Novel Name : Dimensional Descent

Chapter 1668 The Gap

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Chapter 1668 The Gap

This was the first time that Leonel was in a world like this one. It felt ominous and could easily make a person feel small. The vastness of an ocean wasn't something that could be easily fathomed. Even as a person now of the Sixth Dimension, it still filled Leonel with thoughts of inferiority in a way that even the vastness of space couldn't.

However, Leonel still faced it all with a smile, the tip of his spear trembling slightly.

Right then, suddenly and without any sort of precursor, Leonel stepped forward and pierced. His movements were fluid and without hitching, everything about his form touching onto a pinnacle of perfection that most couldn't fathom.

With every step he took, the waters rippled. And with every pierce, they split apart.

Waves rose and the blue waters rushed upward like a pair of tsunamis, seemingly looking to swallow Leonel whole but being completely unable to crash down around him as his movements only became more and more fierce.

One step, two, three.

The creatures lurking in the vast blue ocean couldn't even complete their attacks or surface. The moment they touched the dome of Leonel's senses, he would pierce outward, his motions unhurried and unbothered.

His Spear Force seemed to reap God Runes. Mighty constructs that could instill fear in others didn't seem capable of even causing Leonel's expression to change. Whether it was soft and weak flesh or sturdy and hard scaled, his spear pierced through them all just as easily, a radiant golden light flourishing around him as though he was insistent on becoming the new center of the world.

Leonel's spear spun in his hands, a mighty scythe of gold splitting the ocean in two.

The water rushed away, only to reveal an enormous leviathan-like creature which didn't even get the chance to roar out in pain before it was split into two, its eyes turning vacant even as the ocean's walls crashed down around it once again.

Leonel looked down beneath his feet without much of a change to his expression. Then, he took a step forward, vanishing into the next floor.

Leonel could feel the difficulty increasing. It was as though the closer he got to the Seventh Dimension, the further along an exponential curve that he traveled. The burden placed on him wasn't very great at all, after all, he still hadn't used much more than a fraction of his strength or trump cards. But he could feel that the gap between the floors was steadily growing larger and larger.

When Leonel crushed Conon's record, surpassed the 42nd floor, cruising through the 43rd and rushing up the 47th, he finally felt that he was reaching a point where more and more of his strength was being forcefully squeezed out and less of his casual strikes were effective. At the very least, he could no longer just tap the air with a pair of fingers and expect that to claim victory.

Everyone watching had expected something like this to happen. The gap between the Sixth and Seventh Dimensions was simply too enormous. Even the likes of the Cataclysm Generation, despite having reached the peak of the Sixth Dimension, wouldn't dare to say that they could face off against even the weakest individual of the Seventh Dimension and that was fundamentally because…

Such a saying was an oxymoron.

There were no weak individuals who could enter the Seventh Dimension. They didn't exist. And this was especially so for those who took the God Path.

Due to the specific characteristics of the God Path, improving in it was far more difficult than the Conventional Path. Someone on the Conventional Path, so long as they had a bit of talent, could force their way into the Seventh Dimension through the use of time, effort and resources, a lot of resources.

However, someone in the God Path could not do this. No amount of resources could allow you to progress in the God Path. The only method of advancing was through comprehension, only then could you accumulate the Force necessary for your breakthrough.

The leap necessary to cross from the Sixth Dimension to the Seventh was absolutely enormous.

Theoretically, even if one had entered the Sixth Dimension with the God Path, you could continue through from Tier 1 to Tier 9 mostly using methods of the Conventional Path. But, upon reaching the pinnacle, unless your understanding of your God Path reached a certain level, it would be a foolish dream to think of entering the Seventh.

If the Sixth Dimension was where the beginning of the God Path lay, the Seventh was where it blossomed and grew, and without proper fertilization and enough soul, this blooming would fail ten out ten times. This was the simple truth.

As a result of this, there were enormous gaps between Sixth Dimensional individuals. This was why members of the Cataclysm Generation could fight Tier 7 individuals right out the gate, and also why Leonel and Aina could do so as well. This was a difference in quality in the paths they had taken.

Now, Leonel was experiencing this first hand, because in the Quasi Seventh Dimension was the first Quasi Realm where there was a magnitude of difference in the title it held. To be a Quasi Seventh Dimensional existence was akin to be like a Demi God among the mortals of the Sixth Dimension.

So when Leonel crossed from the 47th floor into the 48th and felt the pressure radiating from the waters below, his own expression couldn't help but turn cold, his casual smile giving way to something serious for the first time.

Leonel stretched his spear out and squeezed his palm, causing it to shatter into motes of light that quickly reformed into the body of a bow.

His hair fluttered wildly as a cyclone of water formed beneath his feet.

He drew his bow, his back stretched tight and his aura calm.



Leonel released, the water beneath him splitting before even coming into contact with his Bow Force. On the other end, a whale the size of a small island had its head shredded into pieces, but Leonel had already drawn his bow once again, ready to fire.

Now things were getting fun.

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