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Novel Name : Dimensional Descent

Chapter 1664 Buried History

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Chapter 1664 Buried History

The coldness in Valor's eyes reached a tipping point, the aura he was exuding made Quonor's confident smile waver as a flicker of fear danced within the depths of her eyes. However, just when it seemed that he was about to do something, Leonel smiled and patted him on the shoulder.

"Thanks for your help, Valor. I'll take you up on that offer. Me and Aina would like to enter."

Valor looked away from Quonor and met Leonel's gaze before nodding lightly.

Without another word, Leonel walked into and through the group of young geniuses, his expression not very hurried at all.

As far as Leonel was concerned, starting a massacre here wouldn't extend his time in the Void Palace. In fact, it would most definitely shorten it. The larger the commotion he caused, the more rushed his time in this place would be. But he still needed time to squeeze all the benefits he could out of the Void Palace.

Although the Zone seemed to have much stronger methods, Leonel didn't forego what the Void Palace had to offer either. There were still large riches of information to be had in this place and secrets that he would only be able to understand through it.

If he had been able to unearth all of the secrets of the Zone in one go, he might care about the Void Palace's things any longer. But he had spent too little time in there. As such, he was still in a situation where he knew too little about the wider secrets of the Dimensional Verse.

In that case, he would make sure to rob the Void Palace of everything it had before he leisurely left with a smile on his face.

The youths watched as Leonel crossed their faces without a care, he hadn't even seemed to take Quonor's words to heart. In fact, he completely disregarded them. That said, just because he did, didn't mean that Aina would as well. After all, didn't she have her own temper?

Still holding onto Leonel's hand, she turned back with a dark glow in her eyes.

"Your elder brothers, sisters and cousins already lost to him once over 20 years ago. I'm afraid that two decades still wasn't enough to catch up. Maybe you should ask them what exactly happened in the Rapax Nest. But then again, saving you all wasn't exactly a one time occurrence, now was it?"

A coercion laced mental attack seemed to be hidden within her voice, thrumming against the mind of the youths that were present. Quonor in particular felt her heart jolt, finding, to her horror, that her nose and ears were all bleeding.

Aina's words resonated like bells in their skulls, the blood running in reverse and their hearts beating hard to catch up. It felt as though if they were the slightest bit careless, their chests would implode, forming blood flowers that marked the place of their deaths.

Information about exactly what had happened in the Rapax Nest had been overshadowed by the actions of Leonel's father that day and the position the Cataclysm Generation had taken afterward. Having been stimulated by Leonel and Amery, they went into seclusion, wishing to make a perfect breakthrough into the God Path as quickly as possible.

Back then, Conon had claimed that breaking into the God Path would close the gap between themselves and Leonel's Innate Node, and it seemed that many of them had agreed with this sentiment. Being spurred on by the fire of competition, they all went into hiding soon after.

It was because of this that even after a year in the Void Palace, Leonel hadn't heard anything about the members of his generation, and that included even Amery who had placed all of his focus toward the Sword Domain's Tribulation.

At the same time, the Sword Faction of the Void Palace didn't want to reveal the details of what caused all of this to happen, or else the Suaird family might have to face the ire of many families for putting their children at risk all for the sake of allowing Amery a chance to gain a second Ability Index.

And, of course, the second mastermind of the matter, Third Nova Xavnik, obviously didn't want to make his involvement clear either or else the truth about him betraying the Spear Faction to help the Sword Faction toward his own ends would have also been exposed.

Then, this ultimately came to a head when the Cataclysm descended and such small details simply didn't seem to matter at all.

Due to this, the one of the Cataclysm Generation whose name should have held the most weight, Leonel Morales, was overshadowed. It also didn't help that speculations of nepotism were rampant.

However, right this moment, Aina's words seemed to have jolted them all awake. She had, of course, been there. Could it be that their understanding of the situation was flawed?

By the time they recovered themselves, Leonel and Aina had already appeared before the disciple manning the Void Tower and handed over their badges.

"This will be our first entry," Leonel said lightly.

With all of their records wiped clean, this would, indeed, be their first entry. Since the Void Palace wanted to play, he would happily play along with them.

The disciple hesitated, but sensing the gaze of Valor, he could only shiver and accept the badges, inputting them into the system and allowing Leonel and Aina to enter.

Not even a half minute after Leonel and Aina had entered, a commotion arose in the Void Tower region once again.

"Simona, there's still time to back down. I'm not a fan of crushing women outside the bedroom. Of course, if you want a taste of me, I can lay my pride down and give you a night."

The laughter rang out like thunder, booming to the point even the ground quaked.

However, the ice beauty who seemed to be the target of it all didn't respond in the slightest. She walked slowly and in an unhurried fashion, and yet her steps carried her forward dozens of meters at a time.

She had a beauty beyond words and an elegance surpassing reason, just the small showing of soft flesh that flashed out of the slit in her dress was enough to make many swoon.


At that moment, a heavy figure fell from the skies.

Simona Pyius and Conon Lio had arrived. But, they weren't alone.

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