Novel Name : Dimensional Descent

Chapter 1670 Clash

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Chapter 1670 Clash

A Spiritual.

For the first time since Leonel and Aina had cleared their first floors, a commotion broke out beneath the Void Tower. However, this commotion was more lament than anything else. They wanted to see how far Leonel could go, but they didn't want to see him draw dead so early on. Though, this couldn't be considered "early on" any longer.

A few had heard of what happened last time Leonel had entered the Void Tower, but they were in the minority. A large portion didn't even know the name Leonel Morales outside of the weight the Morales name held until this moment.

However, as impressed as they were by Leonel's performance, the legend of the Spirituals was simply too deeply ingrained.

They were a race of people that stood at the pinnacle of the Dimensional Verse. If it wasn't for the fact they didn't seem as eager as the other races were to claim a piece of the Human Domain for themselves, they might have long since fallen.

When it came to races that could hold a candle to the Spirituals, only the mysterious ones like the Void Beasts could hope to. But when it came to numbers, many of these races couldn't hope to match up.

They had not only the talent, but the numbers. It made them probably the greatest threat in the whole of the Dimensional Verse. Although no one dared to claim this to be absolutely certain and infallible since the universe was simply too large, no one would argue too fiercely against it either.

In the face of the Spirituals, the human race was so frail that they couldn't battle unless they brought soul protective treasures with them. If you lacked one, it was an automatic loss.

Many wondered why it was that the Void Palace insisted on allowing the Spirituals to take part in the Void Tower since they couldn't bring any treasures in with them, but after so long, it had simply become an accepted reality.

Now, it was simply known as drawing dead… They could only wait for Leonel to be expelled.

But it was then that Leonel's wild grin was projected to them, causing their hearts to jolt.

That wild grin… The older generation was all too familiar with it… It was the grin of those madmen of the Morales family.

Leonel squeezed his fist, causing the bow construct in his hand to shatter in motes of Emulation Spatial Force.


Leonel's voice pervaded the world. In this battle, he didn't want to use his bow or his spear. He wanted to battle this Spiritual on its battlefield.

At that moment, Leonel's words caught the Spiritual's attention, causing it to look from its golden apple toward him.

"It's over…"

Many mumbled these words to themselves. Many had entered that boss room before and it always ended the same way. So long as you remained silent and unmoving, the Spiritual wouldn't care about you. But the moment you made noise or even sneezed, it would look at you and then things would come to an end just that fast.



A spatial barrier rippled before Leonel's head, shattering the soul attack the Spiritual had sent toward him. But, likewise, his spatial barrier shattered as well.

However, Leonel's grin only became wider. As expected, he could rely on Emulation Spatial Force to block soul attacks because it was fused with Dream Force. As such, it could interact with things on a soul level.

The Spiritual Race man tilted his head to the side, seemingly surprised. Last time Leonel had been here, it had reacted the same way when he dodged its attack. But this time, Leonel had taken it head on.

He didn't need to rely on this Spiritual to attack his soul this time. Right now, he just wanted to crush it.

The Spirituals were powerful, right? Well he wanted to see it for himself.

Leonel raised his arms, his Starry Spirit Domain flourishing as countless Force Arts formed in the air. In their midst, the snaking form of a flood dragon took shape, roaring with a menacing light in its eyes.

In just a moment, Leonel had not only completed dozens of Camelot Mage Arts, but also an enormous beast construct, all of which used his Scarlet Star Force.

"Show me what you have. If you don't, I'll burn your tree to ash."

Hearing these words, the Spiritual's expression suddenly warped, becoming malevolent. In an instant, it had gone from a docile angelic young man to furious war god.

His body grew by a size, a towering tempest of green Force surrounding his body until it covered his white robes in a radiant wooden armor. In a blink, he went from just about three inches shy of six feet to over seven feet.

The Spiritual rose his own arms, the skies being filled with green-gold arrows of Force. It was clear that while Leoenl had to rely on his Dream World to accomplish such a feat, the Spiritual relied on nothing more than his own affinity for the elements.

Leonel was a bit startled by the change, but then he laughed. This was precisely what he wanted.

In a moment, an eruption of Force filled the air. Two young men stood over a hundred meters apart, and yet they seemed to control the entirety of the area that separated them.


Fire and wood clashed, and yet Leonel seemed to have no ability to burn the young man's attempts at countering him to ash. He should have had a suppressive ability just due to his elemental advantage, or so he thought, but things simply didn't work out that way.

And yet, Leonel's eyes only glowed fiercer and fiercer, his Mage Arts becoming swifter.

With a point of his fingers, several spatial arrows hid under the blasts of his flames, converging toward the Spiritual from all sides.

Another silence fell over the surroundings of the Void Tower. Watching the fireworks of Force, they found it hard to believe that just two people could even output so much Force, were they even human?

Well, one of them definitely wasn't. As for the other one… They weren't entirely sure anymore.

Leonel flipped his palms to the skies, causing two balls of fire to appear. In a second, they pulsed to over a foot wide. In another second, they pulsed to over a meter wide.

However, with a slight fluctuation and a flicker of his irises, they vanished into thin air.

He really wanted to see how far this Spiritual could go while wasting half of its power protecting its precious tree. If it didn't go all out, he didn't mind crushing it to dust in the name of all the human youths it had unceremoniously slaughtered until this point.

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