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Novel Name : Dimensional Descent

Chapter 1676 Where To?

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Chapter 1676 Where To?

Leonel was so fast that he pinged Conon around like a ping pong ball, his speed crossing realms of reason. He appeared anywhere within his Starry Light Domain he pleased in less than the blink of an eye.

Every time he appeared in the path of Conon's trajectory, he would send another solid spear strike forward. If not for the robustness of Conon's armor and radiant Force, he would have found himself full of holes.

However, even though this hadn't happened, cracks began to appear all across his body. Conon found his head rattling around in his skull so much that he couldn't even gather up his Universal Force properly. Before Leonel's speed, he was absolutely helpless.

A hushed silence fell over the surroundings.

This was a member of the Cataclysm Generation, a man that they could only look up to, and yet he was being treated like a toy. Leonel didn't even seem to have been putting in that much effort. Every time Conon brought out more strength, he would counter it with even more.

It was clear to many that Leonel didn't want to give Conon the time to gather up Universal Force, but who cared? If you couldn't use your strength in battle, that was your fault. It wasn't the job of your enemy to allow you the time you would need.

As for Leonel, he didn't fear Conon's Natural Light Realm, he just felt that it would be too inconvenient to face right at this moment. Even if the Natural Light Realm of this world couldn't compare to the Zone, it was still considered to be a Seventh Dimensional boost to one's strength here.

It had to be remembered that Universal Force was what could help one to bridge the gap between Dimensions, and this was especially true the higher in the Dimensions you went. Leonel didn't want to expose the cards he would have to if Conon was allowed to bring out such an ability, so he simply reacted quicker than Conon could.


Leonel landed heavily on the ground, his foot pressed firmly against Conon's chest.

With a burst, the latter's valiant armor finally reached the end of its resistance, combusting into a rain of motes of light.

Leonel looked down, pointing his spear to Conon's head with a single arm. His white hair faded back to its usual pale violet and his tails retracted.


"Release him!"

A surge of experts of the Lion's Pride Faction tried to rush forward. They had wanted to interfere previously, but they simply couldn't. The level of the battle had been too far beyond them. If they tried to rashly interfere, they would have only made things worse. But now that things had reached this point, how could they continue to remain indifferent?

The eyes of Simona and Armand flickered as they looked toward Leonel. They still found it hard to believe that what they were seeing was real.

Armand, especially, had once thought less of Leonel because his Lineage Factor suppressed Leonel's own. Back then, Leonel wasn't ready for the phenomena, causing him to be shocked and taking a small loss in their exchange of gazes. But Armand was shocked by Leonel's performance in the Rapax Nest, and was further shocked by what he was seeing now.

Although only Conon had spoken back then, they had all agreed with him. The large gap between them and Leonel came down to his Scarlet Star Force, a gap that they would be able to close in the future. In fact, the fact that Leonel started with this leg up would only harm him in the future due to the weakness of humans when it came to the manipulation of high level Forces.

However, never did he think that Leonel would be able to defeat them with a 20 year disadvantage without using anything other than Spear Force. Even toward the end, he didn't use Scarlet Star Force, but rather used Ethereal Star Force to boost his speed.

He clearly hadn't gone all out at all.

What these geniuses of the Cataclysm Generation didn't know was that the Leonel they met was almost entirely ignorant of the ways of the Dimensional Verse. His spear technique was weak, his usage of his Lineage Factors was poor, his paths were unrefined and diverging… Ultimately, he couldn't match up to these geniuses who had been nurtured by their families since the moment they were born.

However, now, things had changed a great deal. He had learned far more about himself and having taken a glimpse at what the true pinnacle was, he found these "geniuses" to be playing no more than a child's game.

Conon? The Mighty member of the Cataclysm Generation? He wasn't even at the standard of a Lower Fiend Class Demon without using Universal Force.

Leonel raised his head, looking toward the charging youths.

At that moment, a swirl of black appeared by Leonel's head, an adorable mink appearing with sparkling black eyes.

"Yip! Yip!"

Little Blackstar vanished.


Numerous geniuses went flying one after another, unable to withstand even a single hit. They ended up in a more miserable state than even the one Leonel had put them in.

Beneath his feet, Conon coughed, bits of flesh and blood coming out from his mouth.

Leonel looked down indifferently.

"If this wasn't the Void Palace, you would be a single stroke away from death. You should learn to rein in your arrogance. Of course, do as I say, not as I do."

Leonel laughed, removing his foot from Conon's chest, flipping his palm and allowing his spear to vanish. With a step, he appeared by Aina's side with a beaming smile as though he hadn't just been in a battle that shook the Void Palace.

Little Black appeared on Leonel's shoulder, his long whiskers tickling against Leonel's cheek.

"Alright, this place is a bit boring, don't you think? Let's go elsewhere to kill some time."

Aina raised an eyebrow. "Where?"

"Well, I originally wanted to go to the Senate to claim the missions they've been monopolizing, but there's really no point in doing that now that the Void Tower will cover it. I've been curious about the Archery Faction, I think that I'll swing by and give them a visit."

Up above, Cornelius' lips twitched.

The Void Elders were so wise… but it seemed they had made a mistake this time.

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