now… It was about time he took that burden back.

Standing there, facing a Seventh Dimensional expert who wanted nothing more than to take his life, Leonel stood tall and proud, his gaze unwavering and his smile calm.

Those watching such a scene suddenly felt like they were watching a stand off of two equals. No… it even faintly felt like Leonel was on a level all to his own. Even in the face of someone more than just a single large Dimension ahead of him, he could still maintain such an air.

Rosen finished nodding his head, giving Leonel a deep look.

"I will relay your words properly."

Leonel chuckled. Relay his words? What words had he spoken, exactly?

At that moment, Aina awoke from her focused state and looked around with a hint of confusion. Seeing the bleeding Treanna to Leonel's back and the young man with an arrow in her chest, her lips couldn't help but twitch. She had been lost in her own world for all of a few minutes and yet this trouble magnet had gone and done it again.

"Don't look at me like that, this time it's your fault."

Aina rolled her eyes, but didn't bother to refute Leonel's words.

After handing her pendants over to Rosen respectfully, Aina allowed Leonel to take her hand and they both strolled out from the Void Senate.

Those watching couldn't help but feel waves rolling in their hearts. For some reason, they felt that there would be a big upheaval in the Void Palace very soon.

"I will let this matter go once. All future conflicts must occur outside of Void Senate grounds, including all branches. This is a rule that has been written and stone and cannot be violated. If there is a second time, I will triple the punishment."

Rosen left these words behind as he turned and left, his gaze a frightening and chilly cold.

? Not long after Leonel, Aina and Rosen left, the members of Treanna's Party came rushing over. Some spectators remained in this area precisely to see this matter through as Treanna's Party was not simple at all. In fact, it was among the so-called "Silent Majority", a group of up and coming newly established Parties that were beginning their attempt to become the replacement for the Stalwart Polearm Party. In fact, even the Stalwart Polearm Party themselves had been promoted once again and become part of this Silent Majority.

Everyone had said that Leonel's generation was the most talented the Human Domain had ever seen, and time proved them right. The vast majority of the heads of this Silent Majority were precisely the very youths that Leonel had entered the Rapax Nest with.

And, as though that wasn't enough, one of the executive positions of Treanna's Party was led by a young man who Leonel was very familiar with… A young man who had even threatened not just Leonel, but the whole Morales family in the past.

He was none other than the only other young man to master Sixth Dimensional Bow Force in the Fifth Dimension alongside Leonel, a genius of the Constellation Bow Alliance, Nazag Tarius.

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